Chapter 186 – The Black Robed Marquis

The moon is like a shining mirror, high in the night sky.


Under the moonlight, the King's City is extremely prosperous, the lights are bright, the ten thousand lights are like the stars in the sky, and the boiling sound rushes into the clouds.


The headquarters of House Luolan is heavily fortified, with patrolling guards coming and going.


This man was covered in black robes, and he was not a bright and royal person at first glance, but he walked in such a reckless manner that the guards of the Luo Lan Mansion seemed to be invisible to him, and even when they occasionally patrolled in front of him, They did not show any signs of startle.


Evidently, it was not that the guards were all blind, but rather that this mysterious black-robed man had used special and powerful means to conceal his detection from outsiders.


These tactics are extraordinary.


The black-robed figure looked at the huge Luolan Mansion and seemed to smile faintly as he said to himself, “With the loss of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, is the Luolan Mansion really of no use?”


He shook his head and continued towards the depths of the LuoLan House.





LuoLan House headquarters, where the back kitchen is located.


Niu Biao Biao, who had just prepared dinner, wiped her palms and walked out of the kitchen, with the bright moon overhead, reflecting the glow on her head.


He looked at the mirror-bright moon and sighed a little melancholy.


"Li Taixuan, Tantai Lan, you two bastards... Leaving me here alone to take care of the baby, do you really think I'm a babysitter?"


"I was so unlucky         to meet them in the first place."


Niu Biao Biao stroked her bare head, then her gaze seemed to look in a certain direction at the Luo Lan house, and she shook her head helplessly: "I have to go back to keeping an eye on the baby and the house, I'm not a damn dog."


Niu Biao Biao slid her palm down and rested on the shiny pig-killing knife at her waist before walking out of the kitchen and into the shadows.


A hallway somewhere in the LuoLan House.


The mysterious black figure paced as if no one was watching her, suddenly her steps stopped, her gaze under her black robe fixed on the front as she said, “There really is one more hidden in this Luo Lan Mansion…”


"I say that you yakuza have tried to come and go to the Crescent Festival perhaps many times over the years, and this time you've finally started brazenly breaking in?" In the darkness, Niu Biao Biao walked out while looking at the black-robed figure and smiling.


"Your Excellency, who is a powerful lord marquis, is willing to work as a cook in this Luo Lan Mansion for so many years, I don't know if I should say that Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan are too skilled, or that you yourself are willing to be a slave…” The black-robed figure said slowly, his voice seemed to come from all directions, indistinct and difficult to find.


"Yakuza stuff, sneaky, not daring to show a sign, like that rat that steals the swill in the kitchen." Niu Biao Biao said.


Under the black robe, a cold gaze was projected, "Your Excellency has been nestled in the Luo Lan Mansion's headquarters for many years and has never set foot outside, even though the Luo Lan Mansion is in such a state of chaos, he has not been seen intervening to dissuade her, I am curious to know why?"


Niu Biao Biao laughed: “The Luo Lan House was supposed to be something for those two little guys to practice, so what does it matter if they succeed or fail?”


"And I would like to know what you are up to by guarding the Luo Lan House? Who is the power behind you, exactly? It's not like you guys have been watching the Luo Lan Mansion for a while." Niu Biao Biao's eyes also became a little cold at this moment.


The black-robed figure smiled weakly and said, "Why play dumb, who doesn't want to know the secrets left by Tantai Lan and Li Taixuan?"


"Your Excellency, why do you need to stay for a Luo Lan House that has little potential, no matter what agreement you have with Li Taixuan and the others, these years of guarding are enough to bear fruit, and if you can join us, the profits Future ones will definitely surpass the present ones.


"Accompany you? Okay, which side of this great xia are you from?" Niu Biao Biao asked.


The black-robed figure gaped slightly and laughed: "If your Excellency is willing to tell the secret left by Tantai Lan and Li Taixuan, I will naturally attract you."


Niu Biao Biao sighed: “In that case, all I can say is… Demand a fairy ball from your mother.”


The black-robed figure did not speak again, but the energy in the surrounding heaven and earth began to stir violently at this moment, and the indifferent gaze under the black robe fell on Niu Biao Biao's body.


In the next instant, it was as if the energy of heaven and earth had transformed into an overwhelming black fire behind him.


A palm extended from his black sleeve, his fingertips raised, and the sky roared with black fire, finally forming a deep black flame at his fingertips.


The little fire is a destructive state of mind.


"Let me see how capable the watchdog that Tantai Lan and Li Taixuan have worked hard to leave behind really is." The black-robed figure laughed coldly as black flames shot straight towards Niu Biao Biao, who was in front of him.


Niu Biao Biao looked at the black fire that seemed to be shooting at an unhurried speed but making it impossible to dodge, but her expression did not change. Instead, she stretched out her palm and touched her bare head, her eyes a little melancholy.




"A fourth-rank marquis, you dare to yell at me like this?"




There seemed to be a clear and crisp sound, and a cold light appeared, and at the moment when that cold light appeared, an indescribably fierce and fierce aura suddenly emerged, as if a shura from hell had suddenly risen to the human world.


Niu Biao Biao's figure appeared behind the black-robed figure, and it was as if he had not moved at all, not even taking out the pig-killing knife he carried at his waist.


In the same place as before, there was still a figure of "Niu Biao Biao", and only when the night breeze blew did the figure fade away.


It was actually a residual shadow.


Behind Niu Biao Biao, the black fire that had been floating towards him floated in the air, then trembled and split open, splitting into two and gradually moving away.


A faint trace of light appeared on the black-robed figure's body, also in the process of splitting it into two.


"What a fierce blade light..."


The body split, and the black-robed figure's voice became serious: "How interesting, a cook who has never seen blood, but who has cultivated such a fierce blade aura, such a fierce blade has not appeared in Great Xia for centuries… Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, they are really something, being able to subdue a person as fierce as you.”


"But the more this happens, the more curious we become about the secrets they left behind, Niu Biao Biao, you can't keep them."


"I can sense, that the strange formation left by Tantai Lan and Li Taixuan is gradually weakening as the years go by, and that you, perhaps, are not willing to leave the Luo Lan House headquarters, but rather Rather, you can't..."


"And you're just a dog they've locked up here."


His body, split in two, began to burn and finally dispersed into the air like ashes.


The energy of heaven and earth around him quickly returned to calm, while the sound of patrolling footsteps came from afar, as if the barrier separating this place had been removed.


Niu Biao Biao's eyes looked indifferently at the place where the black-robed figure dissipated. The other part was also elusive, what came was not the real body, but just an energy doppelganger.


However, the Luo Lan Mansion headquarters had been set up by Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan with a strange formation, so that even a strong marquis would not dare to enter it without their permission, and now, that robed marquis Black was able to send out its energy double, which meant that the strange formation in the Luo Lan Mansion headquarters was weakening.


"What a headache..."


Niu Biao Biao shook her head helplessly and looked at the bright moon in the sky.


"Looks like it's time to talk to those two little guys."

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