Chapter 20: From one to three

The shock and shock of the Blue Resonance power rising above Li Luo's body on the field almost far surpassed Lu Tai's defeat, and everyone looked at the scene in shock, huge ripples surging in their hearts, causing them to They felt some tremors for a while.


"He... Why does he suddenly have a Water Resonance?" Tifa Qing murmured.


He looked at the young man on the field, who was holding an iron staff, with a long and cheerful body and an unusually handsome face, and for a moment he was in a trance, because he remembered the time when Li Luo first entered the Wind School. from the South, and at that time he had directly become a popular figure in the academy that no one could match, and his popularity had reached even Jiang Qing'e, who had left behind a legend.


Only later, as the nature of his void resonance was revealed, did Li Lou's scenery fall by the wayside and eventually even dropped to the second house.


However, at this moment, the young man with the power of Blue Resonance rising in front of him seemed to gradually become radiant again like before.


Song Yunfeng's face changed wonderfully, his gaze stabbed into Li Luo's body like a nail, as if he was trying to see through her body inside and out.


If there is anyone who would hate to see this scene, I am afraid that he, Song Yunfeng, would be the first.


Because he had seen how radiant Li Lou was then, and because of that, he didn't want to see Li Lou rise again.


Song Yunfeng tilted his head, looked at the side of Lu Qing'er's face, at this moment, his bright eyes seemed to faintly bloom with brilliance as he looked at the young man on the field, causing the cuffs of his sleeves to slowly tighten. , the depths of his eyes were full of shadows.


While Tifa Qing and Song Yunfeng had different emotions surging in their hearts, Lu Qing'er, beside them, was the calmest one, with her pupils resting on Li Luo's body.


"For sure yes..."


“This South Wind Academy is about to get interesting from now on.”


"Li Lou, will you be able to walk again?"




"What's going on here? How come Li Luo suddenly has a Water Resonance?" On the high platform, Lin Feng was extremely surprised, and after a moment, he couldn't help but speak.


"Did he use any offensive forbidden techniques?"


Xu Shanyue was also shocked, but when she heard this from Lin Feng, she immediately said with dissatisfaction: "What are you talking about, Li Luo used to be Void Resonance, does he have to be all the time?"


Lin Feng stagnated and frowned: “I don't want to say that, but we both understand that Void Resonance is innate, how is it possible to have it again later in life?”


Xu Shanyue snorted coldly: "We find it incredible, it's just that we don't have enough experience."


Lin Feng was about to argue, when the old dean in front of him spoke: "Although Acquired Resonance is rare, it is indeed not impossible, and some legendary and extremely rare celestial treasures are said to possess such divine effects."


"Li Luo's parents probably left this kind of heavenly treasure for him, which gave him the Water Resonance."


"There is no rush to discuss this first, just wait for the competition to end and then ask Li Luo, we are the academy, we are only teaching students, as for the rest, the academy is not qualified to ask."


Hearing even the old dean say that, Lin Feng had nothing more to say. His gaze was fixed on Li Luo on the field, his eyes flickering, and he didn't know what he was thinking about.


Amidst the many agitated eyes of the audience, a somewhat ugly-looking Bei Kun entered the arena with his spear in his hand.


"Li Luo, I didn't expect you to hide so deeply, you want to use these three competitions today to prove yourself, right? But I won't let you get what you want." Bei Kun said in a cold voice.


Li Lou laughed and said, "The lines are so retarded, are you acting?"


Bei Kun's face blushed, and then he became a little annoyed: "I'll see how long you can keep laughing!"


As he took a step forward, his Resonance power surged from within him, a tiger roar was faintly heard, and a sense of intimidation emanated.


That is Bei Kun's Split Mountain Tyrant Tiger Resonance, ranked at the sixth grade. This Resonance is known for its fierce and ferocious nature, and if the Resonance is powerful, it has the power to split mountains.


Li Luo felt the faint fury that washed over him, and his eyes fixed slightly, this Bei Kun's own Resonance power was a point stronger than that of Liu Yang and Lu Tai before, and most importantly, with the increase of the Sixth Grade Split Mountain Tyrant Tiger Resonance, his overall strength was considered to be at the upper level of the Sixth Seal.


On the other hand, Li Luo himself was now at the power level of the Fifth Seal of Resonance power, and his own "Light Water Resonance" was only fifth grade, so from the surface, it seemed like he was in general behind his opponent.


However, sometimes victory or defeat does not depend entirely on this.




He did not hesitate, his body shot out like a tiger descending from a mountain, his iron spear in his hand enveloped with extremely fierce and majestic power, directly and viciously crushing Li Luo.


The power of Blue Resonance surged in Li Luo's hand, like a flowing blue wave, and directly collided with Bei Kun's iron spear.




The sound of gold and iron resounded, Qi waves spread, as Li Luo's figure flailed and shot backwards, but his step was as agile as that of a fish, quickly dislodging all the violent power that hit him. arrived.


