Chapter 155 – Placing incense on a grave

"This mentor Shen Jinxiao..."


"Have you taken the wrong medication?"


With this in mind, Li Luo asked honestly, since Tutor Xi Chan was no stranger anyway.


For Shen Jinxiao, Li Luo obviously held deep contempt and disgust in his heart, so although he was extremely taken aback by the other party's move, he definitely didn't think that the other party was showing him favor.


Tutor Xi Chan smiled slightly and said, "Of course he didn't take the wrong medicine, but you are right to think that it is not helping you, on the contrary, it is delaying you from getting the Twelve Duan Jin."


"What do you mean?" Li Luo frowned.


"I have already heard that Jiang Qing'e went to the Hall of Points yesterday, and I must say that she is indeed very interested in you. She must have noticed this Twelve Duan Jin a long time ago, and this time she went to the Hall of Points." of the Points to change it for this technique".


"But he was late, and Twelve Duan Jin was brought by Shen Jinxiao in advance, with a message for students in need to find him." Tutor Xi Chan said.


The expression on Li Luo's face hardened slightly, and then his eyes gradually became a little gloomy.


Obviously, this dog Shen Jinxiao had already prepared some anticipation, including this twelve duanjins, which he took in advance to force Jiang Qing'e to find him and then use it as some kind of coercion...


"Jiang Qing'e did not go to him, instead he went to Vice President Su Xin and then challenged Shen Jinxiao."


"Shen Jinxiao came up with a reason to reject Vice President Su Xin's mediation in this situation, and yes, it was this so-called monthly exam reward."


"It was within its purview for reasons so legitimate that not even Vice President Su Xin could distinguish them."


"So, this 'Twelve Duan Jin' reward is actually Shen Jinxiao's reluctant move, but it should be fine with him since his goal is achieved anyway, which is to make you not get this technique so smoothly." how do you want".


Mentor Xi Chan shook her head and said, "This Shen Jinxiao, he must be unable to shake Jiang Qing'e out of his desire, and his mind is becoming darker and darker, and you, can only be regarded as a substitute." or to vent his fire, after all, who let Jiang Qing'e not care about anyone but you, her little fiancé?"


Li Luo seemed quite calm, without his usual smile, but Mentor Xi Chan was well aware of the turbulent waves his calmness contained.




In the end, Li Luo exhaled deeply and muttered as if to himself: "From today onwards, I will rub clay to make incense, then I will wait for the day when mentor Shen Jinxiao dies and I will personally put a large incense on his grave."


Mentor Xi Chan did not care about Li Luo's completely disrespectful words, because what that Shen Jinxiao did was also not at all treating himself as a mentor, and since he had initiated these causes, he naturally had to bear the future consequences.


Whether Li Luo was able to do it or not was one thing, but the enmity between both sides was beginning to become irreconcilable.


"Treating a powerful Marquis as an enemy, the son born to Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, really has no ordinary guts." Mentor Xi Chan said with some exclamation.


"Actually, first it's a mouthful, I can't afford to mess with him now, so I still have to hold on to my teacher's thighs and beg him to protect me." Li Luo laughed.


Mentor Xi Chan's eyes moved, the black veil on her face fluctuated slightly, and then she stretched out her palm and placed it on Li Luo's shoulder and gently caressed him.


"Don't worry, because... I also want to put incense on Shen Jinxiao's grave." Whisper.


Li Luo was startled, although Mentor Xi Chan had said before that she had some grudge against Shen Jinxiao, she had not expected that this grudge, too, did not seem to be simple.


But it is not fair?


Li Luo smiled: "Teacher, it seems that my choice in the teacher selection contest was simply wise to the extreme."


"But no matter how disgusting you are with Shen Jinxiao, until you have enough strength, I suggest you put away this murderous heart, in fact I admire your character of hiding your light, so keep it up and don't go astray." Mentor Xi Chan said indifferently.


Li Luo nods gently.


“Well, since this Shen Jinxiao has so generously contributed the “Twelve Duan Jin” as an extra reward for the monthly exams out of his own pocket, I think if you have the chance, you can try it.”


“If you can really get this “Twelve Duan Jin”, you will not only be able to save a lot of academy points, but most importantly… Shen Jinxiao will be very embarrassed.” Tutor Xi Chan's eyes seemed to shine with a smile as she said.


Li Luo was also a little impressed, but the "Twelve Duan Jin" was an additional reward for first place, and he had two mourners by his side, so he didn't know if he had any chance...


But it would be a real pleasure to have this "Twelve Duan Jin".


Following this moment, Li Luo was even about to think of an acceptance speech.


"I, I'll do what I can."


Li Luo finally said it.


Tutor Xi Chan nodded and said nothing more as she continued to observe Bai Mengmeng's research for a while before saying, "She is about to come out of the dream state."


Li Luo hurriedly looked and saw that Bai Mengmeng suddenly stood up straight, the blue luminescence in her pupils gradually faded, and after a few breaths, it returned to its normal color, followed by her innocent and pretty little face with shyness. and the usual flirtation.


In an instant the aura goes from being absolutely calm, to innocent and charming.


This scene made Li Luo tsk-tsk in astonishment… it was still possible to play like this… Is this a person playing two roles? Role playing game? It's a little exciting.


After coming out of the dream state, Bai Mengmeng was not surprised by all this research at hand, but she did not go any further, since after being out of that state, she was a little too far away to keep up with this depth of knowledge. research at this time.


So he kept all these records carefully and waited to continue his research the next time he entered the dream state.


"If you want to go practice your tempering resonance technique, go in alone, and you can exchange your tempering resonance techniques if you have nothing to do." Tutor Xi Chan glanced at Li Luo, then turned around and left.


Li Luo looked at Mentor Xi Chan's exquisite silhouette and felt as if the other party had seen through his mind in that look just now.


"Mentor Xi Chan is really nice."


Li Luo sighed, although he knew what she was thinking, he still created opportunities for her to communicate with Bai Mengmeng, such a teacher, how can you not love?


Shaking his head in exclamation, an enthusiastic smile appeared on Li Luo's face as he quickly grabbed a cup from the side, poured hot water on it, then pushed open the door of the refinement room and walked in.


"Mengmeng, you've been working on your research for a long time, right? Do you want hot water?"


Bai Mengmeng, who had just finished packing her research materials, looked up, looked at Li Luo who came with hot water and a warm smile on her face, her little face slightly red, her slender ten fingers tangled, her head lowered. and little sounds came out of it.




"You have such a greasy smile."

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