Chapter 136 - The Other

Inside and outside the pavilion there was a silence like that of night, the wind and the bell went out at the same time.


Li Luo looked at Tutor Xi Chan with a somewhat grave expression, at this moment, the latter's always unremarkable emotions were clearly fluctuating a bit, thus causing a strange movement of the surrounding heaven and earth energy, directly blocking all sounds. .


Obviously, the four words of the King and Marquis Battlefield had caused quite a shock even to a strong person like her in the Marquis Kingdom.


Xin Fu on the side and Bai Mengmeng also glanced at Li Luo sideways, this guy asking questions that seemed a little exaggerated, directly colliding with the tutor.


The battlefield of the kings and marquises, they had also vaguely heard the name, but again they did not know it, since those things were too far away for them.


An impressive silence remained in the pavilion for a long time.


Finally, mentor Xi Chan's voice broke the silence: "Is it because of your parents?"


Li Luo nodded forcefully.


Tutor Xi Chan paused before finally saying slowly, “Actually, this question you ask is already kind of the core of some of the information I'm going to say next.”


"About the reality of the world."


Li Luo's three hearts shook slightly: "The reality of the world?"


"First of all, I need to educate you about the world... You know about Great Xia and that there are other countries outside of it, but what lies beyond it?" Tutor Xi Chan said indifferently.


The three Li Luo were somewhat puzzled, because in their eyes, Great Xia was already extremely large, so large that it was difficult to measure, so the information outside of Great Xia was actually very difficult for them to access.


"The land where Great Xia is located is called the Eastern Divine Region, in which there are many star-like powerhouses, and Great Xia is considered one of the top powerhouses, but it is not invincible, because in this land, there are three countries that are not weaker than Great Xia, namely the Golden Lion Imperial Court, the Red Sand Empire, and the Divine Yang Dynasty."


"And beyond the Eastern Divine Region, there are nine other divine regions, collectively known as the Ten Divine Regions, which are the roots and foundation of the human race."


Hearing Xi Chan's faint voice, Li Luo was somewhat shocked as a magnificent and vast image of the world unfolded in her minds.


It turns out that the great xia, which you see huge, is so small in this world.


“In those three great state countries of the Eastern Divine Region, there was equally the Holy School House, which was not weaker than the Xuanxing Holy School House.”


Xi Chan's eyes looked at the three of them and said, "Do you know the meaning of the existence of these academies? What do they represent and what were they created for?"


The three shook their heads, bewildered.


"For the existence of the Schools Alliance." Saying these four words, even Xi Chan had some awe and admiration in his eyes.


"School Alliance?"


Tutor Xi Chan nodded and said, "The Alliance of Schools can be said to be one of the most powerful forces in this world, and its members are the major schools that span the Ten Divine Regions, and the Xuanxing Sacred Academy is one of them."


The three of them took a breath of cold air, is there such a terrifying power in this world? In his eyes, the Xuanxing Sacred Academy was already unfathomable, standing like a behemoth in Grand Xia, but now mentor Xi Chan was saying that such a powerful Xuanxing Sacred Academy was still only a member of the so-called Academy Alliance.


What kind of horror must this School Alliance be?


It's really unimaginable.


However, Li Luo thought: what significance does the existence of such a degree of power have? To rule the Ten Divine Regions?


"And why, you might say, the Schools Alliance exists."


As if she knew what was on their minds, Tutor Xi Chan was silent for a few breaths before slowly saying, "The Academy Alliance exists because of the aliens."


The word aliens was bitten very hard by mentor Xi Chan, and in her eyes, she even showed a kind of disgust and fear.


Li Luo's three men also felt an inexplicable chill in their hearts, and although they didn't know exactly what it was, they instinctively felt a sense of dread.


"What's that?" Finally, Li Luo spoke and asked.


"It is rumored that countless years ago, the civilization of the human race had reached its peak, and at that time, countless great powers emerged from the sky, and the human race was so strong that it was unimaginable, and because of the prosperity of the human race human, seemed to have triggered a change in the rules of heaven and earth, which in turn led to a surprising change, that is, the appearance of a reflection of our world."


"That reflection surface of the world is known as the dark world."


