Chapter 101 – Duze Beixuan

The first floor, where Lu Qing'er was located, was precisely an elegant window room. There were quite a few people in the spacious and elegant room at this time, but they were all young people with notable backgrounds, so it was obvious that this must be a party.


And Lu Qing'er was clearly not very interested in this party.


Therefore, when she inadvertently saw the familiar figure in the hall below, a subtle smile could not help but appear on her delicate little face with a light expression.


"Qing'er, what are you looking at? It's rare to see you smile."


At this moment, behind Lu Qing'er, a soft laugh suddenly emerged from a young man with an upright body, who looked at Lu Qing'er with a smile.


Lu Qing'er turned her head to look at him, smiled weakly and said, "Brother Ning Zhao."


"Aunt Yu asked me to take care of you a little more and take you to familiarize yourself with the King's City earlier, so that's why I invited some friends here today, but it seems like you don't like the hustle and bustle too much, so it was an oversight." for me". The young man Lu Qing'er called Ning Zhao laughed.


She compared herself with Lu Qing'er and said, "I remember seeing you a few years ago, you were just a little girl, and now... You have grown up very pretty."


Lu Qing'er returned a reserved smile. The young man in front of him was named Ning Zhao, whose father was the vice president of the Golden Dragon Treasure House headquarters in Great Xia, with great seniority and, in terms of status, second only to his mother, Yu Hongxi. .


He himself was a cadet of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy and was due to enter the Second Star Academy this year, and would be considered its senior in the future.


But without waiting for Ning Zhao to continue, Lu Qing'er said, "I have a friend down there, I'll go meet him first."


After saying this, it was time to walk away with a brisk step.


Ning Zhaoge looked at her graceful shadow as she left, his heart passing through his eyes. This time when he saw Lu Qing'er, he felt really surprised by her.


In the future, when she enters the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, it is unknown how many people of the opposite sex will covet her.




However, remembering the cheerful smile that had appeared on Lu Qing'er's pretty face earlier, Ning Zhaoge's brow furrowed slightly and his gaze then turned to the hallway below.




On the glass counter.


The beautiful maid took out a few jade boxes and carefully opened them for Li Luo, in which were exquisite exotic materials with rich wood and earth energy emanating from them.


"Your guest, these are all thousand-weight wonderful materials, containing energy from the wood resonance as well as the earth resonance."


Li Luo sighed in admiration, worthy of being the headquarters of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, so many of these thousand-quantity exotic materials were taken out at once, while in the Golden Dragon Treasure House in Tianshu County, one I would have to wait for days before seeing a plant or two.


Li Luo carefully examined these strange materials, sensing the strength of the energy contained in them, and after about half an hour of this, he left them all with some regret.


"Is your guest not satisfied?" The maid asked in a soft voice, not very impatient, while thinking in her mind that the young man in front of her, even with his frown, was that heartfelt.


It's really the old mother thing.


Li Luo shook his head and said, "It seems that the level of a thousand measures does not meet my requirements, is there a level of ten thousand measures of strange material?"


The maiden's beautiful eyes suddenly lit up. The price of 10,000 measure wonder materials was often tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of gold, and the young man before him was even more golden than he had imagined.


But just as he was going to speak, a voice suddenly came from the side: "I'm going to serve this distinguished guest."


The maid's eyebrows shot up, who dares to steal what I want?


She turned her head angrily, and then she saw a clear and beautiful little face, she froze, and then the anger on her cheeks turned into a smile with astonishing speed: "Little miss... What brings you here?"


As a member of the Golden Dragon Treasure House headquarters, how could he not know that the person before him was his President Yu's daughter?


"This is my friend, I will be in charge of entertaining him." Lu Qing'er smiled weakly at the maid and said.


The maid hurriedly nodded at his words, and then retired good-naturedly, except for the look in her eyes, which was clearly filled with infinite regret.




When Li Luo looked at Lu Qing'er appearing in front of him, he was not too surprised, after all, he already knew her identity.


