Chapter 137 - The Captain

Inside the pavilion, Xi Chan's remaining voice trailed off, causing a silence.


The three Li Luo were obviously in shock, after all, no one had told them before that such a cruel truth still existed in this world.


However, it is normal that news of this type will inevitably cause greater unrest and fear if it spreads uncontrollably, and orderly isolation is not necessarily a bad thing.


"The battlefield of kings and marquises is extremely special, in which every step is murderous and dangerous, but there are also many opportunities in it. According to some rough statistics, there are many more powerful people who have passed from the realm of the Marquis to king level on the battlefield of kings and marquises than outside it."


"So there is no shortage of strong marquises with truly great courage who go there on their own initiative to perfect themselves."


Xi Chan looked at Li Luo and said softly: "But no matter whether they are active or passive, those who enter the battlefield of kings and marquises deserve all our respect, thanks to their existence, we can cultivate and improve here in peace." "


"In a sense, they are heroes."


Li Luo remained silent, with a complicated expression. If there was a choice, what parent would be willing to leave their child to go to a place where life and death are unknown?


"But although the battlefield is the main passage for aliens to not enter this world, it is not absolute, as aliens also constantly open other passages, which we call the Nest Gate." Xi Chan's voice moved away from the battlefield and continued.


"The nest doors carry a certain randomness and are sometimes difficult to control. In the past, there were sudden appearances of nest doors, and the consequence of this was to cause countless deaths, and even once caused the destruction of the country, and in a radius of ten thousand miles, life was annihilated."


"This type of nest gate is actually the target that the School Alliance is closely monitoring. Once there are signs of the appearance of a nest gate, all schools in this region must send their elites to wipe it out and destroy it at the first opportunity."


"Human nations, as well as different forces, are often in dispute, even between different schools, they are also full of competition, but once faced with an alien, all forces must put aside all preconceptions and unite . strength to fight him."


Mentor Xi Chan's voice trailed off as she looked at the teenage girls who were slightly in a trance in front of her, knowing that this information had hit them hard, after all, until a few moments ago, their lives had been considered peaceful, without However, now that they were exposed to more realities of the world, they naturally needed to shoulder more pressure.


"But you don't need to think too much, the aliens are certainly a threat to the human race, but it's not your turn to worry about the little ones, when the sky falls, there are taller ones to hold it up." He gave a reassuring cry.


The three of them showed reluctant smiles, this kind of information, to digest it down, still needed a little time, but mentor Xi Chan was right, telling them about the existence of aliens, only allowed them to know more about the world, with At their current strength, they were neither capable nor qualified to worry about what the aliens would do, that was still a bit far away for them.


Li Luo also finally understood why Jiang Qing'e didn't tell him about the Battlefield of Kings and Lords, because telling him would only make him worry more about nothing.


After all, even if he was worried about Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, he couldn't barge into the King and Marquis' battlefield.


At this moment, Li Luo once again deeply felt the importance of his own strength.


After all, although foreigners were scary, they weren't as scary as the less than five years he had left to live, right?


Am I afraid of you when my life is at stake?


After thinking about it carefully, Li Luo's expression calmed down.


The atmosphere inside the pavilion was also freed from the previous depression.


Instructor Xi Chan also did not say more about the matter of the battlefield between the foreigners and the kings and marquises, but said: "In the future in the academy, they will live in the small building next door, there are three floors there, one for each one of you."


"For your daily practice, I will instruct you individually and also order some cultivation resources for you."


Li Luo's eyes lit up slightly as he raised his hand and said, "May I request Wonderful Spiritual Light Water? A sixth grade or so will do, and not much, ten sticks a month will do."


Tutor Xi Chan's eyes glared at Li Luo and he said unamusedly, "Do you think Xuan Xing Sacred Academy is a charity hall? Ten sixth grade spiritual water every month, who can afford to feed them?"


"And the five suits?" Li Luo asked, unfazed.


"Not even one! Xuanxing Sacred Academy does not provide resources like Spiritual Light Water for free!" Tutor Xi Chan said.


"But if you really have a need for Spiritual Light Water, I can help you contact the Resonance Tempering Institute over there, and there will be some production there, except that it is something you have to pay for, and at most, seeing as you are a academy student, I'll give you a 10% discount."


Do you have to pay for it?


That really doesn't smell good.


Li Luo sighed regretfully, hoping that he could prostitute himself for nothing.


"Professor, can I ask one more question?" Li Luo said.


