Chapter 161 – The Squadron's First Battle Training Ground.

Two squads of six people stood in the center of the field, led by Li Luo and Doudou Bai.


The two mentors, Xi Chan and Mi, were sitting outside the arena watching the battle.


"Mentor Xi Chan, so how far has Li Luo cultivated the power of dual resonance now?" Mentor Mi poured tea for Mentor Xi Chan, and then asked with a smile.


"I haven't mastered it yet." Tutor Xi Chan shook his head.


“This is normal, the power of dual resonance is too high, this Li Luo is still only at the Resonance Master realm after all, how can he be so easy to master initially?”


Mentor Mi smiled and then said, "But if that's the case, I'm afraid my side will have a better chance of winning this training competition, and on your side, there is no one to stop Doudou Bai."


He was right, now Bai Doudou was already in the first pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage and his resonance power was much stronger than Li Luo and Xin Fu, and it was a wind resonance.


While Qiu Lu is at the Upper Heavy Flower Seed realm, Yu Lang is slightly worse, barely reaching the Inferior Heavy White Seed realm.


On the contrary, of the three, the one with the strongest apparent resonance power is instead Xin Fu, who is at the Upper Heavy Flower Seed realm like Qiu Lu, while Li Luo is at the Upper Heavy Flower Seed realm. of the Lower Heavy Flower Seed and Bai Meng Meng is at the realm of the Upper Heavy White Seed.


In terms of overall strength, Bai Doudou have the greatest advantage as a team.


Tutor Xi Chan held her teacup, lifted a corner of her veil, waved her sleeve to cover it, and drank a cup of tea before smiling lightly: "I'm also curious to see how dominant this Three Winds system is in your side".


That's right, the team of Mentor Mi, Bai Doudou, Qiu Lu and Yu Lang, are all wind resonance, so they are also known as the Three Wind system, which is extremely mobile and against people, a often able to end battles neatly and cleanly.


While the two instructors were talking, the six men in the arena were finishing their respective warm-ups.


"Li Luo, you have to protect my sister." Bai Doudou held a long spear, had short hair on her ears, and looked heroic.


"Then don't hit her , guys." Li Luo said.


Bai Doudou shook his head and laughed: "That won't do, since it's a competition, there is no brotherhood."


Bai Mengmeng cried and laughed, and could only grimace at Bai Doudou. Yu Long murmured: "How pretty!"


The words just fell, Bai Doudou's gaze fell coldly, the hand spear pointed on the frame, scaring Yu Long with a chill, he hurriedly put on a serious look.


At this moment, the voices of the two instructors outside the arena announced the beginning of the competition.




In that instant, the six of them burst out their resonance power in a pronounced burst almost simultaneously.


Li Luo, holding his double swords, took a step forward, Bai Mengmeng stepped back, the resonance force between his palms fluttering like starlight, while Xin Fu's figure disappeared directly in place, as if he had turned invisible.


After this period of training, the three of them had already developed a tacit understanding, just as Xi Chan's mentor had said before, with Li Luo as the main core of the attack, Xin Fu hiding and waiting for an opportunity to move, and Bai Mengmeng. in the rear to support, while observing the entire field.


Unlike Li Luo's side, the moment the battle broke out, the three people on the other side shot out directly, and the wind whistled like three arrows, stabbing in with unparalleled speed.


"Attack Li Luo directly and finish him off!"


Bai Doudou said, they didn't have any extravagant tactics, since the other side had Li Luo as the core of their first line, they would simply concentrate their strength and take the lead to crush them.


With the loss of Li Luo, the other two were almost declared defeated.


And with a system like theirs, they are the most adept at blitzkrieg, and once the opponent is unable to withstand that wave of attacks, they will simply see their defenses shattered and fall quickly.




The wind whistled as three attacks of varying intensity directly greeted Li Luo.


But right at that moment, it was as if starlight surged behind Li Luo, and many fluorescent jets shot out and filled the field of vision.


"Be careful, that's Mengmeng Phantasmagoria, it's capable of triggering illusions!"


Just as his voice fell, Yu Long and Qiu Luo were shocked to see that Li Luo's figure in front of them had blurred, as if two identical shadows had appeared on his left and right sides.


Three Li Luo figures turned and suddenly came head-on.


Bai Doudou's eyes were shining, his green resonance power whistling as he took the lead, his spear waved in his hand as three wind blades shot out, cutting out a complicated arc and directly striking three of Li Luo's figures.


The wind blade shot out, but it passed through her.


"All three are fake!" Qiu Lu's face changed and he shouted.


Bai Doudou was also the first to notice the change, and without the slightest hesitation, the long spear in her hand suddenly came out, like a flash of green light, and stabbed into Yu Lang's back like a bolt of lightning.




Just to see there, there were two twin swords shooting out, but just as they were about to come into contact with Yu Long, they were repelled by the green light of the long spear that had arrived just in time.


Li Luo, whose body was glowing with watery light, shot out.


His surprise attack kept being blocked by Bai Doudou, and apparently the other side had also guessed that if Li Luo wanted to find a breaking point, Yu Lang, the weakest of the three, was clearly the best.


Yu Long, for his part, was covered in cold sweat and let out a strange cry: "Good for you, Li Luo, you really pick soft persimmons, I'm going to fight with you!"


He raised his sword and roared, and the next moment his figure shot backwards as he shouted, “Surround him!”


Li Luo laughed at this, this guy was really sneaky and tried to knock him out of the game first, but apparently Yu Long also knew what he was thinking so he didn't hesitate to run away.


At this moment, he couldn't chase after them because Bai Doudou and Qiu Lu were already shooting left and right, both holding long spears with a harsh and fierce wind, bringing a bit of coldness with them.


The other side also seemed to have guessed that he would be the first to attack Yu Long, so instead they used this as bait to force him to show himself and then join forces to surround him.


This lightning-like exchange of blows already made Li Luo heave a sigh of relief, this kind of fighting was truly different from what he had experienced before.


A team battle with a different flavor. Between sighs, Bai Doudou and Qiu Lu attacked.


Li Luo raised his hand, and amidst his solemn expressions, his long-prepared resonance skills burst out sharply.


"The General Tiger Technique..."


"Hands wrapped in green jade."


In the palm of his hand, a green light burst forth, turning into a green wood that spread out, like a green python, directly towards Bai Doudou and Qiu Lu.


What is a little surprising is that there are still some flowers blooming on top of the green forest, adding a bit of vitality to the greenery.


It is as if, having absorbed the sunlight, the trees appear more robust.


The green wood approached like a green python, and Bai Doudou and Qiu Dou released their hands without hesitation, with a harsh attack, directly slashing with force.


And the moment the two came into contact, both of their expressions changed slightly.


This green wood, it seemed, was vaguely strange.

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