Chapter 151 – Training

From this spirit-filled laughter from tutor Xi Chan, Li Luo understood that there was not the slightest hope for his idea of obtaining credit.


But, it has a lot of school points.


His 5,000 point Emperor Current Pulp was still waiting for him, and now there was another 3,000 point “Twelve Duan Jin”, a 300 point energy liquid…


"Master, you said it as if you hadn't." Li Luo said weakly.


"At least it gives you a purpose."


Tutor Xi Chan smiled and said, "And if you have the academy points, isn't there a ranking battle at the end of the month? If you get a good result, you will naturally have the first wave of points."


When Li Luo smiled, he asked excitedly, "How many points can I get in the ranking battle?"


Tutor Xi Chan at the same time also looked at Xin Fu and Bai Meng Meng on the other side, and said: "The academy's monthly examination test is different from the previous competitions you have experienced, as it is a squad system, Which means that all three of you have to do a good job of uniting and familiarizing yourself with each other's strengths and styles, only then will you be able to take full advantage of the strength of your squad."


"And in ranking battles, points are awarded for defeated teams. Generally, defeating a Purple Glory team will earn each person on the team five hundred points, defeating a Golden Glory team will earn one hundred points, and defeating a Silver Glory team will earn you twenty points."


Li Luo swallowed hard, how come he suddenly felt like going to kill and bloodbath the new students?


No, moderation is still necessary. At the very least, Zhao Gao and the others still need to be forgiven.


Qing'er definitely had to be saved too, but her team had that pervert Qin Qiglu, so it was not safe for her to be saved.


The villain team simply couldn't be saved... That's right, Li Luo called Shen Jinxiao's team the villain team, because what they did deserved that title.


But then, how come this battle for qualification was in the form of a small team? Li Luo had never tried the tacit teaming mode with his teammates since he had cultivated until now. Li Luo had worked with Yu Long and Zhao Gao during the Tian Shu County Grand Examination, but that was far from a teammate with a passable tacit understanding.


This small team system will undoubtedly add many variables.


"All future academy competitions will have a squad system, so this process is necessary so that you get used to your teammates beforehand, but of course the most important thing is..."


Xi Chan seemed to know the doubts in Li Luo's mind, and his voice paused before calmly saying: "If we have to face the aliens in the future, the combined strength of a small team will be a better guarantee of life." than one person."


Li Luo's heart stirred, the aliens... Although they had not come into contact with them, since they had arrived at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, they already understood how dangerous this kind of existence really was, and that they would inevitably encounter her in her future.


"As for the battle for the monthly exam ranking, I don't have too much demand, because if they are obsessed with the academy points, they will naturally fight for them, and the academy points will allow them to exchange them for more cultivation resources, for "So your cultivation will always be one step ahead of other students, so you can judge for yourself whether the ranking battle is important or not." Tutor Xi Chan said indifferently.


Li Luo licked his lips, his eyes alight, because of the three of them, if they were said to have an obsession with academy points, he was undoubtedly the strongest.


Because if he were one step slower in his cultivation, Xin Fu and Bai Mengmeng might still be able to accept it, after all, there wasn't much oppression, but he was different, he only had less than five years to live, and that was a knife hanging above his head, so don't look at the usual Li Luo with a relaxed and relaxed look, but no one could know how urgent it was deep down.


"Whether the academy points are important or not is another matter, but we are your students, if the results are too poor by then, your face will be disgraced, and you have said before that you have some grudges with tutor Shen Jinxiao, So as his students, I feel like we have this need and obligation to help him get a bite out of it!" Li Luo said with great righteousness.


"And anyone who doesn't work towards that goal is looking down on you, mentor!"


Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu were a little confused and looked at Li Luo with bewildered eyes, how could they feel that suddenly, a huge pot had fallen on their heads?


Are we represented?


However, Li Luo had a valid point to make. Wouldn't objecting at this time be slapping mentor Xi Chan in the face?


So the two men were silent for several breaths, both nodding nervously at their positions.


Seeing this, Li Luo sighed: "What a good student of the tutor, it's not in vain that the tutor has worked so hard."


At the same time a big sigh of relief in his heart, because he knows how much his two teammates actually lost, before this captain position was directly abandoned, so Li Luo really worried that in that battle of ranking, they also continue to maintain this status, then he alone to deal with the villain team, can really only give points to the other party.


Bai Meng Meng and


Mentor Xi Chan gave Li Luo a somewhat unpleasant look, how could she not know what was in the other party's mind, but she did not reveal it, after all, it was not bad to be able to mobilize Bai Meng Meng's motivation. and Xin Fu.


"During this next period, to improve understanding and familiarity between your squads, I will begin a special training session for you."


As Tutor Xi Chan's hand was raised, a majestic resonance power gradually flowed and converged around her, finally transforming into a blue light tiger about three meters in size.


