Chapter 129 – The Binding of Ten Thousand Trees and the Heavy Water Technique

"Double Resonance..."


The emotions in Duze Beixuan's eyes became extremely complex as he looked at the two resonance powers surging from Li Luo's body, shocked, shocked, and jealous...


For Li Luo, he had always had a mentality of contempt, after all, although the former was a young master in a big mansion like him, Li Luo had always lived in that tiny Tian Shu county and was still in the void resonance in the past, that in Duze Beixuan's perception, this was a mediocre person.


Even though Li Luo suddenly rose up and won first place in the Tianshu County Grand Examination, Duze Beixuan still did not think much of him, after all, Tianshu County was of medium strength among the 100 counties of Great Xia, so what could I do even if I won first place?


He himself harbors the Inferior Eighth Grade Resonance and far surpasses Li Luo in both talent and potential, so when comparing himself to Li Luo, Doze Beixuan harbors an extremely strong sense of superiority.


Li Luo's parents were indeed very powerful, a fact that even Duze Beixuan had to admit, because it was a fact. The fact that his father had been defeated eighteen times by Li Tai Xuan was not known to everyone in this Great Xia country, but it was not a hidden secret either.


But in Duze Beixuan's opinion, all this doesn't matter, that is the matter of the older generation, and when it comes to him, he only needs to suppress this Li Luo to death, so that outsiders can understand that Li's parents Luo are powerful, that's their business.


He, the young master of the Duze House, was enough to crush the young master of the Luo Lan House to its full extent.


And everything above was exactly as he had expected, until Li Luo's double resonance revealed itself before him... This rare double resonance brought pressure to Duze Beixuan.


"I can't believe it!"


In the end, Duze Beixuan uttered a stern cry, the resonance power of his body soared, and the power of the heavy halberd in his hand exploded, shattering the green python branch that was wrapped in the weapon body, and he set out. to attack Li Luo again.


This time, however, Li Luo was faster in attacking than him.


"General Tiger Technique, Ligation of Ten Thousand Trees!"


With the sound of Li Luo's low voice, many trees in the dense forest shook, and a green light flowed from them, followed by the sound of breaking wind, and the trunk of a giant python quickly enveloped Duze Beixuan's place.


He let out a roar of rage and swept his heavy halberd with his hand, turning it into a halberd shadow, and his own power of resonance and strength burst out without reservation.


The halberd blade swept, cutting into the trunks of the serpentine pythons.


However, with this contact, Duze Beixuan discovered that the resonance power covering these branches and vines was not as strong as he had imagined, which meant that this Wood Resonance of Li Luo must not be of too high a grade.


This discovery came as a slight relief to Duze Beixuan.


"Li Luo, if you want to tie me up with this, I'm afraid you think it's too easy!" Doze Beixuan grimaced, his attack was fierce, constantly cutting down the approaching branches and vines, and began to approach Li Luo step by step.


Li Luo looked at this scene, but he was not surprised, his Wood and Earth Resonance was still only fourth grade, so the Tiger General Technique, which was activated by this, was actually very difficult to pose a threat to Duze Beixuan. .


But this is only the beginning.


Li Luo put his hands together, and the power of water resonance within his body worked hard, and finally a low cry sounded: "General Tiger Technique, Heavy Water Technique!"


The power of aquatic resonance erupted and rose, turning into drops of dark blue liquid, which flew out and landed on the branches and flying vines.




The bright green and blue twigs and vines ferociously launched themselves at Duze Beixuan, who immediately faced them with full force, crashing his heavy halberd into the vines.


However, this time the impact caused Duze Beixuan's face to change abruptly as he realized that the blade of his halberd had not managed to penetrate the vine, but rather the power emerging from it had become much heavier and harder than before. .




On the vine, drops of water dripped and fell on the heavy halberd, immediately causing it to become much heavier.


"Is it a heavy water spell?"


This Li Luo had fused the Heavy Water Technique with the Binding of Ten Thousand Trees, which caused the attack of this Binding of Ten Thousand Trees to become extremely heavy, the feeling was as if the whip was soaked with water, and the strength and pain increased greatly when he hit people.




Amidst Duze Beixuan's astonishment, another vine came whistling with a strong wind behind him, this time he was unable to dodge it and was viciously hit on the shoulder.


The clothes were torn, the skin was open and the blood was spilled.


Furious, Duze Beixuan roared as his resonance power erupted and his heavy halberd swung densely and tightly to protect himself.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Under this intense attack, although Duze Beixuan's defense was solid, it was opening up little by little.


Li Luo smiled and looked at the bestial Duze Beixuan, who looked like a trapped beast, then reached out and broke some branches and used the back of his bow to sharpen them into a wooden arrow.


