Chapter 140 – The First Conference

Tutor Xi Chan closed her eyes and carefully perceived Li Luo's insides, while Li Luo also carefully looked at her cheeks, which were covered by a black veil.




Suddenly, tutor Xi Chan let out a light snort.


Li Luo's heart jumped, but then he heard tutor Xi Chan say, "You are a water and wood resonance, right? The water resonance feels like it is sixth grade, but this purity, it is a little strange, it is simply comparable to the upper seventh grade water resonance..."


"Wood Resonance is much weaker, only a fourth degree, but it has the same inexplicable feeling of purity."


Xi Chan, on the other hand, looked at Li Luo and said with some doubts: "Have you picked up any special heavenly treasure? Its resonance power, the quality is quite high."


"Probably". Li Luo scratched his head and returned vaguely.


Although Tutor Xi Chan was a little taken aback, she didn't care too much, Li Luo was at least the young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, his father and mother were powerful from the Marquis Kingdom, so it wasn't too unexpected to leave him some heavenly treasures. to improve the purity of its resonance power.


"Li Luo, although your second resonance rank is not too high, you possess a double resonance, and this is your greatest advantage, because this kind of power is normally something that only begins to be touched when one reaches the Marquis realm." ".


"Although it is impossible for you to truly master the full power of dual resonance even now, even if it is just a little bit of skin, it is still enough for you to enjoy an exclusive advantage before reaching the Marquis realm."


Tutor Xi Chan said: "Direct your own two-resonance powerhouses."


When Li Luo heard this, he moved his mind and watched the power of water and wood resonances rise on the surface of his body, the blue and turquoise echoing each other magnificently.


Not far away, Bai Mengmeng and


"Their resonance power can only be said to have two types, it cannot be said to be a dual resonance power... Because they can't even be simply fused together."


Instructor Xi Chan shook her head and said, "A true dual resonance power is one in which the two are completely fused, where a single resonance power possesses two characteristics that are born from each other, and the power that it explodes is far from normal resonance powers."


"In your current state, if you were to perform the Water Resonance Technique, then you would only be able to operate the Water Resonance Force, and if you were to perform the Wood Resonance Technique, you would have to switch to the "Wooden Resonance Force... It's too cumbersome and complicated, and when you get into a fight with someone, it's easy for them to catch you off guard."


The two resonance powers in his body were different, they could do without each other, but he was unable to make them fuse.


In the end, he is still not competent.


"Do you want to see the true power of Dual resonance?" Tutor Xi Chan seemed to smile.


Li Luo's eyes lit up and he nodded.


With a wave of his palm, the next moment, a powerful torrent of resonance power gushed out from his body, and the sound of water flowed throughout the training room.


Then, Li Luo saw the power of water resonance converge in front of Tutor Xi Chan's body, and immediately afterwards, it formed a blue water tiger several meters tall.


The water tiger, blue in color and glowing jade, gave off an astonishingly ferocious power and, as soon as it appeared, it let out a deafening roar.


Li Luo trembled in front of him, as his heart shook as he realized that that blue water tiger, with its emanation of pressure, was like a living creature.


"My first resonance, as you may have seen, is a water resonance."


"So you know what my second MRI is?" mentor Xi Chan asked.


Li Luo was stunned as he looked at the blue water tiger in front of him, his heart suddenly stirred, and he asked timidly, “Is it a Ten Thousand Beast Resonance?”


Tutor Xi Chan nodded her head slightly and said, "That's right, my second resonance is a ten thousand beast resonance, the top seventh grade jade fat tiger resonance."


Li Luo froze and took a cautious look at tutor Xi Chan, no wonder this tutor seemed kind and calm, but she always made people not dare to mess with her, so this second resonance... It was a tigress


As for the meaning in Li Luo's eyes, tutor Xi Chan did not understand, so she continued: "This blue jade tiger is made with the power of my dual resonances, it possesses the longevity of water resonance and fury and ferocity of jade fat tiger resonance..."


