Chapter 110 – Dividing Heaven and Earth and Dragons and Tigers

Once Li Luo managed to break through to the Resonance Master realm and also refined the second Houtian Resonance, he took advantage of the two-day period of weakness to bet his energy on studying the resonance arts.


In general, as one's own level of resonance power reaches the realm of Resonance Masters, some people with good conditions will gradually begin to come into contact with those general-level resonance arts that they could not hope to reach before, and the The power of this level of resonance arts will be far superior to those of those initial level resonance arts.


And there is a saying that there will be a division between heaven and earth, and also between dragons and tigers.


The meaning of Heaven and Earth is Heavenly Dipper and Earthly Fury, referring to the two realms of resonance power that worship the General rank, while the so-called Dragon and Tiger refers to the graduation of the General rank resonance arts.


The upper part is the Dragon level phase and the lower part is the Tiger level phase.


That is why it is also known as the General Dragon Technique and the General Tiger Technique.


The general rank arts that can be accessed in the realm of Resonance Masters are, for the most part, the General Tiger Techniques, while the General Dragon Techniques can only bring their power into play after reaching the true rank. general.


According to Li Luo's estimation, the "Langhuang Tianliu Arrow" that he had defeated Shi Kon with earlier should barely reach the level of an ordinary Tiger General Technique in terms of penetrating and killing power.


Furthermore, his "Langhuang Tianliu Arrow" also has a unique advantage in that it is a combination of two basic level resonance techniques, making it much better than the true Tiger General techniques in terms of resonance energy consumption.


However, Li Luo understood that as the opponents he encountered in the future became stronger and stronger, this fusion of his initial level Resonance Techniques would become increasingly difficult to handle, so he would have to try to contact the others as well. General Tiger Techniques.


The headquarters of the House of Luo Lan, the Qi Building, is the place where the House of Luo Lan collects many guidance techniques, resonance techniques, and various books.


Li Luo sat by the window, the sunlight penetrating and warm on his body. He first picked up the hundred ginseng tea on the table and took a few sips, the warmth flowing through his body and lifting his spirits.


This Hundred Ginseng Tea was also brewed for him by Niu Biao Biao, and is considered a tonic for qi and blood.


“Unfortunately, at such a young age…” Li Luo looked at the ginseng tea in his hand and sighed a little sadly, this was really an early middle-aged life.


After sighing a little, Li Luo began to look at some of the Tiger General techniques before him. These Tiger General techniques were all of the water and wood resonance, because although Li Luo now had four resonances, the main ones were still the water and wood resonances, and the light and earth resonances were only auxiliary resonances of the two.


For example, Li Luo was able to use the power of Water Resonance or Wood Resonance to activate a General Tiger Technique of the corresponding attribute, but if he was given a General Tiger Technique of Light Resonance or Earth Resonance , it would be really difficult for him to perform it with his full strength.


Furthermore, although Li Luo had opened the second resonance palace and possessed the “Wood and Earth Resonance”, it would be unrealistic to expect him to be able to completely fuse the four resonances of the two main and two auxiliary powers.


Not to mention the fusion of four resonances, even if it were three, Li Luo couldn't do it.


Even this dual resonance fusion, the current Li Luo could only say that he had touched some skin, because the true power of dual resonance, normally speaking, was something that only a strong person who had entered the Marquis realm would begin to master. tap.


The reason is simple: almost ninety-nine percent of the people will only open a second resonance palace when they reach the Marquis Kingdom.


And as for the power of true three-phase fusion, it is the mark of a King-level powerhouse.


Of course, this third resonance of the others is only a three-resonance king-level power of his own, and perhaps Li Luo will only be able to touch it lightly when he fills that empty third resonance of his palace.


In front of the window, Li Luo concentrated on flipping through a general tiger technique, and after a long while, his expression became a little more serious.


The complexity of these Tiger General Techniques far exceeded the basic level resonance techniques that Li Luo had encountered before, and the various subtleties involved were tens of times greater than those of basic level resonance.


This demonstrates the effort and time it takes to successfully train and master a General Tiger Technique.


The complexity of the General Tiger Technique will also make it more difficult for Li Luo to attempt to fuse the two General Tiger Techniques, since what it entails is very overwhelming.


However, Li Luo's talent in the resonance arts is unmatched by anyone his age he has met so far, plus he has done a lot of preparation and homework for this purpose, so he is not too blind to what he is doing. regards the General Tiger Technique.


Although these derivations and attempts will still take a long time, they are not entirely useless.