Mentor Xi Chan glanced at him, and then looked at Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu who were sitting there honestly without saying a word, it seemed that this Li Luo was not a well-educated person.




Li Luo asked seriously: "May I ask what is the way to obtain the Emperor Stream Pulp?"


"Emperor Current Pulp?"


Tutor Xi Chan was almost stunned, and then there was a bit of laughter in her voice: "You are really not too ambitious in general, the Emperor Current Pulp is the main cultivation resource of the academy, and if you contribute to the academy, this one will use it to reward you."


"This contribution, what does it look like?" Li Luo asked curiously.


"For example, if you want to win the honor of the school... As I said before, the Xuanxing Sacred Academy is not without rivals, this Eastern Divine Region alone is already vast and extensive, and the forces are like stars, and there are several Holy Schools, you are our old rivals from the Xuanxing Holy Academy, after all, who doesn't want to become the strongest school in the Eastern Divine Region?"


"You have to know that if you become the strongest academy in the Eastern Divine Region, the academy union side will also give enormous resources to support you, and it will be the entire academy that will benefit then, so for the sake of "In this competition for the strongest academy, the various academies of the Eastern Divine Region are competing mercilessly."


"And this battle for the academy, it is not possible for the tutors or deans to kill each other, that would be too ugly, so in the end isn't it just above some competition to see what the apprentices can do?"


"If you are able to rise above these competitions by then, the academy will no doubt satisfy you with all the emperor-stream pulp you want."


Li Luo smiled, although his face was a little dark, this process was familiar to him, didn't the South Wind Academy care much about the golden sign of the number one academy of Tian Shu County? I didn't expect that the Xuanxing Sacred Academy would also be so superficial!


The most important thing was that he was only a student from the One Star Academy, so how could he be qualified to help the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy compete, that was obviously something that the Four Star Academy or Jiang Qing'e and the others could only afford to intervene ah.


"And apart from these academy competitions, if you manage to reach five thousand academy points, you can also exchange them for one emperor current pulp." At this time, tutor Xi Chan added again.


“School points? Five thousand points?" The three of them, Li Luo, looked curious.


"There is nothing strange, the so-called academy points are earned from some of your performances or tasks within the academy, such as the monthly exams of each faculty every month, or the tasks issued by the academy, which also have amounts point variables, points exist to motivate students to cultivate, this is a very common and effective initiative."


"It can be exchanged for many special cultivation items that are only available in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and even for high-grade energy channeling techniques." Tutor Xi Chan warned.


"A monthly exam?" Li Luo felt a little helpless, these academy points seemed to be very difficult to obtain.


I'm wondering if I can buy someone else's points to raise the gold.


After all, he was at least the young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, so he had some family money.


But tutor Xi Chan seemed to know what was on his mind and said with a slight smile: "Points can only be earned by oneself and cannot be traded, and the academy also severely combats this kind of behavior, so please, "Behave and don't break the academy rules."


Li Luo felt ashamed in his heart, but his face did not show the slightest, turning his head towards Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu and saying in a deep voice: "You must remember our mentor's teachings and not discredit our group."


Bai Mengmeng blinked her big watery eyes in bewilderment, while Xin Fu gave her a silent glance and continued in a state of boredom.


"Also, the three of you are now considered a group, and in the future, if there is a mission, you will most likely travel together, so you'd better choose a captain outside, lest there be no one to sponsor when it comes up." a dispute." Mentor Xi Chan also ignored Li Luo, but continued to say.




Li Luo smiled and shook his head violently in his heart, this being the captain has no rights, he still has to think for the players, when the pot lid really falls down, he is the first to be pressured.


Unlucky children are the only ones who are such boring captains.


So Li Luo was directly in sight as he waited for whoever of the other two made the slightest noise to come out of hiding.


That Xin Fu moved...


And at this moment, Li Luo felt a movement from Xin Fu next to him, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.


On the side, Xin Fu raised his hand, and from under his black hood, a weak voice came out as if he hadn't eaten: "I... I abstain."


Bai Mengmeng also bowed her head and said softly, "I also abstain."


Tutor Xi Chan nodded, her eyes looked at Li Luo, and she clapped her hands: "You both resign, so Li Luo is the captain."


The smile at the corner of Li Luo's mouth froze and he cursed angrily inwardly.


Fucking sloppy, this time dude, it's just sloppy to the core.


I continue with the doubt and you abstain?


What's the point of playing?

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