Chapter 206 - The secret key scramble

The atmosphere was warm, with people of all kinds laughing and chatting, and with glasses of wine in their mouths, the atmosphere was increasing.


At one point, the sound of musical instruments at the banquet quietly subsided, only to see Yu Hongxi arriving at a dais, looking at the guests with beautiful eyes.


Inside the banquet hall, a gaze also swept towards the beautiful woman with an extremely strong aura and at the same time a radiant glow.


"Thank you all for getting out of your busy schedules to celebrate my daughter's birthday."


"Without further ado, as you all know, for today's birthday celebration, and as a sort of encouragement to the youngsters of each family, I have taken out several Golden Dragon Secret Keys as a prize for tonight's banquet..."


"This Golden Dragon Secret Key is limited to the realm of Resonance Masters, so anyone from each family who meets the conditions can try it. The "Golden Dragon Dojo" of our Treasure House does not dare to say no. "It is unparalleled in this world, but it should also be considered a top-notch cultivation sanctuary." Yu Hongxi smiled as he raised his palm, a golden key dangling from his fingertips. The golden key was in the shape of a dragon, which coiled and twisted, with a mysterious pattern inscribed on its scales, faintly emitting an extremely mysterious power.


Many eyes in the field were staring at the golden key on Yu Hongxi's fingertips, and even some of the stronger marquises showed some interest.


It is rumored that the "Golden Dragon Dojo" is so vast that it is like a small world, so there are levels within it.


But alas, the Golden Dragon Dojo is the result of countless human and financial resources gathered by the Golden Dragon Treasure House, which is the foundation of the Golden Dragon Treasure House.


"Is it the Golden Dragon Secret Key?"


Li Luo was also a little curious as he looked at the Golden Dragon Secret Key in Yu Hongxi's hand. He actually didn't know much about this so-called Golden Dragon Dojo, but he thought that if he could open a small heaven and earth made of space, it must not be that simple, right?


"The Golden Dragon Dojo... It's really hard to imagine what kind of giant the Golden Dragon Treasure House headquarters is that can create a cultivation sanctuary of this level." On that side, the Eldest Princess sighed softly, with a slightly melancholy expression.


Jiang Qing'e looked at her, the eldest princess had an extremely strong personality, and as one of the people in charge of the royal court currently, in her mind, perhaps the royal court was the strongest power in Grand Xia, but for a special existence like the Golden Dragon Treasure House, even as honorable as her, she felt a faint sense of helplessness.


Jiang Qing'e did not bother to comfort the Princess, as she did not need such unnecessary comfort either.


"It sounds like you're under a lot of competitive pressure." Jiang Qing'e looked at Li Luo and reminded him.


Li Luo nodded his head, somewhat helplessly, listening to what Yu Hongxi said, this Golden Dragon Secret Key competition, as long as one was at the Resonance Master realm, he could participate, but this was obviously extremely disadvantageous. For someone like him who was at the first stage of the Resonance Master realm, after all, even if he was perverted, he wouldn't think that he could cross the level to defeat Zhu Xuan and Ye Qiu Ding, who were at the third stage. of the realm of the Resonance Masters.


Not a very fair competition, is it?


"I think the fight for this Golden Dragon Secret Key should not be the kind that relies on fists to grab it tightly." Jiang Qing'e also understood Li Luo's concern and said with a slight pause.


"Well, today is Lu Qing'er's birthday banquet after all, so it wouldn't be a good scene if we really had to fight, so the fight must be different." The eldest princess at the side said with the same smile.


When Li Luo heard that, he also nodded, let's first see how it goes, if there is a chance, we should naturally compete, but if it is not possible, then there is no need to force it.


On the steps, Yu Hongxi continued: "This time, the fight for the Golden Dragon Secret Key will not be a blatant fight, but will have a different approach."


