Chapter 122 – Surround and Intercept



In the dense forest, the sound of gold and iron resounded, followed by a violent burst of resonance power that swept the leaves in all directions.


Li Luo held his twin swords, his figure perched on the thick trunk of the tree, his face was tense as he looked at the two figures rushing in from the right direction. During the previous confrontation, he had already known that both of them were at the First Stage Lower White Seed Realm, with a realm similar to his own, and they must have been among the top figures of their respective counties before.


"Li Luo, don't run away, you won't be able to escape, so you better make us whole!" A teenager holding a short serrated sword shouted, on the surface of his body, gray resonance power surged, under that cover of gray resonance power, his skin was somewhat petrified like the signs.


This man is endowed with stone resonance, a kind of derivation of earth resonance.


Another teenager was holding an iron rod, and the power of resonance rose from his body, vaguely as if it transformed into a faint scarlet red shape behind him.


"It came too soon."


Li Luo did not answer, his eyebrows closed slightly, now that he had started to go deeper into the mountains and forests, the elite beasts here had become stronger and stronger, this stopped quite a few pursuers for him, but there were still those that They had slipped through the net to reach them, and those who were able to get past the elite beasts to stop them were not weak.


"Two brothers, why are you so aggressive, why don't we sit down and have a good talk, because I'm so handsome?" Li Luo said with a serious face as thoughts swirled in his mind.


"Damn, disgusting, cut it off!"


However, as soon as he said that, the two men were not happy, and directly exploded with resonance power, one on the left and one on the right, shooting upwards and slashing downwards with a harsh attack.




Li Luo's claws slammed, the tree trunk bent, and his figure catapulted out in a hurry, meeting him directly head-on.


"Li Luo, you are arrogant too!"


When those two saw Li Luo charging directly at the two of them head-on, they immediately laughed coldly, Li Luo's strength was the same as theirs, both of them were only at the Lower White Seed realm, how could he dare to fight two with one right now?


"Red hot stick!" The staff youth shouted, and the iron staff in his hand was enveloped in fiery resonance power as it fell.


At the violent shadow of the whistling stick, Li Luo's resonance power surged within his body and a watery magic mirror quickly emerged from his side.




The shadow of the staff slammed into the Water Light Magic Mirror, and the violent force shattered the surface of the mirror, but the strong rebound force also poured out, making the young man holding the staff look surprised, and his body recoiled in disarray, almost sending the iron staff in his hand flying.


After knocking back an enemy with a rebound force, Li Luo's figure dashed directly in front of the stone resonance boy, his face expressionless as the power of water resonance flowed at high speed onto the twin swords. in your hands.


An improved version of the Water Mantra!


The sword light cut out and came into a harsh clash with the solemn-looking boy.


This time, the clash directly caused the stone-faced boy's face to change drastically, because in his senses, the majestic surge of resonance power coming from him had completely crushed his own resonance power.


"How is it possible?! Obviously, he is also only at the Nether White Seed realm, how can he have such a strong resonance power!"


As the stone-faced boy screamed in shock, his figure was already flying backwards in disarray, crashing heavily into a tree trunk, which even broke.


A trickle of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth and his face was covered in shock.


"Look, it has been said that it is better to sit down and discuss it." Li Luo smiled at him, then ignored the cautious gaze of the other cane-wielding teenager and his figure dove directly into the depths of the dense forest like a large bird.


It was clear that he didn't intend to tangle with these two here.


The staff boy looked at Li Luo's back and hesitated for a moment, but in the end he did not chase him, because the scene where the other party crushed his companion before was also in his eyes.


"How can this Li Luo be so strong?" The boy with the cane approached the stone-faced teenager and helped him up, asking with a frown.


"I don't know, from that rookie profile, this Li Luo must have barely reached the White Seed realm, but from the previous confrontation, I feel that his resonance power is no longer weaker than someone from the Upper White Seed realm." ". The stone resonance boy wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said.


"It seems that this Purple Radiance Rune Mark has nothing to do with us." The cane boy said helplessly.


The stone-faced teenager nodded and was about to speak when he suddenly looked to the right, towards the jungle, to see a blue-haired teenager walking towards it.


"It's just... Duze Beixuan?" The two men's hearts trembled slightly as they recognized this man who ranked fourth in the rookie profile.


"Did they just tangle with Li Luo here? I guess that didn't stop him." Duze Beixuan looked at the two men and asked with a satisfied smile.


The two men frown and ignore him.


Duze Beixuan didn't care about his attitude and asked nonchalantly, "Which direction did he go?"


The staff boy reluctantly pointed in a direction and said, "He is very strong, it doesn't seem like he is new to the White Seed realm."


Duze Beixuan's figure had already walked out, with a faint voice.


"It's not that he's strong, it's that you're weak."


The two teenagers showed their angry faces.


"He's so arrogant."


"It's a good thing they gave him random, random directions."




As the situation in the depths of this mountain forest began to become more and more intense, in another direction of this mountain forest.


A young man with a slender body, fine eyes, and a gentle smile on his face looked at the young woman blocking his way and smiled: "Classmate Qing'er, what do you mean by blocking my way?"


He is holding a jasper folding fan, fanning it gently, but he looks breathless and elegant.


And in front of him, Lu Qing'er, with a clear and cold face, said in a low voice: "Wang Hetou, this direction you are going, are you going to surround Li Luo?"


This young man with the fan is Wang Hetou, who is ranked second in strength among the new students this time.


Wang Hetou smiled and said, "By solving Li Luo, I will be able to obtain the Purple Radiance Rune Seal, which is certainly worth my time."


Lu Qing'er said, "If that's the case, then you really can't be allowed to pass."


Wang Hetou said somewhat helplessly: "Classmate Qing'er, you are not my opponent, why do you have to be like this?"


"It's good to delay for a while." Lu Qing'er's eyes were weak, and then she gently took off her ice silk gloves, revealing the slender and perfect jade hands.


Nowadays, Li Luo's situation must not be very good, and if this Wang Hetou is let in, he will definitely pose a great threat to Li Luo, so here, he can only do his best to stop the other party.


However, there was indeed a difference in strength between the two sides, so if he wanted to stop his opponent, he was afraid that he would have to pay some price for using his last card today, but the good thing was that with his strength entering the realm of Resonance Masters, the cost of this move would no longer be as heavy as before.


Wang Hetou looked at Lu Qing'er's slender and perfect jade hand and froze for a moment, a look of astonishment flashed across his eyes, then he smiled lightly and said, "If Qing'er is willing to go on a date with me later , then it is not impossible that I say yes to you today."


In response, however, was the burst of icy cold resonance power, and on the ground, frost was spreading.


Seeing this, Wang Hetou could only laugh and say, "In that case, I can only let you see the difference between us."




Green resonance power erupted like smoke from within Wang Hetu's body, and wherever he passed, the leaves under his feet began to turn black, as if they were being corrupted.


In the next instant, the two resonance forces burst into the forest and collided with each other with a bang.

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