Chapter 111 – Rookie Power Rankings

Li Luo was at least somewhat immune to Yu Long's tawdry manipulations, so he quickly cleared himself of this convoluted story of his, shook his head with a complicated expression, and then opened this so-called list of first-year forces.


Once he opened the notebook, a portrait of a young man with shoulder-length hair appeared before his eyes. The young man's skin was slightly dark, but his eyes gave off a disturbingly ferocious aura, as if he were a ferocious beast from the depths of the mountains.


There are lines on his face, lines that look like a tiger's stripes, making his aura of ferocity extreme.


It is as if it were a ferocious tiger in human form.


Li Luo looked at the portrait and his pupils narrowed faintly, even his expression became solemn. The young man in this portrait, even though he was not a real person, made him feel a great sense of danger.


Li Luo's gaze swept downwards, only to see the message of this young man fierce like a tiger under the portrait.


"Qin Qinglu, from the Western Academy of the Western Prefecture, whose father was the Great General of the Great Xia, Qin Zhenjiang."


"This person possesses the top eighth grade resonance, the Golden Devouring Demon Tiger resonance, and is suspected to have the strength of the second stage of the Resonance Master realm, the second stage of the birth pattern stage. The county “The western region is where the border of Great Xia is located, and there is constant fighting.”


"With such strength, he can be called the number one first year in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy!"


After reading the messages, Li Luo slowly said, “How fierce Qin Qinglu is.”


Higher Eighth Degree Resonance, the resonance power level of the birth pattern level.


This was the person with the highest resonance grade among all the people Li Luo had ever met, aside from Jiang Qing'e. Furthermore, this guy was already at the second stage of the Resonance Master realm… After all, the current Li Luo had just completed his advancement to the first stage of the Resonance Master realm.


This man's face was astonishingly fierce, and he had obviously really killed many enemies in his hands. Compared to him, many of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy's new students were as delicate and soft as little white rabbits.


"Qin Qinglu, I have heard of him, this man does not deal with anyone at all, he is distant and fierce, he only has fighting in his eyes and nothing else, it is said that his mantra is... Women, he only affects the speed at which I reduce people." Lu Qing'er also approached, bringing forth a fragrant aura as she looked at that portrait of Qin Qinglu, her pretty face extremely serious and contemptuous as she said.


Li Luo froze and shook his head: "What a shame! He won't get girls like that."


"That's not necessarily true, this Qin Qinglu has a great reputation among the girls of the Western Academy, because for some reason, although he is ruthless and fierce when fighting against men, when facing the opposite sex, he is only in the period, and I've even heard that he has a certain fear of women.


Li Luo was shocked, even Yu Lang and the others looked stunned, "Afraid of women?"


How can a man who looks like a god of death be feminophobic?


Zhao Gao shook his head with some sympathy and said: "It seems that he will only be a bachelor for the rest of his life, the House of the Great General will become extinct..."


Yu Long was silent for a moment and said, "In that case, Li Luo, you should be a little more careful, this kind of person, since he has a phobia of women, may have alternative fetishes, and since you are so handsome, he the more likely it is that you will be the target."


The corner of Li Luo's mouth twitched and he silently touched his waist, where is my knife?


Lu Qing'er gave Yu Lang a blank look and said, "Someone once commented that its ferocity was comparable to that of a king and marquis elite beast."


"It's a fair assessment." Li Luo sighed, he had never seen a king and marquee level elite beast, but the fierce severity that came from this Qin Qinglu's brow, his eyes, was such that he felt a feeling of suffocation.


"This notebook is becoming more and more sophisticated, and now it can even be combined with a human portrait." Li Luo looked at Yu Lang again and exclaimed in admiration.


The notebook made by Yu Long this time was clearly more sensible than when he took the Tianshu County School exam.


"It's all because that friend of mine gave more complete information." Yu Long said modestly.


Li Luo rolled his eyes: “Damn friend, it is obvious that you are blackmailing to get the information, I am sure that friend even had the heart to kill you when he gave the information.”


Li Luo ignored the guy and continued to scroll down.


"The second place for the new students, Wang Hetou, from the Great Xia Wang family, the oldest group of the Great Xia families, with deep heritage, his person carries a lower grade eight poisonous resonance, it is suspected to be an open seed level, with superior heavy flower seed realm strength.”


The young man named Wang Hetou, with his eyes half-closed and a smile on his face, holding a turquoise jade-like folding fan, looked very sunny, but on the other hand, who would have thought that the resonance he possessed was a rather rare poison. .


This nature of resonance will make the cultivated resonance power possess highly poisonous power, which will cause great destruction once it invades the human body.


