Chapter 152 – Squad Positioning

"On going!"


Along with a low cry from Li Luo, resonance power burst out from the three of them, and Li Luo took the lead as the wood resonance power flowed out first: “Wood Entanglement Technique!”


The turquoise resonance power spread out, directly transforming into green wood vines that enveloped the blue light tiger.


Swish! Swish!


The blue light tiger roared lowly, and the wind of sharp claws whistled downwards, cutting down all those green wood vines made of resonance power.


In a whirlwind, he jumped off the tiger and launched a claw at Li Luo.


"Light Water Magic Mirror!"


A mirror with watery light appeared in front of Li Luo, the tiger claw fell, and the mirror immediately shattered, but the rebound force also pushed the tiger claw back a little.


"Chaotic Sword Shadow!"


At the same time, a black light came out from behind Li Luo, like a sword, with one edge pointing directly at the light tiger.


A blue light rose around the light tiger, and as soon as those shadow blades approached, their speed sharply decreased, and they were finally shattered by the strike of its claws.


Li Luo's body rose into the air, the twin swords in his hands had already transformed into a large bow, his eyes were stern as he drew the bow and opened the string, the power of resonance flowing within his body, a bright vector of light took shape.




The light vector pierced the air sharply and shot towards the light tiger with lightning speed.


And when the light vector entered the circumference of the light tiger by half a yard, its speed, without surprise, began to decrease again.


"Mengmeng!" Li Luo bellowed.


A burst of resonance power occurred in Bai Mengmeng's delicate body that took on a crystalline hue, and with a wave of her small hand, it was as if brilliant pollen had fallen from the sky and landed on the vector of light.


"The art of butterfly dust!"


The pollen glowed as if it carried some kind of purifying effect, and even dispelled the retarding effect that clung to the light vector for a short time.




The beam of light shot through the gap between the tiger's claws and aimed at a scale on the left side of the tiger's chest.




The beam of light hit the scales hard, but before Li Luo could see any joy in its eyes, it was as if a layer of defense had appeared on the skin of the light tiger, which was like layers of water ripples, making it difficult for the light ray to penetrate.


After trying unsuccessfully to penetrate the defenses, the light vector finally shattered and broke.


At the edge of the training ground, Xi Chan's mentor's hand holding his teacup stopped at this point, the corners of his lips slightly curled up under the black veil.


The black light was like a black arrow, so sharp that it came out of the light vector and stabbed into the scales of the tiger's left chest.




The light tiger's body abruptly hardened and instantly burst into a terrain filled with spots of light.


Li Luo's three men looked at the drifting light spots and were slightly entranced, and then they couldn't help but look happy.


"It worked?" Bai Mengmeng said with joy.


Li Luo's figure fell and couldn't help but exhale. In the shadows behind him, Xin Fu walked out slowly, the corners of his mouth turning up under his hood.


Mentor Xi Chan walked in and said indifferently, "After three days of fighting and just starting to know some simple coordinations, I feel like I'm teaching three pigs."


The three men looked embarrassed.


"But it's good to know he's not as stupid as he could be."


Instructor Xi Chan stared at Li Luo and said, "As a captain, you must have a basic understanding of your teammates' strengths and characteristics, so that you can achieve the most perfect coordination when facing the enemy. "


"You three, you need to find your individual niche."


"Li Luo has a water resonance and a wood resonance; the water resonance will make him more durable in battle and will not fear the opponent's consumption, and the Wood Resonance will give him the ability to control the field and entangle the enemy, so their attacks are versatile and powerful."


"Xin Fu possesses a shadow resonance, which condemns him to remain hidden in the shadows, unable to attack head-on, and only when Li Luo attacks is he able to find an opportunity in the shadows to deal a fatal blow to his enemy."


"Bai Mengmeng's Water Nightmare Butterfly Resonance is not strong in attack, but its special feature is that it possesses some purifying effects, while the Water Nightmare Butterfly Resonance can trigger dreams and make people fall asleep." , which is a type of control that can have a strange effect."


"Summarizing the above, if the three of them form a complete team, it will inevitably be Li Luo as the main attacker, any moment".


Hearing these words from Tutor Xi Chan, the expressions of the three Li Luo men gradually became serious, as they had already revealed all their strengths and weaknesses.


If they follow this kind of arrangement from Tutor Xi Chan, then their small team might be able to bring out their incredible combat power.


"In this period from now on, they will continue to train like this in addition to their cultivation. I believe that they are also very clear about the strength of the other four Purple Glory squads, and as for what they can achieve in addition to this monthly exam, it will depend of how well the three refine themselves together.


"That's enough for today, go rest for now."




Xuanxing Sacred Academy, Hall of Points.


Outside the main hall, people come and go, and the bustling sound of people reveals the great popularity of this place within the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


Jiang Qing'e and Yan Lingqing arrived at the Points Room under the watchful gaze of many eager eyes.


Ignoring the focus of those numerous gazes, Jiang Qing'e detached herself from her long legs and headed straight to the point redemption office, where she took out an exclusive badge of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy from her arms and handed it to them.


A tutor took the badge and smiled: "What does Student Jiang want to exchange?"


"Twelve Duan Jin." Jiang Qing'e said calmly.


"What are you going to redeem this for?" Yan Lingqing, who was at the side, asked with some confusion.


"It's for Li Luo, he now only has a sixth grade resonance, he cannot cultivate high grade energy channeling techniques, and this 'Twelve Duan Jin' is one of the few high grade energy channeling techniques that does not require a seventh-grade resonance." Jiang Qing'e explained casually.



Yan Lingqing drifted, then sighed lightly and said, “No wonder you did several missions the other day and were so busy that you couldn’t even see each other, so you went to collect points, huh?”


Although Jiang Qing'e earns a lot of points every year, she often spends them all right away, so in order to collect the 3,000 points, Jiang Qing'e has been exhausted for the past ten days or so.


"It can't be helped, Li Luo has just entered the academy and is not even qualified to join the quest yet, so when he gathers three thousand points, he will have to waste a lot of time again." Jiang Qing'e said.


"You're too good for him too." Yan Lingqing said with a bit of malice.


"It is not good for you?" Seeing the Twelve Duan Jin approaching, Jiang Qing'e was in a good mood, so he sneered casually.


Yan Lingqing raised her silver glasses and hummed softly, "Not even close."


And just as the two women were joking, the exchange tutor, after checking for a moment, shook his head at Jiang Qing'e and said, "Student Jiang, Twelve Duan Jin has already been exchanged away, so if you need it, you may have to wait a while."


Jiang Qing'e's beautiful face was slightly sunken. The Twelve Duan Jin is quite special and there are not many people who exchange it, so how come it is exchanged at this time of year?


"Can the teacher help me find out which student has redeemed it?" Jiang Qing'e asked after a moment of silence.


The exchange tutor did not hesitate much, and after checking it for a long time, he said with some surprise: "This Twelve Duan Jin... It was taken away by tutor Shen Jinxiao, saying that he wanted to study it."


"There was also a message in the logbook that said if any of the students needed it, they could go see him to talk about it."


At this moment, Yan Lingqing felt what seemed to be cold Qi releasing from Jiang Qing'e's body at the side.


Jiang Qing'e took back her badge with an expressionless face, then turned around and walked away.


Seeing this, Yan Lingqing hurriedly chased after her.


"You're not really going after Shen Jinxiao, are you?"


Jiang Qing'e said indifferently: "Look for it? How is it possible?"


"I will go to Vice President Su Xin and accuse him."


Yan Lingqing gaped.

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