Li Luo was incomparably surprised, he could not imagine this scene because the human race was too strong, so strong that it had changed the rules of heaven and earth and subsequently made the world appear as a reflection surface...


It is another world?


How strong should this be? Were the inhabitants of that time lords, marquises and kings?


"In fact, the appearance of the world's reflection surface is not too big a problem, but what no one expected is that this reflection surface would be able to collect the bad thoughts of the human race, and finally, the bad thoughts , an alien species was born, which then took advantage of the power of the human race and grew rapidly."


"The Others are unknowable and untouchable, it is an extremely insidious existence that is difficult to erase and at the same time possesses an evil power that corrupts the human heart. These Others, as if they were a plague and a virus, once they appear in the world, cause great destruction, causing countless massacres and chaos."


"The aliens were born from the evil thoughts of the human race, but it led to the collapse of their glory."


"After countless years of fighting and cleansing, finally the great powers of the human race poured their efforts into severing the connection between the two worlds and isolating the pollution of the reflection world, but it was not a complete and total break, and those calls Battlefields of kings and marquises were actually the places where our world was connected to the world of reflection."


"The killing, it never stops."


"And the School Alliance exists to contain and eliminate the aliens, it only exists for the good of the human race."


"The Alliance of Schools, so to speak, was built for the longevity of the human race."


Li Luo's heart shook violently, so this was the meaning of the School Alliance's existence.


His mouth went a little dry as he said, "Do the many powerful kings and marquises enter the battlefield of kings and marquises just to drive away those aliens and prevent them from entering our world?"


Xi Chan was silent for a moment and nodded: "The cruelty of the King and Marquis' battlefield is far beyond your imagination, and as the name suggests, only those who are strong at the level of the King and Marquis are capable." to enter it and have some power to survive."


"And every time a powerful one from the Marquis Kingdom enters the Marquis Battlefield, not one in ten will ultimately be able to leave alive."


A chill ran from the soles of Li Luo's feet to the sky, and his face became much whiter; He couldn't imagine that a place like his parents had gone to was so dangerous.


"Why, should we go there?" Li Luo asked with a shudder.


"Because if the strongest of the kings and marquises do not enter the battlefield of the kings and marquises, then the aliens will enter our world, and the destruction and carnage that will be caused then will be far greater than you can imagine." ".


"Why, then, would my parents go?" Li Luo murmured.


The battlefield was so cruel that even the strongest marquis lords could not fully protect themselves, so why did Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan leave him and Jiang Qing'e together and go to such a place? Why would Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan leave him and Jiang Qing'e to go to that kind of place? Other powerful marquis lords feared him like a tiger, but did they, on the other hand, rush in?


"You are right to think that not all marquis-level powerhouses have the courage to enter the marquis battlefield because the mortality rate there is too high."


"The various forces of the human race had tried not to enter the battlefield of the kings and marquises, but in the end, they discovered that if they did not send strong kings and marquises to enter, then an outbreak of alien types would occur, or "even a frenzied invasion of the Ten Divine Regions, and the destruction and devastation that would be caused would be far beyond imagination."


"Even later, it was discovered that once the number of surviving Marquis powerhouses of the human race on the various Marquis battlefields decreased to a certain level, the alien species would also erupt, and at that time, it could only be adding a new group of marquis powerhouses to enter them, of course, mainly marquis powerhouses…” Xi Chan said in a low voice.


Li Luo's three people froze, how come this alien race was forcing the human race to keep sending the strongest of the kings and marquises to the battlefield of the kings and marquises to be used as meat. cannon, to continue consuming?


"Because the Marquis Battlefield was too dangerous, all parties finally adopted the lottery method to select the Marquis power center that would enter the Marquis Battlefield next time."


"This sign, known as the sign of life and death, is divided into black and white; the white sign is for life and the black sign is for death."


"And the black sign, which is to enter the battlefield of the kings and marquises."


Xi Chan stared at Li Luo and said, “Last time, your parents both took out black sticks, so they went to the King and Marquis battlefield.”


"It's not that they want to leave you, it's that they have to."


"Signed for life and death, no one can disobey, those who disobey..."


Xi Chan's expression became solemn.


"Within the Ten Divine Regions, there is no place to stand."

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