Chapter 125 – The Battle of Duze Beixuan



He had a somewhat feminine appearance, but the weapon he used was something brutally dominant.


Strong resonance power flowed and surged from Duze Beixuan's body, his resonance power was deep blue, and light emanated, faintly appearing to form a blurry light shadow behind Duze Beixuan.


It's like it's a giant kun.


It is rumored that this beast possesses terrifying power and that, by dumping its body into that ocean, it can cause enormous waves that destroy everything.


Furthermore, this Beast resonance is also capable of manipulating the energy of water in heaven and earth. In a sense, it is somewhat similar to water resonance, except that it cannot be as pure as pure water resonance, for example, this Giant Kun resonance cannot refine Spiritual Light Water.


But it also has an advantage belonging to it, that is, it will increase the strength of its master's physical body, which, coupled with its own resonance power, will undoubtedly have strong combat power.


"The lower eighth grade resonance is really imposing."


Li Luo looked at this scene with the same sigh of relief. According to his own evaluation, in terms of combat power, his Sixth Grade Light Water Resonance was not even a bit weaker than the Upper Seventh Grade Resonance, but it was still probably a bit inferior to the Lower Eighth Grade Resonance. .




Sighing, Li Luo had already drawn his twin swords, his resonance power surging, and his figure shot out abruptly and violently, truly taking the initiative to attack.




The enhanced version of the Water Manifestation Technique was in operation, and above the blade, the power of aquatic resonance flowed at high speed, emitting a strange sound as it cut through the air.




Facing Li Luo, who took the initiative to attack, Duze Beixuan let out a cold laugh and danced with a heavy halberd in his hand, gushing out an astonishingly huge force, which actually carried an ear-piercing sonic boom sound.




The sword collided with the heavy halberd, and a furious wave of air rolled across the ground, swirling the grass and leaves.


Li Luo's body shuddered and he shot back, while one hand curled up like a cannonball and placed it on his mouth: "Puff! Pfft! Pfft!"


A sharp jet of water shot out like a storm, shooting at the pursuing Duze Beixuan.


The heavy halberd in Doze Beixuan's hand waved, forming a faint water curtain to drive away all those water vectors, as he curved his palm into a claw and grabbed Li Luo.




Along with the sound of Duze Beixuan's violent scream, there was a convergence of resonance power between his palms, and a suction force emerged, which dragged Li Luo's figure and was about to be thrown in the direction of where the first one was. .


It is rumored that when the Giant Kun engulfs the ocean, it can form a three thousand meter vortex that can destroy everything.


Li Luo raised his eyebrows slightly as his paws stepped on the ground with a vague earthy yellow glow flowing from them, as if his entire body was nailed to the ground.


No matter how much the suction goes up, it doesn't move at all.


This is him calmly operating the power of earthly resonance.


Duze Beixuan was also a little surprised to see that he had failed to suck in Li Luo's figure, and then he stepped out with his paws, his feet seemed to form a watery light underneath, and his figure glided away in a hurry.


He appeared in front of Li Luo, a cold light in his eyes as his heavy halberd roared like a water dragon.


"High-Rank Resonance Technique, Wave Runner!"


The heavy halberd swung as if it were enveloped in rolling waves, and this, combined with Duze Beixuan's enormous strength , made this strike extraordinarily fierce.


Raising his palm, Li Luo released the Magic Water Mirror of light, which stood in front of him like a mirror of light.




The heavy halberd fell, the water mirror shattered, Duze Beixuan's body shook violently, the force of the rebound caught him off guard, but he also showed his strong strength, only to see him roar, his body resonance power surging, really dissolved the rebound power of the light water magic mirror.


At the same time, the heavy halberd was still stuck in Li Luo's chest.


Li Luo's twin swords readied themselves, bringing a continuous stream of saber light to collide with them.


Clang clang clang!


The sound of gold and iron rang out as Li Luo's figure was continuously shaken back, while that Duze Beixuan showed no mercy, the halberd blade turned into a spear shadow and pierced through mercilessly.




The two sides exchanged dozens of shots in the blink of an eye.


But it was all Li Luo who retreated, and Doze Beixuan continued to press.


At this moment, the advantages of Duze Beixuan's lower eighth grade resonance and the upper realm of heavy flower seeds were revealed to the fullest.


"Li Luo, aren't you able to scream a lot? Show me how crazy you are." Duze Beixuan attacked hard and pressed step by step, as his words attacked his heart.