"Hmph, it's just the Resonance power of the fifth seal!"


After this face-to-face meeting, Bei Kun immediately sensed Li Luo's Resonance power level and was immediately relieved, saying contemptuously, "I thought I was really going to turn into a salty fish, but it's like this."


With a cold laugh, he pounced on Li Luo like a fierce tiger, his iron spear in his hand enveloped with strong force, and its tip pierced through the air, turning into a spear shadow to pierce Li Luo's body.


It is clear that he was going to take advantage of his victory to defeat Li Lou in the fiercest way possible.


In the face of Bei Kun's pursuit, Li Luo did not retreat, appeared calm, and faced him again, and in an instant, both weapons and clubs collided continuously, emitting loud sounds of gold and iron.


The two directly engaged in a fight, and for a while the force of the Resonance stirred, but it seemed quite intense.


But as time passed, Bei Kun's face began to get a little ugly, because he noticed that the power surging from the iron rod in Li Luo's hand gradually became more and more majestic.


And in the stands of the first courtyard, some of the stronger cadets could see that something was wrong.


“Li Luo actually blocked Bei Kun’s burst of power… Strange, he is clearly at the power level of the Fifth Seal Resonance…”


"And Li Lou's power seems to be getting stronger... How can this be?"


"It is a high-rank Resonance technique, Nine Blue Waves. This technique is extremely compatible with Water Resonance and is good for post attacking people, its power is like a wave, which gradually stacks and accumulates, combined with "The continuous and strong power of the Water Resonance, the longer the battle continues, the stronger its power will be, unless it is brutally broken with absolute power."


"If Bei Kun doesn't break the game, I'm afraid he will lose."


The faces of those outstanding students of the First House had become somewhat serious at this moment. This Nine Blue Waves Technique was a high-ranking Resonance technique, and even in the First House, there were only a handful of students who could master it, but now that Li Luo had performed it, he was quite skilled.


“Li Luo is worthy of being my South Wind School’s number one person in terms of understanding techniques.” They couldn't help but sigh, in the past when Li Luo did not have the power of Resonance, this feeling of theirs was not deep, but now with Li Luo also being born with the nature of Resonance and possessing the power of Resonance, they only understood how difficult it was. the combination of the two.




While they were talking, Bei Kun suddenly burst out with a roar, obviously he also felt something was wrong, the power of Resonance in front of Li Luo obviously didn't seem too strong, but it was like a vortex, entangling him a little.


Furthermore, for some reason, Li Luo's Resonance power always gave him a strange feeling of purity.


But in any case, Bei Kun knew that this could not continue.


A fierce light flashed in his eyes as he tightly gripped his iron spear with both palms, only to see his palms faintly transform into the shadow of a tiger claw as the violent power of Resonance surged forth.


"High-rank Resonance Technique, Tooth Stab!"


Bei Kun stepped forward, his iron spear pierced like a ferocious tiger, directly piercing through the heavy succession of Water Resonance forces and aiming directly at Li Luo behind him.


Li Luo looked at that whistling gun, like a fanged weapon, and the power of Water Resonance that was tightly stacked on the iron rod in his hand also burst out like a huge crashing wave.


The spear and the club did not even collide, but staggered and aimed directly at each other.


"You seek death!"


The iron spear stabbed in without hesitation, but at that instant, he saw the power of Blue Resonance flickering above the iron rod, and faintly, as if there was a blinding light, which made his eyes narrow.


In the next instant, Bei Kun's pupils suddenly shrank as he realized that the tip of his spear, which was stabbing at Li Luo, had fallen short and appeared inches from Li Luo's shoulder.


"It's over".


Bei Kun's heart chilled, he didn't understand how he could have made such a mistake, his shot clearly could have hit Li Lou in the shoulder socket.


But at this moment, it was already too late to have any reaction, because Li Luo's iron rod containing gravity was already whistling, hitting directly at his face.




A mouth full of blood mixed with teeth shot out and a scream sounded as Bei Kun's figure flew back and crashed heavily onto the field.


Bei Kun's screams echoed across the field.


Li Luo, for his part, slowly withdrew his iron rod, exhaled a long white breath, and the Blue Resonance power rising above his body also disappeared a little at that moment.


There was silence around, except for Bei Kun's constant shouting.


But the silence did not last long before it was broken by piercing screams and boiling sounds, with students from all the other Houses, except the First, shouting in excitement and frenzy.


They couldn't believe what they had seen today...


They saw how that once popular figure of the South Wind School exploded again in a blinding light.


They saw the teenager known as Void Resonance, as the second house, achieve the feat of going from one to three against the first house!


Zhao Gao's face flushed red with excitement and excitement, and then he made a contemptuous gesture towards the side of the first courtyard as an arrogant growl sounded.




"Man, he's back!!!"

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