“As expected of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy… These new students are not mere commodities.” Li Luo sighed once again, this teenager named Wang Hetou was clearly no light.


"The third place of the new students, Bai Doudou, comes from the Cold Mountain Academy in Gusu County, while his Bai family is one of the major families of Great Xia, and his person possesses the Wind Resonance of Lower Eighth Grade, a suspected Open Seed, and the strength of the Upper Heavy Seed Realm.”


This Bai Doudou, a young woman with short hair and floppy ears, could only be described as clean-looking, but there was a coldness in her eyes, and she was not the kind of person who could be approached at first sight.


"The fourth place of the new students, Duze Beixuan, comes from the Grand Xia Academy, and at the same time is the young master of one of the five great houses of Grand Xia, the Duze House, carrying a lower eighth grade of the resonance." Giant Kun, it is suspected to be an open seed level, with the strength of the top heavy flower seed realm." This person would not be unknown to Li Luo, after all, he had met him before in the Golden Dragon Treasure House.




“Freshman number seven, Xin Fu, from the Academy of Darkness in Dark Sea County, possesses upper seventh grade shadow resonance, open seed level, lower heavy flower seed realm strength.” . This person possessed a rare shadow resonance, and Li Luo paid more attention to him, but the top of the portrait could not be seen at all, as this person was wearing a black hood, and his entire person seemed to be hidden in the shadows, giving people a mysterious feeling.




As Li Luo continued to look back, he found that those who were able to enter the top ten were all at least at the Flower Seed Realm, while in the thirteenth position, he saw Si Qiuying, while he finally saw her message on The nineteenth position, while Lu Qing'er, was in the twentieth position.


"What a hidden dragon and crouching tiger." After reading the pamphlet, Li Luo smiled, poisonous resonance, shadow resonance, this kind of resonance was quite rare, he had never encountered it before, now it finally opened his eyes.


"This booklet of yours, it's really good, you should be able to make a fortune with it." Li Luo smiled at Yu Lang, this information was actually considered very important to him.


"I'm flattered". Yu Long said with a smile, but it was obvious that he was also quite satisfied with his masterpiece this time.


Lu Qing'er shook her head and said, "If you had been able to put all that thought into your cultivation, I'm afraid you would have reached the Ten Seals by now."


Right now, Yu Long is still at the ninth seal level, while Zhao Gao is even lower, only at the eighth seal, but Zhao Gao's cultivation has not relaxed at any point, simply because after all , it is only a fifth degree resonance, which limits its speed of improvement.


Yu Long gave a dry laugh, then winked mysteriously at Li Luo and said, “Do you think this is my best work this time?”


"What else?" Li Luo said in surprise.


Yu Long said, "What do you think is the most important thing that people care about when new students enter Xuanxing Sacred Academy?"


"It's not just about who is the strongest." Xiang Liang said with a big smile.




Yu Long shook his head and said with a smile: "Don't you want to pay attention to which student is the most beautiful among the new students?"


Xiang Liang and the others' eyes lit up, that was the right thing to do.


Honestly, what did they care who was the strongest, there was no way they could compete anyway, but as for which student was the prettiest, they did care.


Yu Long carefully took out another booklet from his chest and proudly announced, “This is my heart's work during this period of time, the Face Value List of the new students of the Xuan xing Sacred Academy!”


Li Luo frowned and said in a deep voice: "Yu Lang, I have to criticize you for this, we have come to Xuanxing Sacred Academy to cultivate, you still have to pay some attention to these crooked ways."


"Show it to me first and I will help you criticize it."


(NT: Hahahahahaha)


He reached out and snatched the notebook from Yu Long's hand.




Zhao Gao, Xiang Liang, and Zong Fu immediately appeared behind him.


Li Luo slowly opened the notebook, and then the list of names was printed in his eyes, and when Li Luo saw the position at the top of the list, he fell silent.


The three men behind him sat silently, as they looked at Yu Long with admiration in their eyes, damn it, I have seen those who can do death, but I have never seen those who can do it to this extent.


Because they could clearly see that the number one spot on the rookie face list was… The Young Master of the Luolan Mansion, Li Luo!


Does this thing take into account a man's face value?


Li Luo put down the notebook slowly and looked at Yu Lang with a smile on his face.


Yu Long was so furious at Li Luo's gaze that he laughed dryly: "Li Luo, this face list doesn't distinguish between men and women, with your good looks, you are destined to be number one!"


Li Luo laughed: "I heard that it's your turn today."


Yu Long nodded with a dry smile, a little uneasy in his heart.


Li Luo slammed his palm on the table and his roar was like thunder.


"Boss, send me all the treasures of your city, the centenary Biro Verde!"

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