Chapter 116 - Do you want to provoke me?

Facing Si Tianming's bitter smile, Jiang Qing'e was noncommittal and said, "Taking advantage of the situation, this is where Li Luo is smart."


Faced with this refrain of his, Si Tian Ming was completely helpless, and in the end he could only warn Li Luo before leaving with his people, somewhat heartbroken.


Seeing Si Tian Ming's retreating figure, Jiang Qing'e turned to Li Luo and said, "Has the report finished?"


Li Luo raised the jade token in his hand to indicate that everything was in order.


"Let's go then, directly to the New Student Hall, where the Teacher Selection Tournament will open." Jiang Qing'e said.


"Do you want to come?" Li Luo laughed.


"That's it, there's no point in covering your ears." Jiang Qing'e laughed, then winked at Li Luo and said, "But for this kind of opening, I'm actually looking forward to it, you as a person need a beating, having all this pressure might be good for you." you instead."


"Excellent". Li Luo muttered dissatisfiedly and followed Jiang Qing'e to the front.


"And what happened to Duze Hong Lian?"


"A mere underling who has defied me for three years is probably coming after you with nothing to make his way to me."


"What a lack of morals, I'm still a child."


"A boy? I don't think it will be too easy to put an end to the rumors of Duze Hong Lian and I competing for a husband within this Xuanxing Sacred Academy in the future."


"Oh, this is the sadness of the weak, who can only attack themselves with their words."


"Heh, you're going to make it a hundred times harder for him with that attack than if you give him a good beating."


As the three of them spoke, they were already heading inside the academy, leaving behind many complicated glances.


And among the crowd, sisters Bai Doudou and Bai Mengmeng also witnessed this farce.


"Is it Jiang Qing'e? So pretty." Bai Mengmeng said with a bit of amazement, her voice soft and soft.


"The brilliant resonance of the ninth grade..."


Bai Doudou looked somewhat serious and said, “The name is true, that light resonance power just now is so domineering and strong that it is scary, that Duze Hong Lian is obviously so strong, but it was still easily dissipated by the defense of "Jiang Qing'e."


"That Li Luo, he is the young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, right? He actually has a marriage contract with Jiang Qing'e." Bai Mengmeng smiled cheekily and said, "But what a handsome guy."


Bai Doudou looked at his own sister blankly before warning her, "Stay away from that guy and don't get involved with him in any way."


Bai Mengmeng said in a low voice: “What are you talking about sister, I am not interested in him, my dream is to research the Spiritual Light Water recipe.”


Bai Doudou smiled, then nodded, her own sister's personality is too soft and cute, whoever bullies her can only attack and hide, Li Luo can be seen to be not a good person, it is better not to contact him.


"This student, is Bai Mengmeng, right?"


At this moment, behind the Bai Doudou sisters, a soft and magnetic voice suddenly came. The two sisters turned their heads and saw a teenager with bangs and a hint of melancholy between his eyebrows.


"Hello, my name is Yu Long, I wonder if I can become friends with you?" The melancholy teenager showed a sunny smile and said to Bai Mengmeng.


Bai Mengmeng looked at Yu Lang's face and quietly hid behind Bai Doudou.


Bai Doudou said indifferently: "Get lost."


"I didn't mean anything else, I just wanted to meet her and make a friend." Yu Lang explained sincerely.


"You have three seconds to disappear before my eyes, or I will make you unable to even participate in the division selection contest." Bai Doudou's voice was calm, with no anger in sight, but it was this calmness that instead sent a chill through people's hearts.


Then, less than a second after her voice had fallen, a wind seemed to have crossed in front of her and Yu Long's figure disappeared without a trace.


Bai Mengmeng: "..."


Bai Doudou snorted coldly and said, “Eggless rat, you still dare to lift my sister in front of me?”


"He's a gutless rat." Bai Mengmeng couldn't help holding her forehead and said: "Besides, sister, father and mother have said many times that this mantra is something I hope you can change, a girl, saying this all day, how disgusting it is."


"It's all the same." Bai Doudou said casually, before taking his sister's hand and turning to leave.




Following Jiang Qing'e and Yan Lingqing, Li Luo arrived at the headquarters of the division selection competition amidst the countless attentions along that route.


It is a very spacious room, circular in shape, with a hollow dome and a view of the blue sky, surrounded by stands spread over a staircase.


At that moment, the square of the enormous room was already covered by a sea of people, a black mass, and at first glance, there must have been thousands of people.


"Your first-year jade token will have your position in the plaza, you just have to find your place and wait for the division selection tournament to begin." Jiang Qing'e said to Li Luo.


"Does the division selection tournament start here?" Li Luo said in surprise.