"Li Luo, today I am going to step on your face and see what you can really do..."


"Oops, shit!"


Before he could finish his resonance, the ground his feet landed on suddenly became extremely soft, as if it were a mud swamp, and his entire weight was unstable, and he rushed straight forward.


Li Luo laughed and kicked directly, leaving a huge footprint on Duze Beixuan's face.


And just as he tried to make amends again, that Duze Beixuan let out a roar of rage, his astonishing resonance power erupted, and the sharp blade of his halberd sliced through, forcing Li Luo's figure to slide and be thrown backwards.


Duze Beixuan stood up with a gloomy face as he looked at the land beneath his feet, which had at some point turned into a quagmire.


"Did you use the power of water resonance to mix with the ground and turn this place into a quagmire? No, how could your power of water resonance do this?" Duze Beixuan said sadly.


If the power of water resonance was incorporated into the earth, it would be able to turn an area of land into a mud swamp, but the power of water resonance required for it was quite considerable, and with Li's current ability Luo, it shouldn't be possible to do it.


Li Luo smiled and said pleadingly: "It's none of your business."


She was able to do it, of course, not only with the power of water resonance, but with the power of earth resonance also contained within her, and both of them collaborated to make it possible.


But the effect was not too great, it only made this Duze Beixuan a little more miserable.


Duze Beixuan applied the imprints to his face and looked at Li Luo with gloomy eyes, while at this moment Li Luo could feel that the resonance power gushing out of his body had become even more violent.


Obviously, Li Luo's kick had angered him.




The heavy halberd that Duze Beixuan held in his hand stabbed in front of him, and he formed a seal with both hands, only to see waves of strong resonance power spread from his body like a rising tide.


Amid this power resonance, Duze Beixuan's skin gradually acquired a blue glow, the skin seemed a little rough, but the five fingers widened, and the whole person seemed to have swelled.


It emanates a ferocious power if nothing else.


Duze Beixuan's eyes were cold as he looked at Li Luo, and a cold sound came from between his teeth.


"Tiger General Technique, Flesh Enhancement!"






There is a howling wind in the small forest.


It was like a blade of wind sweeping away, a bowl of large trees was directly cut down.


The ground was full of debris.


Zhao Gao, Zong Fu and the others lay down disoriented, their faces pale and their eyes somewhat frightened as they looked at the young woman with the spear standing in the middle of the field, looking at them suspiciously.


"This point of strength, and you still want to catch me? Eggless rat." Bai Doudou grimaced.


With a roar, Zhao Gao stood up and ran out while throwing a handful of lime from his hand.




As the wind howled and the lime was swept away, the spear in Bai Doudou's hand slammed into Zhao Gao's chest, sending him flying backwards and landing heavily on the ground, unable to get back up.


"Get lost, there's no time to play with all of you here." Bai Doudou said in a cold voice, raising his foot to leave this place, if he bothered here again, I'm afraid Li Luo would have to be dealt with.




Bai Doudou's eyes were cold as he moved his fingers, and a blade of wind took shape at his fingertips, directly cutting into the figure's chest.




The wind blade caused a trail of blood to emerge.




The figure let out a scream and planted itself, rolling like a gourd, but as it passed over Bai Doudou's body, it suddenly reached out and grabbed a jade pendant from his waist.


Yu Long appeared not far away covered in mud, looked at the jade pendant in his hand and smiled.


Bai Doudou touched his waist, and with cold eyes, he stared at Yu Lang and said, "Give me back the jade pendant, don't ask for trouble."


Yu Lang touched his lips and said, "This jade pendant must be quite important, right? I see your sister is wearing one there too."


Bai Doudou's palm slowly grasped the spear, his eyes extremely cold.


"If you want it, come get the little master, and when you do, I'll leave you stranded."


However, Yu Long did not care about Bai Doudou's icy eyes, he let out a loud laugh, then turned his head and ran away, extremely fast.


"You seek death!"


Bai Doudou was furious and no longer cared about Li Luo, his eyes spit fire and the wind whistled as he shot out.


In the wretched forest, Zhao Gao, Zong Fu and the others lay helplessly on the ground, looking at Yu Lang's frantic and distant back, which exuded sadness, and finally they could only sigh, hoping that he would not be killed by Bai Doudou.


They finally turned their heads to look at the mountains in the distance.


Li Luo ah, we are not strong enough, this is the limit of what can be done, the rest, you can only rely on yourself ah.

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