Chapter 103 - The Losers

In his dejection, Li Luo also turned his gaze towards the place where the sign was erected, and then he saw that a blue-haired teenager also turned his head at this moment, giving him a kind smile.


In that smile alone, Li Luo saw a smile filled with malice.


Li Luo looked at him and asked, "Who is this?"


Obviously asking Lu Qing'er who was next to him.


Lu Qing'er frowned slightly, hesitated for a moment, and said, "It's the young master of the Duze House, Duze Beixuan."


"Li Luo, he is coming for you and must deliberately raise the price to displease you."


"It's that Duze Beixuan, huh?"


Li Luo was slightly surprised and took a look at the blue-haired boy, then heaved a sigh of relief and said, "At the point of face value, the Young Master of the Luo Lan Mansion crushed the Young Master of the Duze Mansion." , so it can be said that he has won his first battle."


The boy on the side rolled his eyes, between the two big houses, were they based on face value competition?


But Lu Qing'er didn't laugh, because she knew Li Luo, and the flirting just now also showed that Li Luo had this Duze Beixuan in mind.


Li Luo looked at Duze Beixuan for a few moments before raising his card: “Twenty-six thousand.”


Duze Beixuan laughed lightly and raised his card immediately afterwards: “Thirty thousand.”


And when the price was raised to 30,000, there was a slight commotion in the arena as some people obviously recognized Doze Beixuan: “That is the young master of the Duze House, Doze Beixuan!”


"Whose price has gone up?"


"It seems a little strange..."


“That is the young master of the Luo Lan House, Li Luo, right, this look is too recognizable, huh, no wonder Duze Beixuan has raised his price, so this is meeting the right person.”


“Haha, I heard that this Young Master of House Luo Lan had just arrived in Great Xia City when House Duze took out the Head General of House Xi Yang, directly hitting this Young Master…”


"It's inevitable that these two will fight now that they've found each other here."


The commotion continued and many people watched with interest as the Duze and Luo Lan Houses had always fought against each other.


Lu Qing'er's eyebrows knitted together, the price of this 10,000 measure wonderful material, raised to 30,000, was already relatively high, and four copies would cost 120,000, which was not a small amount.


Li Luo's expression was calm, and he had no intention of talking to that Duze Beixuan, he simply raised his card again, "Thirty-two thousand."


Duze Beixuan smiled and raised his card: "Thirty-five thousand."


"Thirty seven thousand".


"Forty thousand".


When Duze Beixuan raised the price to 40,000, everyone's jaws dropped, this young master of the Duze House was so rich that he didn't even blink an eye with over 100,000 gold.


And at this price, Li Luo smiled and gave a distant thumbs up to Doze Beixuan.


So I wasn't going to bid any more, the price was too high and it was clearly not sensible to bet on it.


"This Li Luo, he is quite sensible." Ning Zhaoge smiled and said to Duze Beixuan, he had originally thought that in the face of such provocation from the latter, that Young Master of the Luo Lan Mansion would not be able to contain his anger.


Duze Beixuan smiled and nodded: "It's a little more difficult than I thought, I'm afraid I'll be scolded again after buying four 10,000 peso wonderful materials for these 100,000."


But as he said this, he didn't seem that worried.


After all, House Duze has been flourishing over the years, and its financial strength is naturally strong, while House Luo Lan is in the twilight, so how can Li Luo, how can he afford to fight against him? ?


"Forty-three thousand!"


And just as Duze Beixuan was thinking this, a childish voice suddenly sounded in the arena.


There was a clamor and many eyes followed the sound to see the young man next to Li Luo holding his card, his little face full of excitement.


Li Luo also froze and looked at the young man with some admiration in his eyes and said, "Which family are you from, loser kid?"


The boy reluctantly said: "You are the loser boy."


Duze Beixuan's eyes also looked at the young man next to Li Luo, he frowned and said to Ning Zhao, "Who is that?"


Ning Zhao shook his head and said, "I don't know him, but he seems to know Li Luo quite well, is this a plan to find a boy to play with you?"


Duze Beixuan laughed with a sneer in his eyes and said to Li Luo's side: "This Li Luo, he has some ideas."


The whirlwind continued to raise its card: "Forty-five thousand."


And the little guy also saw Duze Beixuan's eyes looking over there and asked, "What are you talking about?"


Li Luo rubbed his chin, pondered for a moment, and said: He said, "Go home, little bear, and drink the milk."


The little boy froze, then burst into anger and immediately raised his card: "Fifty thousand!"


