Chapter 126 – Battle Continuation

Li Luo was not unaware of this Tiger General Technique called "Flesh Enhancement" performed by Duze Beixuan, because he had studied it before and it was the most suitable for the Ten Thousand Beast Resonance, because the Ten Thousand Beast Resonance already has the characteristics of enhancing flesh and increasing power, and when the two are combined, the power is even more fierce. Therefore, this General Tiger Technique is essential for many people who possess the Beast Resonance.


So when Li Luo saw Duze Beixuan's swollen body, his expression also became much more serious.




With a stomp of its paws, its figure shot out like that of a tiger and a leopard, and the heavy halberd in its hand made a sharp wind-breaking sound, stabbing directly into Li Luo's face.


Li Luo faced him with both swords, his body brimming with resonance power.




The sound of gold and iron rang out as Li Luo's figure was shaken back, his arms trembling minutely, caused by the tremendous force coming from his opponent's heavy halberd.


In this collision, he was crushed in almost every way.


He still somewhat underestimated how fierce his opponent was right now.


A strike shook Li Luo's Qi and blood, but that Duze Beixuan did not say another word, but instead fired out again in fury, like a rain of attacks that enveloped Li Luo.


Above Li Luo's twin swords, watery aura flowed at high speed, and the light from the swords seemed to transform into a continuous curtain of water.


Clang! Clang!


The two sides exchanged dozens of lightning-like slashes, and Li Luo was forced back by his opponent's fierce attack, and finally leapt his figure to the top of a large tree with the help of a water magic mirror that blocked him.


The twin swords in his hands were directly assembled at this point, the hilts of the swords biting each other, transforming into a large blue and silver bow, which he tightened with lightning speed and opened the rope, with a vector of light. like a stream of light taking shape on the bowstring.


"There are a lot of fancy things, but they're useless!" Seeing this, Duze Beixuan let out a cold laugh, and with a stomp of his paws, his figure pounced on Li Luo.


Li Luo's eyes were calm as he looked at the speedy Duze Beixuan, his bow was like a full moon, and in the next instant, the finger that was gripping the bowstring sharply loosened.


Langhuang Tianliu Arrow!




A bright flash of light tore through the air with eerie speed.


Duze Beixuan's pupils also shrank sharply at this moment, the speed of that arrow was too fast, so much so that even he was caught a little off guard.


But Doze Beixuan is not Shi Khon after all, and his own qualities in all aspects are superior to Shi Khon. Therefore, in the face of Li Luo's calculated blow, although he was shocked, he did not make a mess.


On the heavy halberd in his hand, a wave of power gathered, which seemed to have a sparkling light, and was emitting an extremely heavy force.


The heavy halberd rotates like a windmill, accompanied by a surge of resonance force, forming a defensive barrier.




Sparks flew out from the barrier formed by the spinning halberds, and a piercing sound echoed through the mountains and forests, and waves of air rolled over, sending ripples into the streams beside them.


The barrier formed by the rotation of Duze Beixuan's heavy halberd also trembled sharply at this moment, and his face changed slightly, because the moment of the previous impact, even his steps, were shaken back a step.


The penetrating power of that arrow was quite surprising.


"Is it a Tiger General Technique?" Duze Beixuan was a little stunned, the jet of light was penetrating enough to rival the General Tiger Technique, but vaguely, it was a little less, lacking some back strength.


But as the thoughts passed through his mind, Li Luo, standing at the top of the tree, had cold eyes as he drew his bow again and opened the string.


The Lan Guang Tian Liu Arrow was just a fusion of two advanced resonance techniques, and the resonance energy consumption was much lower than that of the true General Tiger Technique, so with his current strength at this Resonance Master realm , it was enough to support him to splurge a little.


If one arrow can't penetrate Duze Beixuan's defense, then two arrows, three arrows!


Huzzah! Huzzah!


The two wind breaking sounds sounded almost simultaneously, followed by two streams of light arrows that descended from the sky, shooting at Doze Beixuan's face and chest.


's face sank as resonance power flowed out and the heavy halberd formed a large windmill again.


Clang! Clang!


