Chapter 172 – Break the game

"There are also three Golden Glory squads ready..."


When Li Luo heard Shen Ya's words, his expression was obviously a dim look, right now there were only him and Bai Meng Meng here, the numbers were already at a disadvantage, if the other side got three more Golden Glory squads to surround them, It would really be a very troublesome matter.


"It seems like you've gone to a lot of trouble for this game." Li Luo said slowly.


I'm afraid that the rumor of the other side's dealings with him was deliberately thrown at Zhao Gao and the others, and so at this point, they arranged for Xu Ge's team to approach Zhao Gao and the others, hinting that they could unite. strength and thus know all his plans from within.


Even after the group was separated, at full strength, some precautions were maintained and three Golden Glory squads were reserved to wait in ambush here.


The design of this ring is a bit surprising.


"There is no way around it, and since we are dealing with you, of course we have to pay enough attention to you."


Shen Ya smiled and said, "This first salvo must be fired for our Governor Squad to stand out, so no matter how much it costs, we must ensure that nothing goes wrong."


"Of course, these plans, in fact, Shi Kon gave a lot of advice. Li Luo, you have to admit that sometimes your enemy, even more than yourself, will know you better."


On the side, Shi Kon's eyes were cold as he said, "Li Luo, I have always kept Tian Shu County's defeat in mind, and I said I would make you return it!"


"That's a pretty formal statement of villainy." Li Luo exclaimed.


power surged in Shen Ya's body, but he did not start an attack, he smiled: "Li Luo, I know that your dual resonance is very strong, even Duze Beixuan lost to you, so I don't plan to start an attack on you now." ..."


The smile on his lips turned mocking.


"I intend to wait for the three Golden Glory squads that I have ambushed here to arrive, and at that time, you will understand what it means to be truly winged."


"Li Luo, I'm sorry, your first defeat in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy will be awarded by me."






Among the forests, a resonance force erupted as three teams fought furiously.


The Heavenly Sword squad completely ignored Zhao Gao's squad, leaving it entirely in the hands of Xu Ge's group, while the four of them, with all their strength, besieged Xin Fu alone.


While who was in a sorry state.


His figure dodged back and forth under the combined attacks of the four men, and the occasional attack was dodged by the other man, who was prepared for it.


Right now, he can only maintain the delay with Shadow's unique Force Resonance skill.


"Haha, the Purple Glory cadets are nothing special, they just know how to jump like monkeys." The leader of the Heavenly Sword Squadron, Liu Yao, laughed out loud, his words filled with mockery.


However, in the face of his ridicule,


A true shadow assassin must know how to restrain himself and bide his time.


When Liu Yao saw that Xin Fu was not the least bit moved by his words, he raised his eyebrows, then stopped saying useless things and began to increase his attack.


On the other side, the four of them, Zhao Gao, were also facing Xu Ge's squad with all their strength, and the two sides were fighting fiercely.


"Xu Ge, you dog, how dare you overshadow us?!" Zhao Gao's face was extremely gloomy, anger dancing in his eyes, and at the same time he felt embarrassed, and that was because of Li Luo.


It was he who sent a message to Li Luo informing him about the Governor's Squad, but he did not expect that his subsequent actions would completely enter the Governor's Squad's calculations.


This includes this brigade of Xu Ge who showed up to try to join forces.


And since the information was leaked, it would undoubtedly bring a crisis to Li Luo and the others as well.


"Oh, don't be angry, this can only mean that you are not careful enough, no one else is to blame." Xu Ge laughed.


Zhao Gao said grimly, “This blow of yours is remembered by our squad as well as Li Luo’s squad.”


Xu Ge didn't look very good, he didn't care about Zhao Gao's squad, but he obviously still had some fear for Li Luo's Purple Glory squad, but now that he had come this far, it was obvious that the wails were unlikely.


"Hmph, what can you do if you remember? Can you still kill me?" Xu Ge sneered and said.


"If you guys fall today, then Li Luo and the others will be the first Purple Glory squad to be overthrown in this freshman class!"


"Accelerate the attack and finish them off!" He bellowed.


When the three players heard this, their resonance power skyrocketed, and they no longer held back, their attacks broke out, forcing Zhao Gao and the four back, and the situation was about to get out of control.


However, just when Xu Ge and the others had raised their spirits and intended to defeat the other side in one fell swoop, suddenly, several resonance forces shot out from the forest in front of them, arriving directly at their gates.


This turn of events caused Xu Ge and the others to turn pale and rush out to meet them, before being shaken into disarray.


"Who?" Xu Ge looked at the forest and said with surprise and anger.


Zhao Gao and the others also looked in that direction with some dismay, obviously not understanding who this sudden blow was from.


And amidst those stunned gazes, only a small team of golden glory was seen coming out of the forest, and the leader of the team was surprisingly Ye Shua, who had met with Li Luo and the others earlier.


Ye Shua scratched his head at the stunned gazes.


"Excuse me, is this the call you made for the... Hit Batter Program?"




Between the mountains and the forest, three small groups of Golden Glory teams rush forward.


"Quickly, Shen Ya has sent the signal, quickly run and surround Li Luo!" In front of the three teams, the three captains communicated quickly, with an urgent tone.


"Come on, let's defeat a Purple Glory squad and show our faces!"


"Ha ha ha!"




While they were talking, arrows with powerful resonance power suddenly shot out from the forest, and the sudden attack directly shook the three Golden Glory teams, causing them to fall.


"Who is it?" A captain of the Golden Glory bellowed angrily.


Upon hearing his voice, only four Golden Glory squads could be seen emerging from the surrounding dense forest.


"Classmate, you don't have to come and mess with us when we're in the well, right?" Seeing this, the three Golden Glory squads from before said with sunken faces.


One of the captains of the four Golden Glory assault squads smiled and said, "You are there to take care of Li Luo and the others, right?"


The three previous leaders of the Golden Glory squad did not respond, but their hearts sank slightly.


"Sorry, we were also paid to take out credit to stop you here."


"So, also, do us the honor of staying here and moving no further."


With a wave of the captain's hand, the four Golden Glory squads swooped out.




Deep in the mountains.


Li Luo stood on a tree branch, his eyes staring at the four Shen Ya on the opposite side, and he did not take the initiative to attack while the other side lingered.


And for this kind of behavior of his, Shen Ya felt a little taken aback, after all, once he waited for his reinforcements to arrive, today Li Luo would definitely have no chance to turn back, but why wasn't Li Luo anxious at all? absolute?


For a moment, Shen Ya felt a little uneasy.


And this discomfort, with the passage of time, began to increase sharply.


Because he realized that the three reinforcements he had prepared seemed to be a little behind...


Just as Shen Ya's heart became uneasy, Li Luo suddenly smiled as he looked at the former and said indifferently, "Have you heard that the reinforcements have not arrived on time?"


The faces of Shen Ya, Shi Khon and the others turned ugly as they said, “Have you done this?!”


Li Luo smiled, his palms gradually caressing the hilts of his twin swords as he said, "I've never actually underestimated you, it's just... It seems like you underestimate me too much."


"Do you really think that I, Li Luo, only have this appearance that makes you ashamed of yourselves?"


Veins popped on Shen Ya's forehead, and then she took a deep breath, her expression calming down.


"These reinforcements were supposed to be just in case, and even without them, did you think that with the two of them you would be able to win against this entire contingent of ours?"


"Li Luo, I'm really going to eat you today!"


Shen Ya took a step forward and her strong resonance power exploded forcefully.


"Do it!"


Accompanied by a low roar, four figures shot out violently, aiming directly at Li Luo.

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