"His fighting power is so strong that an ordinary heavenly general rank is afraid that he will not be able to withstand a slap from him."


Li Luo's eyes were filled with longing, was this the double resonance power of a Marquis? In his eyes, a strong person of the Heavenly General rank was already equivalent to a high-level expert, but when he stood here, he was easily slapped by this blue water tiger in front of him, which couldn't help but appreciate him even more. profoundly how terrifying the strength of a Marquis was.


And these two different powers in his body are at best dual resonance powers, which are actually nothing like the power of dual resonance.


However, Li Luo did not feel frustrated, because although the power of dual resonance was difficult to cultivate, he was at least on his way, while others, until they touched the seal realm, were not even qualified to be. on their way.


So the stronger this double resonance power is at this moment, the more he rejoices.


"Dual Resonance Power cultivation is also divided into three realms, the first realm of small fusion, the second realm of unity, and the third realm of becoming a spirit... Generally, if you break through the realm of “Marquis, you will naturally reach the third realm directly without too much cultivation… Of course, this is the strongest in the Marquis Realm, so you shouldn’t think about crossing the three realms in one step.”


resonance power will allow you to fight in the Resonance Master realm like a fish in water."


"During the next period of time, I will use an external force every day to forcibly mix your two resonance powers, and you will have to gradually perceive the characteristics of the two powers and then try to bring them into contact."


"The Power of Dual Resonance, you shouldn't expect to get it overnight, after all, you are not a true Marquis realm, so you can only go step by step." Instructor Xi Chan admonished.


Li Luo hurriedly nodded in response and said gratefully, “Thank you, master.”


Only a true person of marquis power could give him guidance and experience in cultivating this double resonance power; If he was left to figure it out on his own, there was no telling how much unnecessary energy and time would be wasted.


"Also, you are learning the Resonance Tempering Technique, right?" Tutor Xi Chan asked.


"I have also touched the tempering technique, I am barely a seventh grade tempering master, and I have a position in the Resonance Tempering Institute... In the future, if there is something you don't understand above the tempering technique tempering resonance, you can also look for me." He said nonchalantly.


Li Luo blinked, he really wanted to ask sincerely at this time: “Mentor, are there any missing thigh pendants?”


A seventh grade tempering Resonance Master, who is considered to be at the top level of the entire Great Xia Kingdom.


In the Great Xia Kingdom, if a Spiritual Light Water House wants to sneak into the top ten and does not have a seventh grade tempering master sitting on its own, the others are going to question its authority and qualifications.


He could also instruct you in cultivation, and he could also instruct you in the art of tempering... This is not a tutor, it is simply an angel!


It was at that moment that he realized how much energy could be saved by searching for a Purple Glory tutor.


Tutor Xi Chan returned to tutor Li Luo for some time, then it was time to switch to Xin Fu and Bai Meng Meng, and before we knew it, most of the day had passed.


"That's all for today, future conferences will basically be in this pattern, I'm not too picky on you, but at Xuanxing Sacred Academy, there will be a ranking battle at the end of every month, the ranking battle is in the form of squads." , not individuals, and squads that achieve results in the ranking battle are able to earn academy points, this is considered one of the few channels for freshmen like you to earn academy points."


"Also, if the Purple Glory squad is surpassed by the Golden Glory squad three times in a row, then in the squad, the one with the least strength can be eliminated. Of course, if you have some specialties, you can apply to avoid it, as a researcher of the Spiritual Light Water formula like Meng Meng…” Mentor Xi Chan’s clear eyes looked at the Li Luo trio and said.


The three men looked stunned at the words and nodded vigorously.


It seems that even after becoming a Purple Glory cadet, there is no room for relaxation.


After enjoying the benefits that the Purple Glory Mentor brings, no one is willing to descend further, something Li Luo now knows very well.


However, it would be a little difficult to get him into the low 30s.


It's just that when you put it like that... That guy Yu Long, he's a little dangerous. Li Luo frowned, a hint of worry in his expression. Let's hope this wanker can improve his game...

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