Chapter 167 – Under siege

At the moment Li Luo's voice fell, his figure had already appeared three meters away. Bai Mengmeng hurriedly turned around and followed him, while Xin Fu even twisted his figure, as if he had turned into a faint shadow, and ran wildly after him.


Li Luo's crisp escape also made Ye Shua freeze, obviously he didn't expect this Purple Glory team to be so decisive... "Where is your pride as a Purple Glory squad?!" He roared.


At this moment, shouldn't that Li Luo step forward and shout, "Isn't that just 30 people? I'll take them all by myself?"


"Pride, my ass, there is no point bonus for pride!" From afar, Li Luo's voice came.


Ye Shua gritted his teeth and said, "We will go after them together! If we let them run away and turn around and retaliate one by one, there will be no one to deal with!"


Some of the other Golden Glory squad captains nodded vigorously at his words. In fact, since they had taken the step, they were obligated to do it to the end, and if they could eliminate a Golden Glory squad, then they would have bragging rights for the year. Golden Glory's five mentors were observing the field at all times, so they might think that they were doing well and had the potential to become Golden Glory's apprentices...


So the next moment, a dozen Golden Glory squads came out in full force, chasing Li Luo in the direction they had fled.


Seeing the dust and smoke rolling behind him, Li Luo, who was fleeing forward, couldn't help but cursed: "Too much, isn't it, so disrespectful to the Purple Glory squad?"


"Captain, didn't you say you were going to take us to a 'slaughter'?" Xin Fu's voice came.


Li Luo turned a deaf ear and concentrated on fleeing, only to make a note in his mind to this prickly team member who dared to mention the pot, and let Mengmeng prepare a big meal for him later.


It was Bai Mengmeng who explained kindly: "We can't blame the captain for that, there were too many of them, even if we could destroy a few Golden Glory squads, we would end up in a huge bloodletting, and it was unknown if the other side had any other reinforcements around." or not, so it was a sensible move for the captain to choose to leave that place."


"Captain, am I right?"




Li Luo froze, could there be so many reasons? In fact, he had simply seen that there were too many people on the other side and did not want to fight head-on.


"Well, Mengmeng you are right, as a captain I must look further, after all, our goal is not just to take so many gold badges and be satisfied." Still, Li Luo nodded quickly, his tone casual and unhurried, as if everything was under control.


"The captain is amazing." Bai Mengmeng exclaimed.


Xin Fu was a little suspicious and asked, “So they are going to continue chasing us?”


Li Luo looked back and said, "That's not necessarily true... It's more than a thousand school points, so if they can gather it, why isn't it a chance?"


Xin Fu looked at Li Luo with some surprise, was he even thinking about eating these dozens of Golden Glory squads?


However, there were many people on the other side, including some good students. Even if their side was much stronger than the other individually, with this numerical disadvantage, once they were held back, it would only be them who would have problems.


"Xin Fu, hide your figure and detect the terrain ahead at full speed, if you find any forests as well as streams, report back immediately." Li Luo pondered for a few moments and suddenly said.


When Xin Fu heard this, he didn't say a word this time, and as soon as his body moved, he turned into a blurry shadow and quickly walked away, that speed was even faster than Li Luo's total speed.


"Not bad for a shadow resonance."


Li Luo saw this with a sigh of approval, this Xin Fu was really a natural scout, killer material, the power of shadow resonance, too stealthy and unpredictable to be defended, the only drawback was that once exposed, the frontal power It would be much weaker.


"Meng Meng, use your own resonance power to bring out a ghost of Xin Fu, so that they don't find out that someone is missing."


"Let's not run too fast either, let them feel like they are catching up with us a little bit."


When Bai Mengmeng smiled, he responded with a crisp voice, and the power of star resonance immediately surged out, and there was a blurry shadow that seemed to follow the two.


And then they ran smoothly again.


While Li Luo and the others were fleeing, on the high platform outside that compound, the senses of the five Purple Glory instructors were also constantly monitoring the situation everywhere in the compound.


And as one of the five Purple Glory squads, Li Luo and the others naturally couldn't help but pay attention.


Therefore, Li Luo and their escape was also noticed by the five Purple Glory tutors.


"This Li Luo, why does he run away every time he competes?" Instructor Cao Sheng couldn't help but laugh.


"I can't blame him for that, I can only say that this Ye Shua is a capable person, to be able to convince so many Golden Glory squads to follow him to besiege Li Luo in the first place, he is a potential embryo." Mentor Chu Zi said with some admiration.


Mentor Xi Chan also shook his head a little helplessly, this can really only say that Li Luo and the others were unlucky, the four Purple Glory squads in the other direction were unstoppable at this moment, after all, no one in his side could execute as well as Ye Shua.


