Chapter 164 – The Governor's Squad

Unknowingly, it had been almost a month since these new students, Li Luo, had entered the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


In January, they became familiar with the rhythm of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and after freeing themselves from the initial restriction and caution of an unfamiliar environment, they began to have many aspirations and expectations for the future.


And as the end of the month approached, the atmosphere within this Xuanxing Sacred Academy gradually began to come alive again.


Because the monthly battles for classification are approaching.


At the end of each month, there is a so-called ranking battle in Xuanxing Sacred Academy, where teams are ranked into squads to determine the ranking of each faculty.


Ranking battles are a special feature of Xuanxing Sacred Academy, which aims to hone students while allowing them to compete with each other to continuously improve, and ranking battles are rewarded with generous Academy points, so many students consider them one of the main sources of Academy points each year.


The importance of Academy points within the Xuanxing Sacred Academy is evident, and this alone is enough for most students to be well prepared.


So at the end of every month at Xuanxing Sacred Academy, the good keeps coming.





Xuanxing Sacred Academy, dining room window.


Li Luo, Yu Lang sitting together, with Zhao Gao and Zong Fu at their sides.


"There are still three days left before the qualifying battle at the end of the month."


Yu Long looked in all directions with some bravado: "I hope you don't have too much bad luck and meet me directly in this rank battle, if not, don't blame me for showing no mercy."


Zhao Gao said contemptuously: “You only rely on Bai Doudou’s prestige, what’s the point of being arrogant.”


Others have also condemned Yu Long for this foxlike attitude.


Li Luo smiled and was about to speak when he saw Lu Qing'er's silhouette appear not far away and then greeted her.


When Lu Qing'er's eyes saw Li Luo, she seemed a little complicated, hesitated for a moment, but still walked over and sat down.


"Why do I get the feeling that you're a little afraid to see me these days? You're also very slow in informing yourself about going out to dinner." Li Luo asked with some confusion.


"What, it's not." Lu Qing'er said hurriedly, bowing her head and drinking water.


"Is that so?" Li Luo was also a little puzzled, but he didn't ask any more questions and turned his head to chat with Yu Lang, Zhao Gao and the others.


Seeing that he didn't chase her, Lu Qing'er quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at the fair cheeks reflected in the glass of water, and his mind couldn't help but remember the clash with Jiang Qing'e the other day.


Especially Jiang Qing'e's words about tigers and wolves...


It just scared Lu Qing'er so much that she hadn't slept well in the past few days.


"She's very angry."


When Lu Qing'er thought of this, her little face couldn't help but warm up, and even her body temperature rose.


"Are you sick?" Li Luo, who was on the side, noticed the change in her and asked.


"No!" Lu Qing'er snorted coldly and turned her head, unwilling to look at Li Luo.


Li Luo was taken aback and was about to speak when Zhao Gao's voice came: "Li Luo, this time I am looking for you to come out, mainly because I have information to inform you."


Looking at Zhao Gao's mysterious face, Li Luo laughed and said, "What kind of information?"


"Li Luo still remembers Shi Kon, right?"


Li Luo nodded, this had to be remembered, the biggest rival in Tian Shu County at the beginning, except that after entering the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, he barely saw Shi Kon, after all, thousands of newcomers, how could they meet all the time.


"Could he be up to something again?" Li Luo asked thoughtfully.


Obviously, Zhao Gao wouldn't mention this Shi Kon to him for no reason.


Zhao Gao nodded and said: "Li Luo you are the Purple Glory Squad, at the top of the rookies, so now your eyes are on the other Purple Glory Squads, so you don't know how fierce the competition is for this Squad. Golden Glory under the Purple Glory Squad."


"It's been almost a month and I don't know how many Golden Glory squads have been involved in various clashes."


"And the most famous of these clashes, the Golden Glory Squadron, is now called the Governor's Squadron."


Li Luo stared: "Governor Squad? What kind of name is that?"


"The main reason why others gave them this name is because the four people in this Golden Glory squad, they have one thing in common, and that is their elder, who is the governor of a county in Great Xia." Zong Fu, who was next, explained.