The entire room fell silent, a strange look looked at the angry little guy, 50,000 gold, four wonderful materials from 10,000 pesos down, that's 200,000 gold, it's a generous gesture, it's simply magnificent.


That Duze Beixuan also shivered for a moment, his gaze flickered slightly, then he smiled and took back all signs, that was his intention to call it a day.


Two hundred thousand dollars for four copies of the material. Although he didn't care about money, he also didn't want to be an unnecessary ingrate.


Right now, since someone else is taking over, it's best to let him out, since his goal of displeasing Li Luo has been achieved anyway.


So, in the end, these four materials were successfully auctioned by the young man, and there was a lot of commotion in the room about it, so much so that the bidding later lost its flavor and ended somewhat dull.


While Li Luo looked at the young man next to him, who was still immersed in the first pudding of his life, and asked with concern: "Are they going to beat you when you get home?"


The boy shook his head: "No."


Li Luo choked for a moment, how rich was this family?


"But I don't have that much money with me." The little guy showed an innocent smile and looked at Li Luo with big eyes: “Can you lend me some?”


Li Luo politely declined in a serious tone: “Little friend, you are still very young, so sometimes it is very good for you to receive a severe beating.”


And while they were talking, they only saw that Duze Beixuan also slowly approached, showing a soft smile to Li Luo: "Li Luo, I finally see you."


Li Luo looked closely at the Doze Beixuan in front of him, with blue hair, knotted into a blue braid at the back of his head, his appearance was still decent, only his temperament seemed a little feminine.




Li Luo nodded and said in a friendly manner: "I heard that your father was defeated eighteen times by my father back then..."


Duze Beixuan's eyes narrowed vaguely for a moment as he laughed: "Young Master Li Luo, dwelling on past glories will only make you look too weak, look at the present more often, perhaps within a year, House Luo Lan even changed his name."


"Also, what is eighteen failures? You will probably experience ten times that number later in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy."


"It's a threat?" Li Luo said.


"More or less..."


Duze Beixuan said with a satisfied smile, then his eyes turned to the young man next to him and said, "Li Luo, you are quite smart to know how to find a trustworthy child in order to not get a reputation for being an evildoer."


"But it's something you have to pay for."


He tilted his head slightly and saw Ning Zhao quickly approaching with one of the bidding arena bosses.


Behind that bidding arena boss, there was another person who was holding the four materials that had been previously purchased by the young man's auction, and then he smiled warmly at the young man, "This little noble guest, please also settle the payment." .


The boy blinked and took out 20,000 golden dragon bills from his chest and said, "That's all I have on me."


The head of the bidding arena froze his smile and said bitterly, "Don't make fun of me, noble little guest."


On the side, Duze Beixuan smiled and said, "Li Luo, playing this is ungentlemanly, hurry up and give the money."


The little guy frowned: "I took this, what does it have to do with him? Why don't you wait while I call someone to get the money?"


It was also at this time that Lu Qing'er spoke: "It is true that Li Luo and this young noble guest do not know each other well."


Ning Zhao smiled and said, seemingly helplessly, "Qing'er, earlier but someone saw you come in with Li Luo, and from the way they were talking, it wasn't like they didn't know each other."


Lu Qing'er calmly said, "According to the bidding arena's rules, people under ten years old do not have bidding cards, yet he was able to bid, is it a mistake on the arena's part?" Bidding?"


The person in charge of the bidding arena froze and then whirled around sweating.


"So there are many problems with this bid, so I suggest that it be invalidated, the material removed and the bidding continue tomorrow." Lu Qing'er said.


Duze Beixuan frowned: “Miss Qing’er, you are being too partial to them, aren’t you?”


Where else can you start this kind of thing again, the momentum is different the next day, which is so idle and boring.


Ning Zhao also said with difficulty: "Qing'er, this is not in line with the rules."


"The rules would have been broken due to the error in the bidding arena." Lu Qing'er said coldly.


These two parties were arguing at this moment, while that Duze Beixuan reached out and grabbed the young man, laughing, "It seems that neither of you will leave without a result in today's matter."


When Li Luo saw this, he frowned and was about to make a move to stop him.


But just as his palm extended, a hand reached out from behind even faster than him, and directly grabbed Duze Beixuan's outstretched wrist as firmly as an eagle's claw.


"Who?" Duze Beixuan's face sank.


He raised his head and saw a thin, white-faced man standing behind the young man, his face expressionless as he stared at Duze Beixuan, his eyes holding an eerily cold and icy look.


"Talking is talking... Move your hands... Didn't Master Duze teach you the rules?"

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