Chapter 146 – Li Luo's Staying Power

On the high platform, the five Purple Glory instructors looked at the intertwined Sun Resonances, but they were not too surprised, after all, they were used to this scene.


According to annual statistics, the majority of new students who come to the tree and are able to trigger the Sun Resonance are only about 20 or 30 people.


After all, those who can become Purple Radiance students are required to have extremely good conditions, along with the special Purple Jade Leaf Terrace, so it is relatively rare to see Purple Radiance students who cannot activate the Sun. of Resonance.


Shen Jinxiao poured himself a drink and his indifferent gaze focused on the place where Li Luo was.


So far, there was no appearance of Sun Resonance there from Li Luo, but Shen Jinxiao really didn't feel that he couldn't trigger it, after all, Li Luo's own condition that was undeniable, even if his double resonance rank didn't. It was high, but the double resonance was the double resonance after all, their combination would not be lower than the eighth grade.


So what Shen Jinxiao wanted to focus on was not whether Li Luo could trigger Sun Resonance, but how intensely he could do it…


However, before Li Luo's Resonance Sun could appear, the tutor at the side of the room suddenly let out a frightened voice, and when the other tutors followed his gaze, they saw a bright Resonance Sun coming out of the room. purple jade leaf stage where Yu Lang was.


The strength of that light was not surprisingly weaker than that of Duze Beixuan, Bai Doudou and the others.


"This Yu Lang, I remember that he must only be a sixth grade wind resonance, right? Originally, I thought that he would be the only one among the Purple Radiance students this time who couldn't trigger the Sun Resonance, but I didn't expect it to be able to do it." Instructor Chu Zi laughed.


Cao Sheng put the wine jar on the ground and stared at where Yu Lang was for a moment, saying, “This boy's Solar Resonance is bright with a slight hint of lethargy, which means that it is not triggered by its own. range of resonance, but by a wave of faith."


"He has average talent, but this heart is not bad."


The other tutors also smiled and nodded, this Yu Lang's own condition was considered the worst among this group of Purple Glory students, so if he wanted to catch up with the other Purple Glory students, then he would have to put in more sweat and effort, and if he wanted to maintain this effort, then he would need undying faith.


If even he thinks he can't do it, then there is no chance of doing it.


On the contrary, if you can develop an obsession, sometimes some impossibilities also become possible.


Resonance nature rank will only make the cultivation of one's resonance power a little easier and one's potential a little deeper, but ultimately what determines how far one can go is one's own belief, which also it is essential.


And while several of the instructors' eyes were drawn to Yu Lang's place, Xi Chan's eyes suddenly moved and looked towards where Li Luo was.


At that moment, the energy of heaven and earth began to stir there, and then, with Li Luo's body as the source, a vortex of energy swirled sharply, while at the same time, the light of the Resonance Sun came out. .


The first was a blue Resonance Sun light, which rippled over the surface of Li Luo's body like a wave of water.


After the blue light, a turquoise color emerged that transformed into another ray of sunlight.


"This Li Luo, he is really two Resonance Suns." Instructor Cao Sheng came back to his senses, and with a sweep of his gaze, he laughed with some amazement, "This is a rare sight."


"Although these are two resonances of sunlight, this radiance is still dwarfed by Qin Binglu, not to mention the comparison with Jiang Qing'e back then." Shen Jinxiao said in a light voice.


Cao Sheng and the others also nodded in agreement. In fact, in terms of the brightness of the Resonance Sun, these two Li Luo Resonance Suns seemed to be somewhat lukewarm, and were far inferior to Jiang Qing'e's radiant Resonance Sun back then.


But it was normal, Jiang Qing'e's Ninth Grade Brilliant Resonance was so dominant that no student in the last hundred years of this Xuanxing Sacred Academy had been able to surpass it.


Although Li Luo is a double resonance, his rank is still slightly lower. If his two double resonances can reach the eighth grade, then he should be able to rival Jiang Qing'e.


Mentor Xi Chan didn't say anything, in fact she didn't expect that Li Luo would be able to compete with Jiang Qing'e, right now she was able to get such a good result, Shen Jinxiao was just deliberately asking for trouble, and she didn't need to pay him too much attention. attention.


Shen Jinxiao did not continue to focus his attention on Li Luo after checking that his Xiangxi was not too impressive, after all, he just wanted to make sure that although Li Luo possessed dual resonances, but really, he was at most similar to the lower eighth grade like Duze. Beixuan and the others, although it was considered to have good potential, but in the end, it could make Shen Jinxiao's heart feel better.


In the new students' area of the Resonance Power Tree, as many students began their training, one or two rays of Resonance Sun bloomed from time to time on the side of the Golden Glory students, but the light from those rays It was still much lower than that of the Purple Glory students.


It is clear that the type of cadets who can catch up across the gap between their talents are, after all, a very small minority.


Those students who had activated the Sun of Resonance, on the other hand, cultivated with their eyes closed amidst many envious glances, enjoying the heavenly and earthly energies that swarmed in them as if it were irrigation, inducing a rapid increase in power. resonance in their bodies.


The appearance of these Sun Resonances lasted about ten minutes or so.


This is the normal duration of the Resonance Sun, and there is nothing better than the twenty minutes that Jiang Qing'e had at the beginning.


Bai Doudou opened his eyes in the middle of his cultivation, and his face had a joyful expression. This time, the Resonance Sun had strengthened its resonance power so much that it was worth a month of hard work.


His gaze, which suddenly moved towards where Yu Lang was, was then surprised to see the sunlight resonance gradually dissipating from Yu Lang's body.


"This guy... Surprisingly, he also activated Sol Resonance?" She knew something about Yu Lang's Sixth Grade Wind Resonance, this type of talent was considered at the bottom among Purple Radiance apprentices, originally Bai Doudou thought that this time Yu Lang might even have difficulty triggering the Sol resonance. , but apparently, she had underestimated Yu Lang a bit.


“I didn't seem to think so badly.” She grimaced, muttering to herself.


As for Yu Lang, he also opened his eyes in a daze at this moment, feeling his body and his eyes widened, "Damn, did I reach the tenth seal?"


This time, it was surprising that the Resonance Sun directly allowed him to reach the Ten Seal realm, and after that, with some more accumulation, he could impact the Resonance Master realm!


This result made Yu Lang feel ecstatic, as he sighed that success was truly reserved for those who were prepared, although he did not know exactly what he had prepared for.


At that moment the Sun of Resonance began to dissipate more and more, until finally there was a Sun of Resonance blooming with a tenacious brilliance.


The crowd looked and saw that the person in that Sun of Resonance was none other than Li Luo.


But people didn't care too much, it had to end soon.


So he waited, and another eight minutes passed, but the sunlight resonance emanating from Li Luo's body still showed no signs of dissipating.


On the high platform, the five Purple Glory instructors also felt some surprise.


"Is it eighteen minutes? Above persistence, is it even close to catching up with Jiang Qing'e?" Instructor Cao Sheng said in amazement.


Shen Jinxiao's face changed slightly, while Tutor Xi Chan's eyes, on the other hand, suddenly became brighter, staring at the figure in the middle of the Resonance Sun.


The other instructors looked at each other, this Li Luo Resonance Sun, although the light was not strong, this staying power… It seemed a little surprising.

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