That's right, in the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, the Purple Glory squad is three, while the Golden Glory squad is four people, and the Silver Glory squad is five.


Only then did Li Luo realize, and he turned and said, “Is Shi Kon within this small group?”


Zhao Gao nodded and said with a somewhat solemn expression, "This Governor's squad, its captain is called Shen Ya, this person's strength is not bad, previously at the top of that Yu Lang's strength notebook, he was ranked in "The tenth place, originally everyone thought he would be chosen by the purple glory tutor, but he was unexpectedly sifted down in the end."


"This is really a bit of bad luck." Li Luo shook his head, five purple glory instructors, a total of fifteen new students were selected, reasonably speaking, this Shen Ya was ranked tenth, the probability of being selected was very high, but in the end, he actually did not succeed. , this was really an unlucky boy.


"Apart from Shen Ya, the other two people within this Governor's squad, one named Feng Ze and the other named De Xiyan, were also considered among the top 20 before..."


"This squad is very strong, and it is said that their goal above this ranking battle is to defeat a Purple Glory team." Zhao Gao said slowly.


"You don't mean to tell me... They've set their sights on me, right?" Li Luo laughed.


Zhao Gao, Zong Fu and the others nodded seriously.


Li Luo said helplessly: "This is treating our squad as a softie? It shouldn't be like this, isn't there still Yu Long, the bottom of the hierarchy?"


On the side, Yu Lang said angrily: "Don't talk nonsense, do you think my Captain Doudou's deterrence power is comparable to yours?"


Zhao Gao said: "There must be a reason why they would choose this Li Luo squad, but they are indeed prepared, and from what we have spied, the Governor's squad is not going to attack alone, but has also joined forces with another top gold rank squad, intending to confront you together."


Li Luo frowned, two Golden Glory squads? If that was the case, they really couldn't be underestimated, after all, the other side wasn't frugal either, and with the advantage of numbers, their squad might not be able to eat it.


"This information is really important, thank you, brothers." Li Luo said slowly, if he had not been prepared and been ambushed by these two Golden Glory squads, there might have been a real possibility that the gutter would have been turned upside down.


Zhao Gao laughed and said, “ It’s nothing, in fact, this is not the main thing to talk about today.”


"Could it be that they are not the only ones?" Li Luo's face didn't look good anymore, could it be that my Li Luo's popularity is so bad? Everyone wants to fight me!


"No no..."


Zhao Gao hurriedly shook his head and laughed hotly: “Actually, it is like this, the top squad that the Governor’s squad has joined forces with turns out to have some problems with us, plus we also crave their points by then, so that..."


Zong Fu interjected: "So we have also secretly joined forces with a team to try to eat them."


Li Luo was shocked, daring to say that this was still the mantis trapping the cicada and the yellow bird on the back? Do all students today play with such a trick?


"It's a good idea, I support it." Still, Li Luo supported him, after all, he was happy causing trouble for those who tried to harm him.


Zhao Gao said, “But now there is a problem… It is that this squad of ours, plus the one we have united, does not seem capable of defeating that top gold rank squad together.”


Li Luo: "..."


Sorry, it turned out not to be a yellow bird, but a grasshopper looking at the mantis and drooling.


"So what are you talking to me about here?" Li Luo couldn't help but babble.


"The idea is... You can send someone from your team to support us, if you delay the Governor's squad a little on your side, we can end up eating them all." Zhao Gao laughed.


Li Luo made a shocked face as he stared at Zhao Gao, Zong Fu, and Chu Su for a long time before saying, “You guys really have talent.”


It turned out that he had come to borrow someone to help him with a big meal.


But his plan did work, the three on his side, if they lent, would necessarily only be able to lent Xin Fu, after all, Bai Mengmeng was not strong enough, only in that case, would he have to hold off that squad of the Governor for some time with the two of them...


Li Luo pondered for a moment and finally nodded under the disconcerting gaze of Zhao Gao and the others.


"Can be done".


Zhao Gao and the others were overjoyed, and immediately said, “I knew you would say yes, we even thought of a name for this plan.”


"And the name of the plan? What is it called?"


"Protect our Li Luo!"


Li Luo almost spit a mouthful of rice in their faces.

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