As he spoke, he raised his hand, only to see a swirling resonance force sweeping back and forth across the spacious banquet hall, and as the guests gradually dispersed, a wide open space finally formed in the center of the room. hall.


The resonance force, on the other hand, forms a curtain of light around the clearing.


"Within the Golden Dragon Dojo, not everything is risk-free, upon entering, you will encounter the Green Devilish Wind, which is made of violent and harsh wind attribute energy, although the Golden Dragon Secret Key will form some protection for you." "You, there will still be some Green Devil Winds invading, which will pose a great threat to you."


"The way to compete for the Golden Dragon Secret Key this time is a simulation of a sweep of the Green Devil Wind."


"Those who want to compete just have to enter this area and persevere until the end in the Green Devil Wind that I have released, then they will be able to obtain the Golden Dragon Secret Key." Yu Hongxi smiled and pointed towards the empty space that was enveloped by the resonance force light curtain.


This statement caused some commotion, and all the youths who were interested in competing for the Golden Dragon Secret Key were surprised and suspicious, as they clearly did not expect the Golden Dragon Secret Key to choose this way of competing.


The commotion continued for a few moments before the crowd saw Xuan Zhu, a tall man with a slightly domineering and confident aura, be the first to enter the arena.


And with Zhu Xuan leading the way, the rest of the group, Ye Qiuding, Mo Ling, Wang Hetou, Duze Beixuan and others, also stood up one by one.


Before long, more than a dozen people appeared on the field, some of whom were heavenly talents from the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, while others were young talents recruited by various powers.


"So it's like this..."


A subtle smile appeared on Li Luo's face, if it were a tough head-on fight, it would be really difficult for him to compete with Zhu Xuan and the rest of them who were at the third stage of the Resonance Master realm, but If it was a competition of who could take a beating, then it really wasn't entirely safe...


He had developed a technique to withstand blows under Jiang Qing'e's beatings in the past few days! Now, it was just the right time to use it!


On the side, Jiang Qing'e tilted her head to look at Li Luo and smiled lightly: "You don't need to thank me."


The corner of Li Luo's mouth twitched, you big white goose, you are really too much, Beat me for days and still want me to thank you?


Black heart!


Without paying more attention to Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo also entered the arena under the attention of a few eyes.


On the steps, Lu Qing'er looked at Li Luo coming in, her small hands closed silently, although she had no waves on her face, but in her heart she was cheering for Li Luo.


Yu Hongxi's eyes also swept over Li Luo without a trace, and then the radiance spread over Lu Qing'er. Although the young woman was very restrained, the old spy still noticed that Lu Qing'er's body stiffened a little at that moment.


It's pretty intense.


However, although Li Luo was also quite outstanding, he himself was only at the first stage of the Resonance Master realm, and with that he should have no difficulty competing with Zhu Xuan and the others, who were at the third stage of the Resonance Master realm. realm of the Resonance Masters.


Li Luo walked in and happened to notice the sullen Qin Qiglu standing next to him, and immediately asked curiously, "Would you really come to this kind of party?"


"Is it because of the Golden Dragon Secret Key?"


Qin Qiglu took a look at him and said in a low voice: "No, it was my father who asked me to participate, he said that if I didn't come, he would take me to a green house."


Li Luo swallowed a mouthful of saliva, shit, your father is really ruthless ah, this is to force Qin Qiglu to death ah, is he really your biological father?


Casting a compassionate look at Qin Qiglu, Li Luo couldn't say anything comforting for a while.


As many youths with impressive auras entered the arena, Yu Hongxi took out a green jade bottle from his sleeve, which seemed to be inscribed with extremely delicate and complex light patterns, and faintly, a sound of whistling wind came out.


"Gentlemen, let's get started."


He laughed lightly and snapped his fingers, the power of resonance swept across the mouth of the green jade bottle, and the next moment, everyone watched as the green wind gushed out, enveloping Li Luo and Zhu Xuan, the figures in the curtain. of light, and moving away in a hurry.

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