"The fusion of the two tiger general arts still needs to be done step by step, but if we can use a tiger general art as a base and supplement it with an entry-level resonance art as an augmentation, it would be feasible."


Li Luo pondered, and finally made some selections among these tiger arts and began to prepare his grand fusion plan.




Time passed day by day, and the beginning of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy was getting closer and closer.


However, when school was about to start, Li Luo received a message from someone sent by Lu Qing'er, saying that Yu Lang, Zhao Gao and others had arrived in King's City and invited him out for a meeting. .


Li Luo also smiled when he heard this news, these two goods delayed for so long, finally arrived in the King's City ah, but so long no see, also quite strange.


So it was answered.


The next day, at a restaurant on Kaijiang Street in King's City, Li Luo met Yu Long and Zhao Gao, but to his slight surprise, Zong Fu, Chi Su, and Xiang Liang were also present.


"Hello, Li Luo!" When the three men saw Li Luo, they began to greet each other.


Li Luo nodded and then smiled at Lu Qing'er: "Are they?"


"Everyone has humbled themselves with me, and they will be considered companions in the future, so I didn't count it." Lu Qing'er smiled and said.


"Besides, they both came out of Tianshu County after all, so they are kind of hometown."


"Yes, yes, it's still Sister Qing's atmosphere!"


Zong Fu nodded repeatedly and smiled, "Li Luo, we were forced by the previous situation and had no choice but to do so, from now on, if Li Luo has any small errands to run within the academy, he can give it to us directly."


And that Xiang Liang said matter-of-factly, "We just want to hug Li Luo's thigh."


Li Luo couldn't help but smile, this is true, but he didn't have any resentment towards the three of them, otherwise he wouldn't have let them off easily that day at the school exam.


"What is past is past, from now on we are all classmates from home, so we will take better care of each other when it is well." Li Luo sat at the table and laughed.


The three men were relieved upon hearing this.


“Li Luo, just a few days ago, the Tianshu County division headquarters was transferred to Southern Barbarian County, and then some means must have been used for that Shi Kon to also obtain an admission slot to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.” in Southern Barbaro County." When Zong Fu sat down, it was he who immediately showed his loyalty and handed over some information he had inquired about.


"This Governor Shi, he is very capable." Li Luo smiled, but didn't worry too much about it, Shi Kon's own strength was there, and with a little push from his father, it was not incredible to take certain paths to get an admission place.


He had been expecting it for a long time, but as for Shi Kon, he would not have feared him before, and now, naturally, he had even less to fear.


So he quickly left Shi Kon behind and chatted with Yu Long and Zhao Gao, clinking glasses back and forth, the atmosphere extremely warm and welcoming.


After drinking a few drinks, Yu Long's face flushed red and he said with a smile: "Actually, I arrived in the King's City a long time ago, but I only met Zhao Gao two days ago."


"What have you done again?" Li Luo laughed.


Yu Long said somewhat smugly: "I'm going to teach you something good, the information here should be useful to you."


Circling around, he took out a brochure from his pocket and handed it to Li Luo.


Li Luo took a look at the brochure and it read: “Xuanxing Sacred Academy, new student strength ranking!”


He was a little surprised: "Did they investigate the first-year students of the Xuanxing Holy Academy class? How did you get information about them?"


The others also looked at Yu Lang in surprise, after all, these new students came from the hundred counties of Great Xia City, the territory between them was extremely vast and a lot of information was not exactly fluid, so trying to obtain all the information . information from these new students was not something that ordinary people could do.


Yu Lang waved his hand modestly: "Isn't there a Department of Learning and Administration in Great Xia City? It will specifically collect this information."


"This information, it should be confidential, right?" Lu Qing'er asked in confusion.


Yu Lang nodded and said, "I found an opportunity to keep an eye on one of the butlers of the School Administration Division and found out that this guy likes to hang around the building with nothing to do, so I made friends with him and asked him to "Please help me make a copy of the profile of this year's Xuanxing Sacred Academy's new students."


Li Luo said suspiciously, "Is he a fool? To give him confidential information so easily?"


Yu Long said with a serious face: "Since we are friends, isn't it normal to stick your neck out for friends?"


Zhao Gao said contemptuously: "You are stabbing your friend twice, right?"


"Speak humanely." Li Luo replied.


Seeing this, Yu Long could only say resentfully: "I just took advantage of the time when he was shopping in the building to shake the bed and help him leave a photo, and then I painfully told him that that was wrong and my conscience made me "I had to go tell his wife, and he ended up giving me a copy of the information on the new students of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy."


At the table, the others were silent for a long time before a grave voice rang out.


"Yu Long, you are a real slut."

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