He took out his bow and opened the string, hooked a wooden arrow and shot it violently.


The wooden arrow passed through that gap and stabbed into Duze Beixuan with a poof.


The killing power of this wooden arrow is actually quite mediocre, it only enters the flesh of half a finger, barely causing substantial damage, but... It is extremely insulting.


And Li Luo did not enter the battlefield. He stood outside and shot wooden arrows. After a while, he really shot at Duze Beixuan, making him look like a hedgehog.


And in the middle of the field, Duze Beixuan was furious; The wooden arrows did not cause him much pain, but the humiliating nature made his eyes red.


He roared.


"Li Luo, you rat, you don't dare to stand in front of me and fight head-on!"


At the same time, a bit of panic began to rise in his heart, as his own resonance power began to deplete rapidly as the heavy water-stained vines continued to attack.


Within moments, he could already feel himself starting to weaken.


This, coupled with the fact that Li Luo continues to harass him, has put him in a bad situation.


He growled angrily and let out expletives, trying to force Li Luo to fight him in hand-to-hand combat so that he could have a small chance to turn the tables, but instead this Li Luo was too obscene and shot his arrows with more force. frequently while cursing.


It's bullshit!




In the end, Duze Beixuan's feet went limp and several tree vines wrapped around him, directly tearing the heavy halberd from his hands, as the vines flew upwards and bound both his hands and feet.


Within a few breaths, only one head was left outside.


Duze Beixuan struggled angrily, but realized, to his despair, that he could not free himself from those vines contaminated with heavy water magic.


And at this moment, Li Luo picked up the heavy halberd and approached Duze Beixuan, pointing the heavy halberd in his hand at his face, and said in a deep voice: "I'm coming."


"Come on, let's fight properly!"


Duze Beixuan's eyes were watering and he wanted to roar and rant, but a vine came directly over and got into his mouth, and his voice suddenly turned into a moan.


Seeing this, Li Luo shook his head in disappointment.


"The first battle between the young master of the Duze House and the young master of the Luo Lan House ended with Doze Beixuan not daring to contest the battle."


Duze Beixuan became enraged and fainted on the spot.


When he saw that Duze Beixuan had fainted, Li Luo also breathed a sigh of relief, and then his face quickly paled, and the vines around him quickly retreated and dispersed.


He sat on his butt and breathed a little.


If this DuzeBeixuan boils any longer, it really won't be able to hold on anymore. The fourth grade Wood Resonance, really, is still a bit low, and the wood resonance power provided is too shallow.


But the good news is that it always holds up.


And as Li Luo sat on the ground to catch his breath, his expression suddenly moved and he raised his head, then saw in front of him, the figure of Shen Jinxiao, slowly emerge.


The latter, at that moment, was also looking at him with a strange expression on his face.


"Yo, Master Shen, you are here again, huh?"


Li Luo looked at the current Shen Jinxiao and revealed a smile as he asked softly, “Have you eaten?”


Shen Jinxiao looked at Li Luo with a strange expression on his face and said slowly: “Li Luo, I really didn't expect you to have hidden a double resonance… I really underestimated you.”


Li Luo laughed: "When you are floating in the jungle, how can you not have something on your head?"


Shen Jinxiao nodded and said, "As expected of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan's son."


"Master Shen, what do you plan to do next?" Li Luo asked.


Shen Jinxiao was slightly silent, and deep within those eyes, there was even a subtle hint of killing intent, but in the end, he suppressed it, because even if he was a tutor of the Purple Glory, he would not be able to break the rules of the Holy Academy. Xuanxing, and then there would be no place that could accommodate him, even if he was a Marquis realm powerhouse.


"If you don't keep playing... Then it's my turn, right?" Li Luo smiled at Shen Jinxiao.


Shen Jinxiao didn't say anything, only his eyes narrowed, his eyes faintly observing Li Luo.


Li Luo sat on the ground, looked at the sky, took a deep breath, and growled like thunder.


"The other four Purple Radiance instructors, am I, Li Luo, now qualified so that you don't have to worry about Master Shen's face?"


Its roar, which echoed through the hills and forests, caused a silence.


However, this silence only lasted for a few breaths before, in the next instant, the sky suddenly shook and four pillars of brilliant purple light violently descended from the sky.


Boom boom boom!


Four pillars of bright purple light landed in the four directions of Li Luo, and within each pillar of light, a purple talisman seal was suspended, emitting a dazzling brilliance.


It was a spectacular scene.


Apparently, the other four Purple Glory tutors who had been secretly observing, at this moment were no longer worried about Shen Jinxiao's face and directly threw their olive branch at Li Luo.

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