“Young Master, this time you have come to our Golden Dragon Treasure House, you have enchanted our maids to the point of being enchanted, if you came more often, wouldn't we even be able to do business?” Lu Qing'er said with a smile.


Li Luo smiled and blamed himself a little : "I'm sorry, but this face was given to me by my parents and I couldn't do anything about it."


This guy, who said he was fat, was really panting.


"I arrived in the King's City some time before you, my mother urged me to come and keep her company... By the way, I have heard about the incident in your Xi Yang House, is everything okay?" Lu Qing'er asked with concern instead of teasing Li Luo.


"Being put on the spot, normal, this kind of thing can't be rare nowadays." Li Luo waved his hand.


"Well, go for it, with your skills, you will definitely revive the Luolan House in the future." Lu Qing'er encouraged.


"Thinking so highly of me..."


Li Luo laughed, and then shook his head, not to say more about this, but his gaze assessed Lu Qing'er and sneered: "Did you just say that you will be the one to serve?"


"What are all the services? Tell me about them."


Lu Qing'er smiled lightly and stretched out her hands, which were covered with ice silk gloves, and at this moment, under the impulse of her resonance power, the white phosphorus on the top of the gloves suddenly rose and He blinked with a cold aura.


"What services do you want?"


"Look at your attitude."


Li Luo directly reprimanded: "Why don't you hurry up and take out the 10,000 peso wonderful material for me, what are you doing here wasting time?"


Lu Qing'er glanced at Li Luo and said, "There won't be too many grade 10,000 exotic materials appearing in the Golden Dragon Treasure House every day, of which the wood and earth attributes are even fewer, and the Exotic materials of this grade will all be placed in the bidding room, so I can take you to have a look."


"So what's the nonsense, come on." Li Luo waved his hand.


Seeing that this guy was really treating her casually like a maid, Lu Qing'er became so angry that she gritted her teeth, resisted the urge to hit him with a hammer, and turned her head to make way for him.


However, when she turned around, she couldn't help the smile that appeared on her pretty face.




On the first floor, that Ning Zhao looked at Li Luo and Lu Qing'er walking away, his palm lightly clenched his wine glass, then he drank the wine in the glass in one gulp, his heart slightly depressed.


He also saw Lu Qing'er's cheerful smile from before, which was obviously very different from being in his place.


What was the origin of that teenager with silver and gray hair?


“Hehe, that is the young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, Li Luo…” And just as that thought crossed his mind, a laughing voice rang in his ears.


Ning Zhao turned his head and saw a handsome blue-haired teenager standing next to him, who was looking at Li Luo's figure with a smile.


"Young Master Beixuan seems to know you well." Ning Zhaoge smiled, the blue-haired teenager in front of him was none other than the young master of the Duze Mansion, Duze Beixuan.


"Our House Duze closely monitors every move that House Luo Lan makes, after all, it is considered a long-standing feud, so of course I know him well." Duze Beixuan laughed.


"House Duze has recently hunted down the president of House Xiyang, but has made the House a laughingstock." Ning Zhao said.


“Of course, what is even more ridiculous is that this Young Master Li Luo, with the strength of a second grade tempering master, has become the new General President of the Xi Yang House.”


Duze Beixuan smiled and said, "After all, they couldn't have given the position of General President to that Pang Qianzhu, that is Pei Hao's man."


“Well, Senior Brother Ning Zhao, can you find out what this Young Master Li Luo is doing here in the Golden Dragon Treasure House?”


Ning Zhao's eyelids drooped slightly as he said, "I'm afraid that doesn't conform to the rules. Furthermore, our goal at the Golden Dragon Treasure House is to keep our clients' secrets."


Duze Beixuan laughed and said, "I heard that when I was in that South Wind Academy, Lu Qing'er and Li Luo were very close, and that Li Luo even saved her in the Academy exam in Tian County." Shu..."


Ning Zhaoge was silent for a moment, picked up the wine jug from the side, poured the full glass and drank it in one gulp, turned around and walked out.


For his part, Duze Beixuan followed him with a smile on his face.

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