Chapter 120 - Besieged

Words emerged on the light screen of the main hall, and those words were none other than the Purple Glory quests issued by Shen Jinxiao.


In the stands, many eyes looked at this scene, and then looked at the group of new students on the light screen, and began to rush towards Li Luo's area, some whispers came out for a while.


"What's going on here?"


“This is the test that Purple Glory mentor is giving this new student?”


"Li Luo? It's that young master from Luo Lan Mansion, right?"


"Tsk, how unlucky this must be, how can you survive being besieged like this?"


"This test is very hard."




On that highest level of the stands, the little emperor looked at Li Luo's figure on the light screen and recognized him, and immediately spoke in a somewhat childish voice: "This is too unfair, this test, isn't it a target?" for the people?"


The Eldest Princess's eyes were equally observing the scene as she said softly, "In this world, there is no absolute justice, and the instructors of the Purple Glory have a great right to test new students, which is part of their duties. "


"Of course... Isn't this test from tutor Shen Jinxiao a bit harsh really?"


His last words were addressed to Vice President Su Xin.


Vice President Su do the test as I would like."


"But the current situation may not be a good opportunity for this rookie named Li Luo to perform so well, and when he shows his potential and excellence, he will reap more olive branches    . "

The eldest princess did not speak; It was not easy to excel under this level of siege, and it would most likely remain a stepping stone for others.


This Li Luo, I'm afraid, is going to be unlucky this time.


"This Shen Jinxiao is too much!"


In the other booth, Yan Lingqing's pretty face was ironic and couldn't help but say.


This kind of test is clearly aimed at the people, who can bear to face such a siege?


On the other side, Jiang Qing'e's beautiful face was not agitated, she was not angry about it, instead her golden eyes were filled with calm, but beneath that calm, a cold killing intent seemed to flow.


Jiang Qing'e's slender fingertips, on the stone fence in front of him, gently scratched over it, splashing debris and finally forming three words.


Shen Jinxiao.


Yan Lingqing looked at Jiang Qing'e's calm face, and then looked at the seriousness of her engraving, inexplicably felt a little chill, and whispered: "What are you doing?"


Jiang Qing'e stared at the engraved name, then casually erased it again and said indifferently: "First, I will familiarize myself with how to help you engrave a tombstone in the future, at least I was once taught a lesson." , It's not too much to give a tombstone, right?"


Yan Lingqing gasped and couldn't help but shiver, no way, Jiang Qing'e are you so terrifying that you have to erect a monument to a Purple Glory mentor at the first opportunity?


So angry?




Although the Purple Glory mission caused quite a stir in the Rookie Hall, it was a much smaller one compared to that of the Master Selection Tournament.


Within a radius of tens of kilometers, all the apprentices froze for a moment upon receiving this mission, and then wild joy welled up in their eyes.


No one expected that the Purple Glory mission would come so suddenly.


Defeat Li Luo? Will you be able to obtain the Purple Radiance Runic Mark?


Many of the new students hurriedly took out a booklet, which was the information for new students that they had previously purchased at a high price, and in it they quickly saw Li Luo's ranking.


"The first place is in Tian Shu County? The strength is not that great, how did the Pursuit of Purple Glory be activated?!"


After seeing some of Li Luo's information, many apprentices were puzzled. The only thing that was still a little surprising in this information was Li Luo's identity, but here, any identity is of little use.


“This is simply a Purple Luster Runic Seal delivered to your doorstep!”


So after reading the information, many of the trainees were so excited that, in the next moment, they rushed out and headed towards the distant pillar of light rising in the sky.


The purple glow rune mark is enough for them to give themselves up to the fight.




"Hahahaha, Li Luo, Li Luo, you have managed to be so unlucky!"


Somewhere in this area, Duze Beixuan froze for a few moments after receiving the mission, and finally couldn't help but burst into laughter.


"Awesome, awesome, even the purple glow quest was able to trigger."


"Well, it's about cleaning you up anyway, isn't this the best opportunity now?" Duze Beixuan shook his head with a smile, before his figure walked away.




"Can there still be this strange purple glow mission?"


On a hillside, Bai Doudou, who had short hair reaching his ears, looked strange. That Li Luo must be the person he had seen in the report before, right? He was very handsome, but what had he done to trigger this kind of siege?


"Forget it, whatever, as long as you obtain the Purple Radiance Rune Seal."


Bai Doudou held a long spear in his hand, the tip of which passed along the ground with sparks rolling, and then there was a surge of wind resonance power in his body, and his speed was like that of a light wind as he swept.


She was extremely fast, and if one looked closely, one would have noticed that her toes seemed to not be on the ground, and she had the appearance of walking on the wind.




A wooded area.


Several mid-grade elite beasts were lying in a pool of blood, and a young man with dark skin and an astonishingly ferocious aura was sitting on their corpses, carrying in his hands several golden talisman seals that made a crisp sound when he gently shook them.


He also received the Purple Glow quest posted in this area of the mountain range.


It is none other than Qin Qiglu.


"A siege? Li Luo?"


Qin Binglu's face was expressionless, then he took out the newborn jade token from his pocket, and Li Luo's name was clearly written on it.


"Is he?" Qin Qiglu remembered the silver-haired teenager he had exchanged the newborn jade token with.


Apparently, this time, Purple Glory's mission was to corner this Li Luo.


Qin Qiglu put the jade token back in, and the Golden Talisman seals in his hand were also casually thrown on top of the beast corpse. What he wanted was not this kind of thing.


Having arrived at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, he naturally needed to find the best tutor; there was no qualification below the Marquis realm to teach him.


But this kind of purple rune mark that you get from going around cornering people isn't very fun.


"Does one have to cross the level to defeat a high-level elite beast to get the purple rune mark? Or is this a little more interesting."


Qin Qiglu raised his head, looked at the pillar of light rising to the sky in the distance, shook his head and said in a low voice: "I'm not going to besiege you, so I return the favor of taking your place earlier."


"You just, well, stand up for yourself."


As soon as the voice fell, he stood up, ignoring the blood stains on his body, and walked slowly towards the distance. In that direction, he sensed the presence of a powerful Essence Beast, and thought that it must be an advanced Essence Beast, not knowing if it was an Essence Beast that could rival the third stage of the Resonance Master realm.


Hopefully it's enough for you to have fun.

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