"No, this is just a teleportation zone that will send you to a special zone through the teleportation array under the main hall when the Master Selection Tournament begins." Jiang Qing'e explained.


Li Luo nodded indistinctly.


"Li Luo, cheer up, we will be here to watch you." Yan Lingqing gave Li Luo an encouraging gesture before pulling Jiang Qing'e towards the ring of stands in the gigantic hall.


Looking at the two women's elegant backs as they disappeared into the crowd, Li Luo withdrew his gaze and turned towards the crowded Great Hall plaza before him.


He took out the jade token and checked the location of the markings on it.


"Three circles in the north, thirty-nine long and fifty-six wide."


Li Luo made out a few of the signs in this square, then squeezed into the square as he said, and began to find his place.


In the process of searching, Li Luo discovered that the ground was carved with complex patterns, and from time to time there was a circle of about half a meter to split from, and he guessed that this must be the teleportation circle, and the location in their jade token was their respective teleportation circle.


After searching for a long time in this huge square, Li Luo finally identified its location, only when he arrived here, he found that the place was empty in a circle, and people were walking around several meters nearby.


Li Luo looked and then saw a figure standing alone in that empty circle.


The figure, at first glance, makes the heart flutter with a ferocious aura that instills fear.


Looking at the fierce and fierce young man with draped hair, dark skin, and some tiger stripes on his face, Li Luo also understood why the people around him were hanging around, because this man was the same one who had previously occupied the first place. place in the strength of the new students at the top of the Yu Long notebook, Qin Qinglu.


"What a heavy aura of ferocious fury."


Li Luo shook his head; When he had seen it on the top of the notebook before, he had felt a fierce aura, and now that he had seen it in person, that fierce aura had become even stronger.


No wonder no one dares to go up and mess with him.


Li Luo looked at the ground, and then realized that this Qin Binglu was standing exactly where he was.


So he hesitated for a moment, slipped away from the crowd and approached some admiring glances in the room.


And Li Luo's approach immediately attracted the cold and hostile gaze of that Qin Binglu, and for that instant, Li Luo felt like he was being watched by some kind of ferocious beast.


But instead of cowering, he approached directly.


"This student." He gave a friendly smile to Qin Qiglu and said, "Sorry, you're taking my seat."


Qin Qinglu looked at his feet for a moment and was silent for a moment, then he remained expressionless in his place, like a wooden stake.


"This student, this is my place." Seeing this, Li Luo could only remember once more.


Qin Binglu's face twitched slightly as he stared at Li Luo, his voice low like a beast: "Do you want to provoke me?"


Li Luo was a little confused, what kind of brain circuit is this, I just told you to stand in the wrong place ah.


"I don't want to provoke you." Li Luo explained and said, "But this is really my place, so take out your first-year jade token."


Qin Qinglu took out the newborn jade token from his pocket and took a look at it.


Li Luo also looked at it, and then said: "Look, your position is in the sixth circle of the south, seventy-six in the vertical and fifty-eight in the horizontal, just look it up."


Qin Binglu looked at Li Luo and silently stuffed the newborn jade token into his chest as he said in a low voice, “Do you want to provoke me?”


Damn, I'm trying to provoke you! You're the one who provokes me, right?


Li Luo was a little stunned, did this guy come from the great general's house or the savage's house? Don't understand human language?


Li Luo stared at Qin Qiglu for a moment and suddenly said, “You can't be unable to find your place, right?”


The division of places within this huge temple square was really a bit complicated, and Li Luo had just searched for a while, did this guy in front of him have little sense of direction and a relatively straight brain?


The look that Qin Qiglu cast at Li Luo abruptly became ferocious, but this ferocity, on the contrary, made Li Luo feel as if he had an inexplicable weakness of heart.


"It can't be that strange, right?"


Li Luo shook his head without saying anything, and finally didn't bother to continue talking to him: "Give me your first-year jade token, we will exchange it, you stay here, and I will find my own place."


He handed over his first-year jade tag.


Qin Qinglu looked at the newborn jade token in Li Luo's hand and remained silent for a few moments before slowly taking out his own jade token and making the exchange.


After completing the exchange, Li Luo's gaze towards Qin Qinglu became a little strange. After this trial and error, he found that it was really this guy who couldn't find his place, so he just took the pit indiscriminately.


In response to Li Luo's strange gaze, Qin Qiglu remained expressionless, as motionless as a wooden stake, but for some reason, Li Luo felt as if his dark face had darkened a little.


In the end, he shook his head and walked away with the jade medal.


As Li Luo walked away, Qin Qinglu only turned his head, his gaze swept to his back, and he again slowly closed his eyes and rested his mind.

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