Chapter 145 - The first time in a tree

Clang! Clang!


The sound of the bell echoed through the heavens and the earth, as if carrying an ancient rhythm, and wherever the bell spread, the minds of all the students began to calm down.


And then there seemed to be a sound of wind in heaven and earth, the wind blew, the resonance force trees swayed slightly, and then everyone felt that the energy of heaven and earth became a little boiling in this moment. moment.


On a leafy platform, the energy of heaven and earth converged rapidly, as if forming a vortex of energy, large and small.


In the middle of the vortex is one of the cadets.


Everyone, at that moment, was immersed in cultivation.


And on a wooden platform in the rookie area, clouded by mist, five figures sat silently, chatting or silent, the five Purple Glory guardians of the rookies.


Shen Jinxiao is sitting at a low table, holding a teapot and pouring several cups, his gaze penetrates the faint fog and looks at a table of purple jade leaves somewhere.


"Tutor Xi Chan, this double resonance of Li Luo, are you still satisfied with the teaching?" Suddenly, he smiled and his gaze fell on the tutor Xi Chan, covered in a black veil and with a delicate body, not far away.


However, in response to her words, Xi Chan's mentor's eyes did not move, as if she had not heard them, clearly not wanting to pay attention.


Shen Jinxiao didn't care, he just said to himself: "Li Luo's second resonance is not of a high grade, at most, it is only around the fourth or fifth grade... If he is not able to master the power of "Double resonance, it will only make your resonance power slightly stronger. If you really want to fight, your low-grade double resonance may not be as good as a lower eighth-grade single resonance."


"Dogs hunting rats and minding their own business, Shen Jinxiao, don't leave good people alone." Mentor Xi Chan said indifferently.




The tutor, Cao Sheng, who had been drinking from his wine jug, snorted with laughter and then hurriedly covered his mouth, looking at the stream of wine in distress.


Shen Jinxiao smiled and said, "I'm just thinking about tutor Xi Chan, after all, you are a little younger and haven't taught any heavyweight students in the past few years, and in another year or two, maybe "The Academy Alliance's 'Heavenly Mirror Tower' opens again. I'm afraid I will have to miss this opportunity again."


Instructor Xi Chan grimaced and said, “Unfortunately, if you, Shen Jinxiao, were able to keep this student, Jiang Qing’e, there would definitely be a place for you in this Heavenly Mirror Tower.”


Shen Jinxiao's eyes narrowed vaguely for a moment, and the heaven and earth energy around him stirred a little.


And Mentor Xi Chan's eyes also had an icy look, and the atmosphere instantly froze.




Mentor Mi coughed lightly to break the icy atmosphere and laughed, “Who do you think will unleash the brightest Resonance Sun when these new students climb the Resonance Power Tree for the first time to cultivate?”


A thin and slender looking purple glory tutor smiled and said: "It's no surprise, it will be Qin Qiglu, this person carries the upper eighth grade resonance and is simple-minded and warrior-like, his future is limitless."


It was none other than the fifth tutor of the Purple Glory, named Chu Zi.


"Wang Hetou, Bai Doudou, Duze Beixuan, Yi Zhongsha and the others also carry the lower eighth grade resonances, and if they are lucky, they will also be able to compete with Qin Qinglu for glory." Instructor Cao Sheng put down his wine jar and laughed.


"But the triggering of the sun resonance does not depend entirely on the character range of the resonance, but also on the inner belief... It is a submission and self-confidence, and the importance of cultivation in the heart is not necessarily inferior to the character range of resonance."


"After all, among the Golden Luster, Silver Luster apprentices we have seen in the past, there have been people who have activated the sun resonance, and their brilliance has surpassed even some of the Purple Luster apprentices."


"This is what comes with your own conviction."


The other Purple Glory tutors nodded to his words, as they were strong marquises, they naturally understood this, only that speaking of belief was about the heart, and these teenagers, might not be able to appreciate the benefits that belief could bring. .


As they spoke, a strange resonance power fluctuation suddenly emerged in the area, and the expressions of the five Purple Radiance instructors twitched as they looked, and they saw a strange light merging into a platform of purple jade leaves, which then it began to spread.


"Have you shot so soon?"


The five instructors were slightly surprised when their eyes passed through the Resonance Sun and saw the dark-skinned figure sitting between them, none other than Qin Qiglu.


A ray of sunshine flowed out of Qin Qinglu's body, but it was exceptionally bright and radiant.


"Not bad, the strength of this solar resonance is already considered to be of a degree rarely seen in the past two years." Several of the Purple Radiance instructors nodded in gratitude for the sun resonance unleashed by Qin Binglu.


However, they were not at all surprised that Qin Binglu unleashed the sun resonance, after all, with his resonance range and that special heart nature, he was indeed going to surpass the other apprentices.


Shortly after Qin Qinglu activated the Resonance Sun, he seemed to have attracted the attention of other high-level students, and a Resonance Sun began to bloom one after another.


These trainees, without exception, are the best in the first-year class.


It was a wonderfully splendid time, with many sunsets interspersed.




While many Sun Resonances bloomed in the outside world, Li Luo immersed his mind in the two resonance palaces within his body. At this moment, there was a large amount of heaven and earth energy pouring into her body, and after being guided by the energy guidance technique, it finally transformed into two pure resonance powers that fell into the two palaces of resonance.


And in the resonance palaces, the seeds of resonance power emanated hunger and thirst, swallowing all the resonance power that entered.


Li Luo could clearly see that the two resonance energy seeds were beginning to show small traces of resonance energy like specks.


And the size of the resonance power seed is getting bigger.


Feeling the changes in the two resonance power seeds, Li Luo's heart also became happy, this Xuan Xing Sacred Academy's resonance power tree was truly extraordinary, this first cultivation was more effective than he could imagine.


As more and more energy from heaven and earth came in, the energy seeds of two resonances, at this point, began to emit a subtle vibration.


At this moment, Li Luo felt some vague and strange fluctuations in the energy of the outside world, and immediately his heart stirred slightly, and then he smiled softly.


He understood that this was a resonance between his own resonance power seed and the energy of the outside world.


That so-called Resonance Sun came, as expected.







On a certain platform of alabaster leaves.


Yu Lang closed his eyes tightly, absorbing and refining the heaven and earth energy that kept coming from all around him, but as time passed, he was going to discover that although the cultivation effect was quite good, there was no sign of the Sun of Resonance appearing.


Obviously, it is still relatively low in this grade six resonance.


This result made Yu Lang feel a little helpless and anxious, but he soon exhaled lightly and quickly calmed his mind.


"It's just a matter of getting the hang of it."


He muttered a word to himself and then let out a thunderous shout in his mind: "I am Yu Long, I have the eighth grade resonance, I will become the fastest man in the world!"


"I am Yu Long, I have the eighth grade resonance, and I will be the fastest man in the world!"





A roar of rage ran through Yu Long's mind.


In the echo of that roar, Yu Lang's expression, surprisingly, began to gradually become solemn.


And if anyone who knew what was going on in Yu Long's mind would have been surprised to discover that this guy was, in fact, practicing some kind of hypnosis.


Only his hypnosis is not directed at others, but at himself...


They hypnotized him over and over again into believing that he really had the eighth grade resonance and that he would be the fastest man in the world.


Generally speaking, this kind of hypnosis is too unrealistic, but on the contrary, it seems that Yu Long himself believes in it!


At this moment, it was as if he had an eighth grade resonance.


Thus, in the next instant, the energy of heaven and earth fluctuated on the purple jade leaf platform he stood on, and then there was a pronounced burst of Sun Resonance !

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