Chapter 106 – Forging Resonance of Wood and Earth

After finishing his late night chat with Jiang Qing'e, the two headed to their respective rooms.


But Li Luo did not rest immediately, because tonight he had something very important to do, and that was to forge the second Houtian resonance, the true one.


Li Luo took out the jade token and shook it gently, revealing the "Little Divine Wheel".


Today, the Small Divine Wheel is dotted with starlight, a hole filled to the brim with brilliance, like the stars in the sky, extremely splendid.


This was the work of Li Luo's heart during this period of time, for which he did not want to go to the trouble of testing hundreds of foreign materials containing wood and earth energy, and finally filled the divine wheel until only the two of them were left. last holes.


And now, these last two energy holes will be filled by Li Luo.


Li Luo first took out a 10,000 measure wonderful material containing wood attribute energy, the wood attribute energy faintly emanating from it was filled with exuberant vitality.


Obviously, it was much stronger than the materials Li Luo had refined before.


Li Luo first divided this material into several sections, and then a wisp of small resonance fire emerged from his fingertips and began to singe and refine this material.


The first two sections burned without surprise, but the third was a success, turning into a turquoise energetic liquid.


Looking at the energy liquid, Li Luo took a deep breath and slowly placed it into the only vacant energy hole on the divine wheel.


As the energy liquid fell into it, the entire divine wheel could be seen to vibrate slightly, and finally, as Li Luo watched nervously, a beam of light spread out from each of the energy holes, converging together and connecting. finally with the center node of the divine wheel.


This one, it's done!


Li Luo felt so relieved that an excited expression appeared on his face, this grade 10,000 wonderful material that he had worked so hard to obtain lived up to his expectations.


And now, the last energy hole remains.


Li Luo took a grade 10,000 wonder material with earth attribute energy and continued refining it.


This time the failure rate was a little higher, wasting a full ration of the 10,000 peso wonder material, but fortunately there was a second spare, so after spending half an hour, Li Luo managed to place that single dark yellow energy liquid, into the last hole.


At this moment, the Small Divine Wheel is completely consummated.




A radiant light burst out from the divine wheel, and a stream of light flowed, finally converging on the center node of the divine wheel.


Li Luo's expression had increased, and now the last step was missing.


He poked his finger through and made a wonderful one-handed seal, then pressed his finger between the holes.




At this moment, Li Luo felt the blood in his body draining rapidly, and above all, a sharp sense of pain came from the depths of his mind, which was his torn soul.


To forge resonance , one must use one's own blood and soul as a primer, which is an indispensable step.


This feeling of loss lasted for an unknown period of time, until Li Luo vaguely felt like he could barely hold on, when the suction of the divine wheel finally abruptly dissipated.


Li Luo sat on his buttocks, his face pale and his eyes entranced.


He sat on the ground for a dozen minutes before gradually coming back to his senses. He slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand, feeling as if his head had been sawed off at that moment.


"That hurts". He lamented.


He stood up slowly, and the first thing he did was look at the Small Divine Wheel in front of him, and then he saw, in the center of that divine wheel, a ball of turquoise light that flickered.


In the depths of the turquoise, another ray of intense yellow light is seen flowing.


Exuberant fluctuations of vitality emanate from it.


Li Luo's eyes froze directly on her, unable to turn away any longer.


Only after a long while, he reached out with trembling palms and took out the turquoise ball of mysterious light.


It was a perfect fit feeling.


This is the second Houtian resonance that Li Luo has refined with much effort, the Wood and Earth Resonance.


Li Luo's heart was filled with joy and excitement, and the corners of his lips raised, showing his white teeth in a laugh.


And as Li Luo laughed, the Small Divine Wheel, in front of him, suddenly vibrated, then a crack emerged in it, and finally burst into a sky filled with spots of light with a loud bang.




Li Luo, who was laughing, woke up and couldn't help but curse, why has this Little Divine Wheel exploded?


He hurriedly stretched out his hand and tried to catch the light spots, but it was useless, they drifted away and finally turned into nothing.


Li Luo was confused, was he getting carried away by the legend?


But in the end he calmed down, this must have nothing to do with getting carried away, but simply with the fact that this Small Divine Wheel could only be forged once...


“Before, Old Father and Old Mother left a shadow that the method for refining the third Houtian resonance of the Small Resonance Divine Forging Technique was stored in the headquarters of the Golden Dragon Treasure House in King City. "


Li Luo smiled helplessly, it seemed like he would have to go take a look at it some time later, but there was no rush, the third Houtian Resonance needed him to reach the rank of general strength before he could take advantage of it, so there wouldn't be much use in going to take out the forging method now, that thing was kept in the headquarters of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, the security would be greater than anywhere else in Great Xia.


Li Luo took out a jade box and then carefully stored this Houtian resonance inside, he couldn't use it now, he had to wait until he reached the resonance master realm before he could refine it.


However, at this moment, Li Luo suddenly thought of a very important issue, when he first refined the first Houtian resonance, he lost a large amount of life as well as blood loss from his essence, so now, when he refined Would this second Houtian resonance suffer again?


This question made Li Luo freeze for a while, as he realized that it was something that not even his parents seemed to have said... Wasn't it like that? Or... Didn't even they know?


"Common sense dictates that the burden of acquired resonance will exhaust the body's essence and foundation, and the first time before, my resonance power was weak, which is why I needed to pay such a heavy price, but now at least I have something." base, so even if I have to pay the price, it's definitely not that heavy.


After a long moment of contemplation, Li Luo felt slightly relieved that fortunately, that thing was not able to directly beat him to death.


And then he just had to wait for the day it broke through.


I had the feeling it must be soon.




For the next few days, Li Luo also did not go out again, but instead stayed at the Luo Lan House headquarters and carried out his hard training.


Although Jiang Qing'e could not purchase hundreds of spiritual light water for Li Luo in one go, she maintained a constant supply of the sixth grade light water, so Li Luo's sixth grade light water resonance also It was improving little by little.


As time has passed, the King's City has begun to liven up recently.


That's because the Xuanxing Sacred Academy is about to open.

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