Chapter 135 – Mentor Xi Chan

After setting a small goal for Li Luo's second step, Jiang Qing'e took Yan Lingqing and left, leaving Li Luo alone and angry, who shouted against her but resisted ineffectively.


"He's so arrogant."


Li Luo kept muttering as he looked at the shadows of the two women walking away, but in the end he sighed helplessly. Of course he knew that Jiang Qing'e was spanking him so much, mainly because he wanted him to keep moving forward and not let up just because he had entered the fight. Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


However, how could I give in?


The Luo Lan House was in internal and external trouble, his parents' situation was unknown, and now, although he had entered the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, he had instead attracted the prying eyes of a powerful person from the Marquis Kingdom, along with a true love interest like Gong Shenjun who appeared to be friendly but was actually deeply intriguing.


With this heavy threat, it made Li Luo want to rise one rank a day, become a marquis in five days, become a king in ten days, trample Shen Jinxiao to death with one foot, and break Gong Shenjun's teeth with one punch. .


Therefore, laziness is not an option.


"Forget it, let's meet my future lap mentor first."


Li Luo looked at an information in his hand, which clearly indicated the residence of that Xi Chan tutor, so he no longer hesitated, recognized the address, and headed there quickly.


Along the way, there were many young students coming and going, all wearing the uniforms of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, which were adorned with stars, and the number of stars was able to distinguish their Star Academy levels.


Some of the young and beautiful companions were wearing short skirts, with their long, slender snow-white thighs swaying in the dappled shadow, suggesting that the Xuanxing Sacred Academy was truly a worthwhile trip.


While enjoying the scenery inside the academy, Li Luo finally arrived at tutor Xi Chan's residence.


It is a small, isolated building with a flower garden in front, with lush vegetation and light spots scattered on the ground.


And when Li Luo arrived, he saw a small and delicate figure standing at that door, with a waist like a willow, her long hair loose, with special butterfly decorations on her hair.


A light breeze blows up the skirt, revealing the straight white calves underneath.


The young girl's face is also extremely beautiful, with big watery eyes, as if she could speak, a straight nose, a delicate red mouth, and a pure and moving temperament.


Bai Mengmeng.


Li Luo walked over and greeted him with a smile: "Hello, classmate Bai Mengmeng."


Li Luo's sudden voice startled Bai Mengmeng for a moment and she looked up at him, her eyes lingering on his face before her cheeks reddened slightly and she said quietly, "Hello."


Then he lowered his head again and intertwined his slender ten fingers.


When Li Luo saw this, he also sighed a little, this is really too soft and cute, so Yu Long is good at this, but unfortunately, God forbid, he didn't get to be in the same group with Bai Mengmeng, instead he was in a group with Bai Doudou.


It seems that Bai Doudou has nothing to do with being soft and cute, and I wonder if Yu Long will be beaten every day there.


"This is Tutor Xi Chan's residence? Why don't you go in?" Li Luo asked.


"Tutor Xi Chan said to go in together when all the people were there." Bai Mengmeng answered truthfully.


Li Luo turned his head to look around and said, "There is another student, right? His name is Xin Fu? This student is very lacking in time sense."


Bai Mengmeng was silent for a moment, stretched out her finger and pointed to the shadow of a tree on the side and said, "There it is, it actually arrived a long time ago, we were waiting for you."


Li Luo stiffened, then looked at the shadows there and looked carefully, and sure enough he saw a black shadow hidden within, a figure all shrouded in black, with a hood on his head, the shadow covering half of his face.


His eyes met Li Luo's for a moment and they both silently retreated.


For a while the atmosphere was a little uncomfortable and silent.


But fortunately the sudden automatic opening of the door at this moment relieved the discomfort, and the three of them looked at each other and walked in silently.


They followed the gravel path through the hundreds of flowers and then saw a spacious pavilion in the middle of the shady grounds, with bamboo curtains draped everywhere and wind chimes hanging from the corners, the light breeze blowing and the clear ringing of the bells that penetrated the ears, calming the mind.




