Chapter 148 - Annoying Wang Hetou, Lu Qing'er is really upset now.

Because these days, this Wang Hetou is not the first time to bother her, this guy whenever he has time, he is using all means to approach her and meet her by chance.


It's really boring to the extreme.


And this time too.


She finished her training here, but she didn't leave immediately because she wanted to wait for Li Luo to join her, who knew that this Wang Hetou was still bewitched and all of this was going to haunt her.


"Classmate Qing'er, we don't meet each other without a fight. Previously in the division selection tournament, I hit too hard, and I couldn't sleep at night afterwards because of it, that's why I've been looking for you repeatedly, just to apologize to you."


On the side, Wang Hetou's apologetic voice came with a smile on his face as he looked at the young woman in front of him, her body long, flexible and delicate, her slender waist, her eyebrows like emerald feathers, her muscles like Snow white, her legs wrapped in bright white stockings under the short skirt, straight and round, especially her hands wrapped in ice silk gloves, even under the coverage of the gloves, still gave a feeling of perfection.


You can't help but feel your heart pounding.


Lu Qing'er said coldly, "An apology is not necessary, in the selection of a master race, it was supposed to be a rivalry, you did nothing wrong, so please don't use this reason to come to me."


Wang Hetou laughed somewhat helplessly: "Why is it necessary, Classmate Qing'er, I have no other intention, I just want to meet you, please believe my sincerity."


Lu Qing'er was too lazy to continue talking to him, and directly raised her feet and pretended to leave first.


Wang Hetou's arm holding the jasper fan was raised, smiling as he tried to stop Lu Qing'er for a moment.


However, the moment he raised his hand, several subtle wind breaking sounds were suddenly heard, and Wang Hetou's eyes narrowed as his fan swept across the surface, and the turquoise resonance power seemed to whistle as if it were would have turned into a fierce wind.




As the turquoise wind passed by, several water vectors dissolved and turned into water droplets that fell to the ground.


"This student, his character is very questionable, chasing a girl, if relying on stalking alone is useful, then there is still a bachelor under the sky?" A mocking laugh also came from the side at this moment.


Hearing this familiar voice, Lu Qing'er's eyes lit up and her gaze locked, before she saw Li Luo's figure slip through the crowd and approach with a smile on her face.


Wang Hetou looked at the steep glow on Lu Qing'er's pretty face and frowned slightly as he tilted his head to look at Li Luo and said, "You are Li Luo?"


"Even if you think I may be a little pretentious, I don't think you'll find another face that pretty among the first years." Li Luo pondered.


The corners of Wang Hetou's eyes twitched slightly, and although he knew that the other party was deliberately trying to drag him into a fit of anger, he couldn't help but feel a little tempted to act upon such blatant words.


But in the end he forced himself to restrain himself and said indifferently: "Li Luo, don't look for trouble for nothing, I don't hold any grudges against you, why do you have to come to provoke me?"


Li Luo stepped forward and stood in front of Lu Qing'er, staring at Wang Hetou while laughing somewhat helplessly. "While I revere being kind to others, we already had a bit of a grudge when you hurt her at the Master Selection Tournament."


It was because of her that Lu Qing'er went to stop Wang Hetou, and Wang Hetou had injured her, so this grudge, if Li Luo was still a man, was bound to continue.


However, in the Master Selection Tournament, everyone had their own purpose, Wang Hetou would go against him to get the Purple Radiance Rune Mark, which was actually considered a human condition, and Li Luo would not pursue anything too much. on this, but coming to bother Lu Qing'er after the Master Selection Tournament was a bit much.


Behind Li Luo, Lu Qing'er's eyes were watery as she looked at his back.


This sudden confrontation between Li Luo and Wang Hetou also instantly became a hot spot in this area, and many eyes were being cast, after all, Li Luo, who had just broken the Holy Xuan Academy's Resonance Sun record Xing with his staying power, he still had residual heat at this moment.


Furthermore, Wang Hetou is not an unknown, he is second in strength among the rookies, after Qin Qiglu.


These two together are simply a joy to watch.


Wang Hetou looked at Li Luo with flat eyes and said, “And what can you do about it?”


Li Luo smiled: "I hope you don't bother my friend, this kind of harassment is not only ineffective, but disgusting."


Wang Hetou smiled and said, "I have my own way of doing things, Li Luo, are you qualified to teach me?"


"Disobedient little poisonous bird." Li Luo smiled.


