Chapter 189 – Unconscious

In Li Luo's carriage, Jiang Qing'e and his group returned to the King's City.


Inside the carriage, the sound of chirping and spring was in the air, and the beautiful cheeks of each of the three women echoed, giving a sense of spectacle.


But of the three women, it was rather Cai Wei who spoke, reporting on all the matters that had happened in the Luolan House during the month.


After all, with Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo entering the academy to train, the management of the Luolan House's many affairs, large and small, fell on Cai Wei's shoulders, and without her presence, Li Luo believed that Jiang Qing'e would have been even more worried and tired.


Cai Wei's management ability is truly extraordinary, and she has managed the numerous and complicated affairs of the Luo Lan mansion in an orderly manner.


“On the other properties of the Luolan House, there has been little upheaval this month, but on the Xi Yang House side, there have been many changes.”


“Thanks to the secret spring water provided by the Young Master, this side of the Xi Yang House headquarters, this month’s income reached 300,000 pieces of heavenly gold.”


Hearing this, even Jiang Qing'e couldn't help but show her surprise, her golden eyes looked towards Li Luo in amazement.


Previously, the Xi Yang House headquarters only generated around one million a year, dropping to around 100,000 a month, but due to Li Luo's secret water source, it had now increased by a total of three times...


In one year, couldn't this reach over three million income for the Xi Yang House headquarters alone? That's almost half of the entire Luolan House in previous years!


At this stunned gaze from Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo felt a very strong sense of pleasure, after all, the Great White Goose was so good that there was really no aspect of Li Luo that could amaze her before.


The scene in question was a bit heated, but to maintain his temper, he just smiled lightly and waved his hand nonchalantly: "This increase is actually to be expected, after all, there has already been this increase in the Xi Yang House." of Tian Shu County."


Cai Wei then added: “However, because the demand for the Young Master of Spiritual Light Water is too great, this month, seven Sixth Grade Spiritual Light Water and more than twenty Fifth Grade Spiritual Light Water were purchased. "So this part of the expenditure amounted to 320,000 pieces of heavenly gold, and in the final calculation, there was a loss of 20,000."


Li Luo's smile hardened, Sister Cai Wei, I feel like you are targeting me!


“This is still not enough to make ends meet, ah, Young Master, this pit of yours is a little deep.” Yan Lingqing interjected with a satisfied smile.


Jiang Qing'e smiled and said: "Earning money is supposed to be spent, and this is not a useless exercise, after all, all those Spiritual Light Water are used to invest in Li Luo, and when he becomes a great "Success in dual resonance in the future and my Luo Lan Mansion reaps a new Marquis power, it will not be a waste of money."


Li Luo felt touched that it was still the goose who cared about him.


However, for the sake of his future Spiritual Light Water, he felt that this loss of money should be changed somehow, so he asked: "Sister Cai Wei, the income of the Xi Yang House headquarters, there must still be room for improvement, right?"


On the Tianshu County branch side, it was able to achieve this kind of increase, while on the headquarters side, which is stronger in size than Tianshu County, it stands to reason that the increase would also be a little bit. stronger.


"It would have been... But don't forget that the Xi Yang House headquarters is no longer in its prime." Cai Wei reminded.


Li Luo was stunned, then shook his head helplessly, almost forgetting this, earlier when he first came to Great Xia City, that Duze House, in order to give him a great gift, directly went to bribe the last House Director General. Xi Yang, Han Shik, and sneaked away almost half of the tempering masters, causing the Xi Yang House headquarters to be greatly harmed.


And for a Xi Yang house, a Resonance temperer is essential, after all, no matter how much secret source light water and materials you have, if there is no Resonance temperer to refine it, everything is useless.


"This white-eyed wolf..."


Li Luo couldn't help but curse, you can leave, but you also dug up so many tempering masters, these are the roots of the Xi Yang House, you are too ruthless.


"Have you been recruiting temperers lately?" Jiang Qing'e asked.


Cai Wei's round and delicate chin nodded gently as she said, "Requests have been made, the treatment has not been too low, and we have even reached the secret spring water provided by the Young Master as a promotion point, but..." "The effect is not as good as one would expect."


Li Luo frowned, the seventh grade secret source water was quite advanced, this possessed great appeal to many tempering masters, how could it be ineffective?


Instead, Jiang Qing'e said slowly, "Sniper? Who was it?"


Cai Wei smiled helplessly: “Who else could it be, of course it is the “Daze House” of the Duze House.


"In the last month, the performance of House Xi Yang, you also know, and I think it has surprised you a lot, so you are determined to block House Xi Yang from recruiting more temperers and preventing us from resuming our stopover." ".


"It's the Duze House again..."