Inside the pavilion, a faint voice is heard coming from the pavilion.


The three of them immediately and honestly lifted the bamboo curtain and entered the pavilion. Inside the pavilion, which was clean and tidy, there were only three futons placed in the center, and in front of the futons, a low table, behind which a woman in a tutor's robe sat on her knees.


The purple burst from that tutor's robe was so dazzling and mysterious, while giving off an inexplicable sense of intimidation.


By this tunic, he represents the kingdom of the marquis lords.


The latter's green hair was tied casually behind her head, but Li Luo could not see Xi Chan's true face, as her cheeks were covered by a black veil that hid most of her face, except for a pair of eyes. eyes that seemed somewhat cold.


The tutor's uniform, slightly oversized, envelops a delicate torso, with delicate curves and a sensual and seductive charm.


"Greetings to the teacher." The three men approached and bowed respectfully.


"Take a sit". Tutor Xi Chan pointed to the three futons in front of him.


The three sit obediently.


"From today on, you are my students, and according to the rules of the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, I will guide you in your cultivation and do everything possible so that you can go as far as possible." Tutor Xi Chan's voice was cold and insipid, giving the impression that she didn't care much.


"Thank you very much to the tutor." The trio said.


"And you don't need to thank me, this is my mission, the more you stand out, the higher the grade the academy will give me at that time, and I will be able to get a big reward for it, if not, what do you think we , the Kingdom of the Marquis, we stayed at the academy to teach you? For love?"


Tutor Xi Chan's extremely matter-of-fact response made the three of them choke for a moment, and they could only smile awkwardly but not unpleasantly.


You are so direct, Professor, that it is a little impossible for us to boast about our deep teacher-student relationship.


"In the future, in the academy, I will fight for all possible resources for you, but of course, you yourselves must also strive for excellence, otherwise, if some outstanding students of the Golden Glory catch up with you and rob you resources, you can't blame me as a tutor for not being able to save face.


"You just need to focus on your cultivation and ignore the rest, while any unwarranted targeting, once it goes against the rules, I will help you block it myself."


When tutor Xi Chan said this, Li Luo felt her eyes linger on him for a moment and immediately understood that she was referring to Shen Jinxiao.


Li Luo was instantly excited, and if he wasn't worried that their first meeting would leave a bad impression on his mentor, he would even want to jump up and hug his mentor's thighs to protect himself.


"All three, each with their own strengths."


"Li Luo is a double resonance, Xin Fu is a rare kind of shadow resonance, although Bai Mengmeng's strength is considered the worst among the three of you, her water nightmare butterfly resonance is extremely special, it is one of the few resonances of water-based universal beast that can refine the Spiritual Light Water, of course the most important thing is that she may not be as strong as you, but she is a genius in researching the Spiritual Light Water formula, the Cultivated Resonance Academy has previously tried to secure it early in the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy.” Mentor Xi Chan said.


Hearing Tutor Xi Chan's compliment, Bai Mengmeng felt a little shy and lowered her head, but suddenly she felt a fiery gaze linger on her, and with a slight sidelong glance, she saw Li Luo staring at her with a burning gaze, and even swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


The look was like it was dying to be swallowed.


Bai Mengmeng was instantly scared and trembled a little. This student is handsome but very scary.


"Next I am going to tell you some important information, and before that, everyone can ask me a question." Tutor Xi Chan's voice was still leisurely and unhurried, making people feel inexplicably at ease.


, the student named




Li Luo's eyes sank slightly, but he did not hesitate to ask the question he had always wanted to know.


"Master, I want to know what the battlefield of the kings and marquises is."


When these words were asked, Li Luo clearly felt that the wind chimes around the pavilion seemed to have suddenly fallen silent, it was not the stillness of the wind, but the mood swings of the power of the Marquis in front of him.

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