Chapter 121 – Preventive



In the dense forest of trees, Li Luo's figure passed by, his hands gripping the hilts of his twin swords at his waist, his entire body tense, ready to enter battle at any moment.


He didn't know how many apprentices there were in this area, nor did he know what fierce ones were hiding among them, so he couldn't take it lightly at this time.


Li Luo looked up and looked at the pillar of light above. With the cover of the dense forest, the pillar of light was no longer as visible, but it should continue to be so as those people gradually approached the area where he was.


"This pillar of light must have a certain duration, if we can delay it until it disperses, then the siege will basically dissolve." Li Luo's expression was grave, his mind like lightning.


Still, now he had to think about how to deal with being surrounded by multiple people.


Although with his current strength, if he fights alone, he shouldn't fear anyone except the three who are ranked in the top three, but two fists can't beat four hands and once he is surrounded, he will definitely be at a disadvantage.


Anyone else could kill him with consumption.


And what to do?


A fierce light ran through Li Luo's eyes, this was still a solution, he could simply go into the mountain forest, there were many elite beasts there, he just had to hide there, if others wanted to enter and besiege him, they would have to If he passed through the circle of those elite beasts, then these elite beasts would become his best guards.


So now he had to get into the mountains before the siege took shape.




With this in mind, Li Luo increased his speed again and made his way through the trees in front of him, but just as he stepped out, he saw three figures rushing in that direction, and at that instant both sides met.


The three cadets looked at Li Luo, who had rushed out, and were a little confused for a moment.


Li Luo's heart sank, and then, without waiting for any reaction from the other side, he abruptly shouted, "Did you see the man with the pillar of light above his head?"


A direct preventative attack.


The three men sniffed and shook their heads unconsciously.


"You guys go left, I'll go right, don't let him run away!" Li Luo bellowed, his figure staggered with them and crashed headlong into the dense forest.


The three cadets seemed a little confused, who was that man? Why do you send us?


"Do you also look for people with pillars of light above their heads?" asked a teenager.


"But... There is also a pillar of light above his head." Another teenager said with a puzzled expression.


"Wasn't that Li Luo the only one with a pillar of light above his head?"


The three men looked at each other, feeling that something was wrong, and after a few breaths, the God of Wisdom finally favored them again and the three of them burst into cursing. “Fuck, that man is Li Luo!”


"Behind the!"


"Get rid of him! How dare you make fun of us!"


The faces of the three men were incomparably humiliated, this bastard Li Luo was truly abominable, meeting them first and directly confusing them, after all, they had really never seen that a beleaguered person could still be a thief and catch a thief.


The three men hurriedly chased them in the direction Li Luo had just fled.


And as they rushed into the forest at full speed, they were suddenly greeted by several balls of light, and in the next instant, a blinding light exploded directly in front of their eyes, and the three of them burst into screams of misery.


A figure slipped out of the jungle to the side, the blue resonance force seemed to turn into a curtain of water beneath it, making it extremely fast, and as it passed, the sword swept across the legs of the three men, making a pool of blood appear.


These three apprentices immediately fell down, screaming in agony, and Li Luo directly made them unable to walk for a short time.


And at that moment their vision was finally restored, but all they could see was the back of a man with two swords, disappearing from sight.


This style, as determined and severe as it was brazen, made the three men feel a slight chill for a while.


But Li Luo didn't care what the three thought, and after quickly finishing them off, he continued into the mountain forest at full speed.


He did not dare to delay, because judging by the speed with which those three appeared, he feared that more and more cadets were already arriving nearby to join the siege.


Let's hope it's in time.




And while Li Luo rushed into the mountains at full speed, trying to use the elite beasts to repel the siege by himself, a few kilometers away from here.


A small forest with a succession of signs rising into the air.


Yu Long sat on a tree trunk, frowning, as he looked in the direction of a distant place, where a pillar of rushing light was faintly seen.


After watching for a while, he turned around and jumped down to find Zhao Gao, who had launched the flare; The two had met by chance before and were in the area, so both of them had received the mission to surround Li Luo.


"Li Luo, this moldy monster, doesn't know what he has done to cause this kind of mission." Yu Long grumbled at Zhao Gao.


"I told you that if you look this good, you'll have to pay it back sooner or later."


Zhao Gao frowned: “This mission is too strange, is it one of the Purple Glory instructors who is testing Li Luo?”


"A test my ass, this is clearly a target for him." Yu Lang snorted coldly and said, "A siege of this scale, not to mention Li Luo, even that number one ranking Qin Qiglu couldn't withstand it, so many people, the pile would stack him to death."


"The signal has been sent for a while, so if Zong Fu, Chu Su, Xiang Liang and the others see it, I wonder if they will come as promised?" Zhao Gao said.


"It doesn't matter, I didn't expect much from them anyway." Yu Long said.


"Yu Lang, don't spend your days chewing behind people's backs, like a woman." In the middle of the jungle, a sudden scolding sound could be heard, and when Yu Lang turned his head, he saw three figures panting and running.


"Hey, that's really nice." Yu Long laughed.


"What do you want to do if you have a fart that hits you?" Zong Fu said unpleasantly.


"Since everyone is here, I will say that Li Luo must be in trouble this time, and it is not small, so I intend to help him." Yu Lang said.


Zong Fu pondered for a moment and said, "Don't say I'm pouring cold water on you, with this level of siege, even if we go, we will only serve food."


"Do you still remember what Vice President Su final".


Yu Lang smiled and pointed to the pillar of light rising in the distance and said, "Now that many people have gone to participate in the Li Luo siege, I'm afraid that even if we go to participate, we won't be able to mix up our performance, so We should reverse our thinking, this place, it is just to jam the apprentices coming from the southwest, we will make a moat here and eliminate some of the fallen apprentices participating in the siege. If we end up succeeding, we will not only be able to help Li Luo to share the pressure a little, but in a sense we might also gain some special performance points."


"I think those Purple Glory instructors should be monitoring this division selection tournament at all times, and they might think that some of us have brains and take us in when the time comes."


Several people looked at each other, not expecting that Yu Long was playing with this idea.


"I agree". Zhao Gao nodded, since he could help Li Luo and earn a performance, then he naturally had no objection.


The three Zong Fu hesitated for a moment, and finally Zong Fu gritted his teeth and said, "I can help too, but you guys have to tell Li Luo later that actually what I want most is to hug Big Sister's thigh." "Jiang!"


When Xiang Liang and Chi Su saw Zong Fu's nod, they had no objection. With their strength, at best they would strive to obtain the Golden Glory Rune Mark, so as long as Yu Lang's method could get them that kind of achievement, it would be enough for them to take the risk.


"And what's next?" The three men asked.


Yu Long said solemnly: "Next, it's our acting great's turn to come with the horses."


The expression on Zhao Gao's face, who was next to him, suddenly became honest, direct and wooden, so that people couldn't help but feel a sense of confidence at first glance.


The three Zong Fu looked blankly at the Zhao Gao who had changed so drastically, then heaved a sigh of relief, this bastard was also a talent, how could a small South Wind Academy produce the two crouching dragons and phoenixes? at the same time?

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