His gaze shifted to Shen Jinxiao, who was instead sipping shallowly from his teacup, a smile, if anything, hanging from the corner of his mouth.


Although Shen Jinxiao didn't say anything, Mentor Xi Chan still knew that this guy was watching a good show, and perhaps he was waiting for Li Luo and the others to be directly eliminated by these purple glory squads.


Tutor Xi Chan snorted coldly in her heart, and then her eyes looked at the huge competition field.


' I'm still waiting for you to get the Twelve Duanjins so I have a reason to laugh at Shen Jinxiao, if you disappoint my expectations, you will be very happy later.'




This chase and escape of Li Luo and the others lasted for more than ten minutes.


So Ye Shua and the others at the back showed quite a bit of patience, perhaps they also understood that once they let Li Luo and the others escape, their temporary alliance would have to fall apart, and there might even be a fight over each other's insignia. one then, in case Li Luo and the others sneaked back in at this time, then they feared that they would all have to be eliminated.


So right now, we must gather all our forces and eliminate this Li Luo Purple Glory squad first.


With this breath of air, the dozen Golden Glory squads launched into pursuit and finally watched as Li Luo's trio entered a mountainous forest, apparently intending to get rid of them with the help of the complex environment around them. there was in it.


"Ye Shua, what should we do?" Some of the other Golden Glory squad leaders asked.


Ye Shua pondered for a few breaths and said, "We can't give up, we go after them, the terrain is not too wide, and we can surround them."


"I suggest that every three Golden Glory squads form a group and maintain a supporting distance from each other, as long as our formation remains intact, they will have absolutely no chance to counterattack!"


"When they go to attack, if we hold them back a little, we can form an encirclement."


The others nodded upon hearing the words.


The Golden Glory trainees who could follow them here were all considered quite strong and had some ambition, and they naturally did not want to pass up this opportunity to make a name for themselves by defeating the Purple Glory squad.


And most importantly, since everyone had done it, if they surrendered now, wouldn't they be waiting for Li Luo and the others to retaliate?


With a resolution in mind, the group hesitated no longer, and a single figure shot out quickly, finally hurtling towards the mountains and forests ahead.


Upon entering the mountains, a dozen Golden Glory squads began to extend their encirclement and advance rapidly.


And soon, the group led by Ye Shua was the first to spot Li Luo's trio, and without hesitation, he waved his hand, and a dozen resonance attacks shot out directly, firing heavily at the trio's location.




The ground was filled with a head-sized crater as the resonance energy exploded.


However, Ye Shua's face changed at this moment, because he discovered that these resonance power attacks had directly penetrated through the three Li Luo figures on the field.


And when the resonance force attack fell, the figures of the three men disappeared and walked away.


"This, this is a ghost?" Ye Shua said breathlessly.


"Where are they?!"


At this moment, a sudden whistle came from the right direction, a warning signal from the other squads.


"Li Luo and the others are there!" Ye Shua hurriedly said, “Quickly, surround them!”


A small group of Golden Glory squads rushed in that direction.


A few moments later, when they arrived here, they formed a fence and carefully searched the entire jungle in front of them. They discovered that they had not seen Li Luo's three figures, except for the puddle of water stains that was gradually dissipating on the ground.


But before his astonishment could dissipate, another urgent whistle came from the left.


Ye Shua and the others only had to hurry up once again.


But when they arrived, panting, they could only see three vanished ghosts.


"Damn, they're wearing us out!" Ye Shua's face was stunned with anger.


And along with this disordered transmission of the whistle, their original encirclement formation was slowly falling apart.


"How cunning Li Luo!"


Ye Shua gradually felt a little uneasy about this siege, which still seemed a little hasty.


While he was restless, more and more urgent whistles began to come from all around, indicating that many teams were beginning to encounter the ghosts of the Li Luo trio and sending signals of support without being sure of their movements.


It was no wonder that these teams were panicking, after all, without the advantage of sufficient numbers, a single Golden Glory squad meeting Li Luo and the others would be a surrender.


"Chaos, chaos!"


Ye Shua looked at the originally orderly formation that was beginning to become chaotic, and some of the Golden Glory team had begun to stop following the orders in panic, causing him to sigh helplessly.


In the end, he made a decisive decision.


"Withdraw, don't stay here, our siege has failed!"


Upon making his choice, he did not care about the other Golden Glory squads, he simply turned around with his own group and left.


And it was while Ye Shua made the decision to retreat, somewhere in the mountain forest, a smile appeared on Li Luo's face as he listened to the chaotic whistling sounds coming from all around him.


He looked at Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu, arched his neck and stretched his limbs.


"Well, now is the time to act..."

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