Chapter 200 – The firmament

In the next two days, Li Luo was extraordinarily busy. Firstly, he couldn't stop practicing his tempering technique, and his completion rate of refining the Third Grade Spiritual Light Water was starting to get higher and higher.


While practicing the Healing Resonance Technique, he had to maintain his own training, and it was unclear whether Jiang Qing'e was doing it to beat him, but now he had to be forcibly dragged to the training room every day and... .beaten for an hour.


The name of the game is to promote your training.


And every time Li Luo left the training room with his legs shaking and holding on to the wall.


It was difficult to say how much effect this hammering had, but Li Luo could clearly feel that his flesh body's ability to resist blows had improved a bit...


After being hit, Li Luo also had to start becoming skilled in water resonance, the healing effect of Wood Resonance.




In a work room.


On the table in front of Li Luo lay a wounded beast with a blood stain visible to the naked eye on its torso, and he looked calm as he stretched out his hands to cover the blood stain.


The resonance power within the body rose, the water resonance and the wood resonance power formed an extremely brief intersection between the palms, but also released a powerful healing power.


In a matter of ten breaths, the blood stain on the beast's body was rapidly healing.


The treatment is quite effective.


However, Li Luo was not surprised by this, as both his Water Resonance and Wood Resonance powers possessed healing abilities, and furthermore, his Water Resonance power also contained some Water Resonance power. of light.


The Force of Light resonance is, in fact, equally adept at healing.


It's just that of the water and light resonances, the light resonance is only a secondary resonance after all, so its power is not as strong as that of the water resonance, otherwise these three healing effects would explode at once. same time, and Li Luo felt that as long as he was not killed by a single blow, I am afraid he would be able to recover quickly.


Li Luo let the healed beast go with a thoughtful look. He had been skilled in this healing power for a day and had healed many wounds in that time.


So there is an initial understanding of this healing power.


To be honest, he felt as if he had somewhat neglected this healing power in the past, when he had only valued the feeling of power that these resonance powers brought, but he had forgotten that healing itself could, in fact, also bring some miraculous effects.


"Rather, it could develop..."




Day 3, training room.


Jiang Qing'e nonchalantly raised a wooden spear in her hand, her golden eyes looking at Li Luo across the room as she smiled, "Are you ready to take your part today?"


"I always feel like you've been hitting me on purpose for the past two days, you're not still angry for hiding my lifespan before, right?" Li Luo said helplessly.




Jiang Qing'e revealed an innocent smile and said, "I'm really just hammering you, in this kind of battle, your resonance power will be dominated more purely."


Li Luo stared at that imposing face, beautiful women are good at lying, and with Jiang Qing'e's face, I am afraid that lies would be taken as sincere words from the heart.


In the end, he could only nod and concede, while saying, "I won't make any moves today..."


Dropping the weapon in his hand, he headed to a position about ten meters away from Jiang Qing'e and said, "Today you are trying to attack my body with intensive resonance techniques."


Li Luo clasped his hands and the two resonance palaces within his body vibrated as water resonance and wood resonance powers surged, while at the same time, light resonance power mixed with them.


The three healing powers were simultaneously stimulated and channeled into the flesh and blood by Li Luo.


At this moment, the surface of Li Luo's skin actually bloomed with bright lights, which, as if forming some faint light patterns, appeared faintly.


When Jiang Qing'e saw this scene, her eyebrows raised slightly and she could feel Li Luo's body being filled with exuberant vitality at this moment.


"Is it the healing power of water resonance and Wood Resonance?"


"Two days of research and you're already using it on yourself?"


He said this with interest, and then his slender jade hand was gently raised, to see a brilliant resonance of light coming out of his body, like a dazzling sun.


In the next instant, he clapped out with one hand, only to see countless channels of brilliant resonance power whizzing out as if they had turned into needle light, covering Li Luo with the sky.


Snort! Snort!


Facing those resonance force needle vectors, Li Luo did not dodge them, but instead let them fall on his body, and immediately, a blood stain appeared on his body, and his skin and flesh were torn apart.


The pain was unbearable, but Li Luo said nothing.


He looked at his body, and although wounds were constantly appearing, the flesh and blood were extremely actively displayed, repairing those wounds at a rather alarming rate.


A look of surprise flashed across Li Luo's eyes. In fact, in this state, his body possessed extremely tenacious and strong recovery power, so if it was a life and death fight with someone, he would have a great advantage with this.


The agitated light vector eventually dissipated, and Jiang Qing'e approached Li Luo, looked at his blood-stained but unharmed body, nodded gently and said, "As expected from a double resonance of water and wood, this power "Healing is obviously activated only at the beginning, and is able to raise the recovery power of the flesh up to this point."


She was a little surprised, although the Water and Wood Dual Resonance possessed a healing effect, the effect was not that strong, right? His previous attack had only used a little power, but that was no longer weak for Li Luo's level.


"I call this state, "Firm Body", which can increase the recovery power of the flesh for a short period of time, but because it is not a small consumption of resonance power, it does not last long." Li Luo smiled with a little pride and said.


Jiang Qing'e smiled and said, "In fact, many water resonance and wood resonance powerhouses would use this to strengthen their flesh bodies, so it's not too special, it is said that some truly powerful people are capable." to use this power to the extreme, and their flesh bodies are almost equivalent to immortality at that level."




"For some reason, the healing and restorative properties that your resonance power possesses are going to seem a little more special, is that the advantage of dual resonance?"


Li Luo smiled, the reason for the stronger healing effect was of course because he also possessed a light resonance, although it was only a secondary resonance and not as powerful as the two main water and wood resonances, he was still able to achieve a increasing effect.


Jiang Qing'e nodded her head slightly and said, "That's all for today, plus today is the first test for the division's tempering masters, right? How have you guys acted in the past two days?"


"Listening to Elder Zheng Ping's report, it seems that everyone is quite diligent in refining Spiritual Light Water, and they have not made any trouble." Li Luo said.


But this calm, on the contrary, made Jiang Qing'e's brows frown a little. He would rather the other party's tactics be exposed earlier, so as to always be on guard, but have no bottom.


"There's no point in thinking about it, just seeing what happens." Li Luo saw this and said calmly.


"Let's go to the Xiyang House headquarters first and complete the first test."


For these three exams, Li Luo had been planning for a long time, which would also determine whether he could finally enlist the temperers of these divisions in his hands, so today's exam was going to receive some attention as well… Destruction of heavy hammers.

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