Li Luo's eyes swept with a touch of melancholy, within this academy, the brothers of House Duze were constantly giving him trouble, and in this Great King City, House Duze was also intensifying its various attacks on House Luo Lan. , trying to disintegrate and annex it.


The fights within the academy still maintain some substance, but outside... But outside the academy... the fights and competitions between the great houses have no means or moral rectitude.


What House Duze wants to do is take House Luo Lan out of the Five Great Houses and then swallow it down to the bones.


Li Luo even thought that if it weren't for the fact that both he and Jiang Qing'e had now entered the Xuan , and at that time, the Luo Lan House, which had lost its helmsman, would naturally collapse without a fight.


"Nowadays, some of the best free temperers in King's City, especially those who have come into contact with our Xi Yang House, have almost all been approached by 'Da Ze House' and offered better conditions than to our Xi Yang House."


Cai Wei's eyebrows knit together and she said with barely veiled anger, "House Daze is trying to force the collapse of House Xiyang, relying on its strong foundation."


And it must be said that this was a simple and ruthless move on their part. Xiyangya was already badly injured, and if it weren't for the high-purity secret spring water that Li Luo took out this time, I'm afraid he would have really collapsed under this blow directed by the daze house.


But even so, it is difficult to recruit more outstanding temperers to the Xi Yang House these days.


Without more temperers, it would be difficult for House Xi Yang to expand in size, and it would naturally not be effective in revitalizing House Luo Lan.


"Let's take our time with the tempering master first, as long as the Xi Yang House side is stable, there will always be a chance for it to grow." Jiang Qing'e said calmly.


Li Luo, Cai Wei are nodding, although the Duze House is pressing, they can't screw up, they can only wait for the opportunity to move.


"By the way, there is another thing that is more urgent."


Cai Wei's pretty face froze slightly as she looked at Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e.


"According to the information I obtained, many of the tempering masters from the Xi Yang House branch in Xi Ling County rushed to King City, and Pang Qianzhu, who was previously idle, had contact with them and felt ... Some of them are not good candidates."


When Li Luo heard that, he was stunned and said, “The Xi Yang House branch in Xi Ling County?”


In addition to its headquarters in King's City, the Xi Yang House has two other branches, one in Nanfeng City, Tianshu County, and another in Xiling County.


Only this Xi Ling County is Pei Hao's sphere of influence, so the Xi Yang House branch there has long been under Pei Hao's control and does not follow the Xi Yang House headquarters.


So right now, what do these tempering masters from the Xiling County branch, gathered in King's City and still in contact with Pang Qianzhu, want to do?


"It must be Pei Hao's push behind this." Jiang Qing'e said indifferently.


Whether it was the tempering masters of Xi Ling County or Pang Qian Zhu, they were all considered Pei Hao's people, and now that they had gathered together, it would be too naive to say that there was no Pei Hao's instruction behind it.


"Pei Hao..."


When he heard this name, a certain coldness flashed across Li Luo's eyes. This was the culprit that had caused the internal and external problems of the Luo Lan House and the stormy weather.


“Inform Court Master Lei Chang to keep an eye on Pang Qianzhu and the others during this time… Of course, the most important thing is to see if we can find Pei Hao, I have a feeling that he might have taken the opportunity as well.” coming to Great Xia City." Jiang Qing'e said.


Li Luo frowned: “Is Pei Hao here too?”


Previously, a meeting with Pei Hao in the old mansion of South Wind City caused the nine pavilions of Luo Lan Mansion to split. If this Pei Hao were to come to King's City again, I'm afraid he is not here for sightseeing and must remain vigilant.


Jiang Qing'e nodded: "I have a hunch about this."


“If he comes to the King’s City…” A flash of cold killing intent flashed across Li Luo’s eyes.


"Can we find a chance to finish him off?"


If he managed to kill him decisively, although the situation would still be chaotic, as long as he and Jiang Qing'e didn't make a mistake, they could gradually stabilize the situation, and by then, with the loss of Pei Hao, the biggest problem hidden within, the House Luolan would recover more quickly.


Jiang Qing'e said softly, "In fact, Pei Hao has never been the only one I have feared... I was just taking in who was behind Pei Hao and who really supported him."


A mist passed through Li Luo's eyes, behind Pei Hao, there was most likely a higher power providing him with help, otherwise, he feared that he would not have been bold enough to jump directly into rebellion after the disappearance of His parents.


Who supports you?


Duze House? Or the Extreme Yang House? These are two of the main powers that have been at odds with the House of Luo Lan and are also very motivated by this, or, perhaps, by some other power...


Li Luo rubbed his forehead; It seemed that with this news, this vacation would not be so frugal.

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