Two arrows in quick succession hit the defensive barrier of the heavy halberd, and the powerful penetrating force directly slowed the rotation of the large windmill, while an advance was forced.




Another stream of arrows came, penetrating the defenses of the heavy halberd and shooting at the vital point between Duze Beixuan's legs.


This sudden and ruthless arrow made Duze Beixuan's heart break out in a cold sweat. In a flash, the hilt of the heavy halberd moved diagonally, deflecting that jet of light arrow out of its way.


The light jet arrow passed between Doze Beixuan's legs, although it fell short, the harsh wind that enveloped it still scraped blood marks between Doze Beixuan's legs, and for a time there was blood flowing down the legs of his pants, which It looked extremely frightening.


Feeling the stinging pain coming from between his legs, Duze Beixuan's heart couldn't help but tremble a little, and then a monstrous rage surged in his eyes, furiously charging towards Li Luo.


"Are you okay? Do you need me to heal you? I am a water resonance, the healing effect is very good." Li Luo asked sincerely.


At the same time, the bowstring in his hand was already drawn, and another stream of arrows was shot towards Duze Beixuan's face.


"Li Luo, I'm going to kill you!"


With a stern shout, Duze Beixuan's resonance power soared, and the heavy blade of the halberd swept out, blocking that stream of arrows, and then he suddenly turned red, with his mouth bulging, and he opened his mouth sharply in the face. Li Luo's location: "Roar!"


A sound wave like the roar of a giant beast erupted violently.


The sound wave shocked, even Li Luo's eyes were shaken into a trance, and the streams of arrows gathering on his bow were affected and dissipated greatly.


Although Li Luo quickly came back to his senses, the first thing he did was give up on drawing his bow any further and instead raised his hand, several bullets of light water whizzing out as his body jerked back.


The moment he took a step back, the fierce and heavy halberd turned into a spear shadow and came from below.


Duze Beixuan took advantage of the moment when Li Luo lost concentration to launch a counterattack.


Obviously, he had understood that Li Luo's most powerful means was the arrow attack, which was extremely fast and penetrating, so he would no longer let his opponent use him as a shooting target.


However, Li Luo's reaction was also extremely fast, and the light water bullet he shot with his hand suddenly burst out with blinding light, causing Doze Beixuan's attack to pause for a moment, while his figure Taking advantage of this to retreat, he landed in the stream, with the power of aquatic resonance surging under his feet, and glided on the water.


Both hands drew their bows with lightning speed, and another stream of arrows aimed directly at Duze Beixuan.


This set of moves is a delightful sight to behold as it flows like water.


Duze Beixuan was a little upset, this Li Luo was really too slippery, obviously only the strength of the White Seed realm at the lower level of the first stage of the Resonance Master realm, but with that strange stream of arrows and the bullets of light water that bounced off the water mirror and exploded with blinding light, had dragged out the battle until now.


"I'm going to see how many times you can cum!"


Duze Beixuan gritted his teeth, this Li Luo was only at the Lower Heavy White Seed realm after all, his resonance power was not as strong as his, if time was lengthened, he would be able to end the battle directly in whenever progress occurs.


So the battle between the two men moved from the ground to the stream, with Li Luo skidding with the help of the current, closing the distance and constantly attacking with streams of arrows, while Duze Beixuan rushed after him down the side of the stream, gaining momentum while dodging Li Luo's arrow attacks.


On the top of a mountain not far from here, Shen Jinxiao stood with his arms crossed, he looked indifferently at the fierce battle taking place between the currents, the durability of this Li Luo was quite better than he had imagined . .


However, so far, Li Luo hasn't shown much potential to shock anyone, which has greatly reassured him.


An apprentice who could only be considered moderately high class, even if he was the young master of the Luo Lan Manor, should not be enough for the other instructors of the Purple Glory to come and brush him.


“Li Luo, when you find out that you can barely find a Golden Radiance tutor in the end, you will understand how rare this Purple Radiance Rune Seal I have rewarded you with is…”


And as long as Li Luo fell into his hands, he would eventually have a way to use him as bait to make Jiang Qing'e surrender to him in the future.


A faint smile spread across his face, but there was a burning heat in his eyes.


"Qing'e, you can't escape from me."

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