The light tiger roars vividly, as if it were a living creature, while strong resonance power fluctuations and ferocious power emanate from it.


"Three hours of training a day."


"Get out, then eat."


The black veil on Xi Chan's face moved slightly, and there was a slight hint of mockery in his eyes.


"If you can't fight, you can starve to death."






The sound of a tiger's roar erupted in the training ground.


On the training ground, the power of resonance surged, and the fierce power of the blue light tiger was unrestrained, the wind from its claws swept out, bringing a sharp sound of wind breaking.


Bang, bang, bang!


The tiger shadow passed by, directly penetrating the siege of Li Luo's three men, and the claw wind swept down, the three men's attack was instantly shattered, followed by the three figures shooting back in disorder. and they landed on the edge of the training field.


The blue light tiger stopped its chase and paced across the field, with its tiger eyes looking at the three little mice outside the field as if with disdain.


The three of them sat outside the field in disarray, looking resentful.


"This tiger is very strong." Bai Mengmeng had a bitter little face, it was not the first time that they were mistreated by the other side, it was already the third day since the training had started until today.


But after three days, even when the three of them joined forces, they had not been able to once defeat this tiger of light, which had been condensed by Tutor Xi Chan's resonance power .


Li Luo rubbed his face and said somewhat helplessly: "This tiger's strength must be around the second stage of the Resonance Master realm, a head stronger than even us, and it doesn't seem like it's just a power." condensed and transformed resonance, but it is extremely spiritual and cunning in its attacks between battles, if I'm right, this thing has also inherited some combat experience from mentor Xi Chan."


"Tutor Xi Chan is very powerful." Bai Mengmeng sighed, this was clearly just a resonance power light tiger that was casually condensed, but it had forced the three of them into the dust, if it weren't for the other party's lack of killing intent, they would have really died a lot. times during these three days.


This shows how powerful the powerhouse of the Marquis Kingdom is.


Across the training ground, tutor Xi Chan was sitting at a low table sipping tea. Seeing that the three of them had gotten involved again, he casually raised his hand and three cakes fell into his hands.


"Don't fight, keep eating cold cakes." He said softly.


The three of them reluctantly took the cold cakes and then bit down hard.


"It's been three days since I ate this burrito." Li Luo wailed while eating.


"Captain, let me help you prepare some meals after Tutor Xi Chan leaves." Bai Mengmeng said kindly.


When Li Luo heard this, the chewing movement in his mouth froze, and then he and Xin Fu, who was looking at each other, saw the same emotion in each other's eyes.


Li Luo looked solemn and said in a serious tone: "Meng Meng, although the tutor cannot see, we cannot go against our own heart, the way of the strong is to trust ourselves little by little, since we promised him "To our guardian, as long as we don't defeat this stupid tiger, we can only eat this cold, hard burnt cake."


"It's a test of our will."


Xin Fu nodded vigorously in recognition.


For her part, Bai Mengmeng was a little embarrassed and admitted her mistake: "Captain, you are right."


"It is better to know the mistakes and be able to correct them." Li Luo nodded gratefully as he let out a huge sigh of relief in his heart; He was actually happier to eat this cold and hard burrito than the food Bai Mengmeng had cooked.


But this cannot be said, otherwise it would not only break Bai Mengmeng's heart, but in case Bai Doudou, that demon protector of a sister, finds out about it, I am afraid he will not let them escape easily.


However, as a captain, he could have pushed it over Sinfonia's head.


"But eating this burrito every day is also not a problem, so it is imperative to solve the immediate problem first." Li Luo swallowed the burrito in two or three bites, and then fixed his gaze on the field's blue light tiger stepping at a six-step pace.


"After three days of constant contact, I discovered that every time I approached this blue light tiger within half a zhang, my own speed became slow, if I'm not mistaken, this could be the aquatic resonance technique" Aura of heavy water", its effect is to slow down the opponent's movement and attack speed, so every time our attacks entered their range, it will be easily dodged." Li Luo analyzed.


Xin Fu was silent for a moment and said, "I once attacked his body, but it didn't penetrate at all, so there was still a powerful resonance defense covering his body."


Li Luo frowned, this was too much.


Bai Mengmeng whispered: "Captain, I discovered that every time we attacked, he intentionally or unintentionally blocked a scale on his left chest, there, could that be where his weak point is?"


Li Luo nodded: "I have noticed it too, whether it is true or not, it can be proven."


He rubbed his forehead, then walked over and spoke quietly with Xin Fu and Bai Meng Meng for a while, before the three of them stood up at the same time.


"Let's do it again, and when we get it, I'll invite you to a cantina to spend the night." Li Luo said in a deep voice.


"I can help everyone cook too." Bai Mengmeng volunteered enthusiastically.


The corner of Li Luo's mouth twitched, at this time, there is no need to demoralize, classmate Mengmeng.

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