Wang Hetou's face sank: "What a curse!"


"Is it a bitch that they ignore you when they speak well to you, but that they scold you?" Li Luo said.


If you want to play with words, why don't you ask me when the Young Master of the Luo Lan Manor has ever conceded defeat?


Wang Hetou's eyes were cold, and the jasper folding fan in his hand abruptly transformed into a green light, stabbing directly at Li Luo's face, its green resonance power surging, emitting a faint fish aura.


Li Luo's body was also filled with resonance power, and his fingers curled as the resonance power worked, colliding forcefully with the jasper folding fan.




An impact of resonance force occurred and Li Luo's body shook slightly, as the folding fan in Wang Hetou's hand was unfolded by him, dissolving the incoming resonance force.


"Oh? Flower Seed Kingdom now?" Wang Hetou looked at Li Luo with a strange look, the previous contact, the strength of his resonance power displayed by Li Luo, was clearly at the level of the Flower Seed Realm.


"It seems that this time, the Resonance Sun has given you a considerable advantage."


Wang Hetou turned pale and said, "But do you think you are the only one who has benefited?"


In the next instant, a majestic resonance force erupted from his body, and the strength of that resonance force caused the faces of many people watching the spectacle around them to change slightly.


"This resonance force..."


“Wang Hetou has actually reached the second stage of the Resonance Master realm, the Birth Pattern stage, too!”


"No wonder, he was at the Nether Heavy Flower Seed realm before and was a hair's breadth away from breaking through, it's normal for him to trigger the sol resonance earlier and take the opportunity to break through."


"Impressive, nothing less than number two in the ranking."




Wang Hetou revealed his resonance power and said in a light voice to Li Luo: "Also, to teach you a good lesson, don't use your body to touch easily when fighting with poisonous resonance."


He pointed at Li Luo's finger, only to see that there was actually a green light emerging there, which was the poisonous gas devouring Li Luo's body.


Li Luo raised his finger and looked at the poisonous gas on his fingertips, his eyes were also a little surprised, this poisonous resonance was really special, the slightest contact would become infected.


But he was not scared by it, he simply calmly used his wood resonance power and saw another resonance power appear at his fingertips like a green wave colliding with the poisonous gas.


When the two collide, a faint fishy smell arises and the poisonous gas dissolves and is eliminated.


The power of wood resonance already has some detoxifying effects.


With a smile on his face, Li Luo commented, "This point of toxicity can't even kill a chicken."


"Tough to crack!"


Wang Hetou's eyes were slightly cold and he was about to strike when a voice suddenly rang out, as a figure walked out from the crowd: "Wang Hetou, I have told you that I will take care of this Li Luo."


When Li Luo looked, that person was none other than Duze Beixuan, and at this moment, Duze Beixuan's eyes were cold as he locked him in place.


When Lu Qing'er saw this, her eyebrows shot up, was the other side trying to beat the lesser with more?


He took a step forward and was about to stand next to Li Luo, but just as his figure moved, a resonance power fluctuation suddenly emerged under his feet, and a flower vine suddenly appeared and entangled around him. his feet.


A chill ran through Lu Qing'er's body and she tilted her head to see a young woman with braided hair smiling at her not far away.


The young woman appears to be called Qi Luozi, a member of Wang Hetou's team, Duze Beixuan.


Duze Beixuan's gaze locked onto Li Luo with icy coldness as he said, "Li Luo, I was careless in the Master Selection Tournament, let's do it again this time!"


With a movement of his figure, he was about to violently shoot towards Li Luo.


But at this moment, in the shadows on the side, there was a sudden dark resonance force that came like a sharp vector, stabbing directly at Duze Beixuan's waist and abdomen.


The sudden attack caused Duze Beixuan's face to sink as he launched a fist, the force of the rolling resonance seeming to cause an ear-splitting wind breaking sound as he crushed the shadow-black frontal vector with a single punch.


At the same time, he looked and saw that there, among the shadows, a figure wrapped in a black robe and a hood had appeared at some point.


"Xin Fu?" Duze Beixuan's eyes were slightly cold.


At the same time, a bit of fluorescence suddenly fell from above Lu Qing'er's head, and that fluorescence landed on the flower vine at her feet, which was immediately stimulated in some way and began to fade rapidly. .


Lu Qing'er's eyes looked towards the edge of the crowd, only to see a petite young woman with an extremely pure and sweet face smiling at her with a friendly and somewhat shy smile.


That's right, Bai Meng Meng.

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