Chapter 210 – The Tool Man

Lu Qing'er was behind the pillar, standing in a pavilion. The light behind the pillar was somewhat dim, however her skin was like ice crystals, as if shining with light, making her appear even more dazzling and charming in this dim environment.


Her long, silky, shiny black hair falls and flutters at the small of her back.


When Li Luo saw Lu Qing'er, he was also a little stunned, and then he laughed: "Have you heard what that guy said?"


Lu Qing'er looked at Li Luo with a light smile, her beautiful eyes containing subtle joy as she nodded gently and said, "I thought the Young Master would sell me."


Li Luo's mind turned, and he wondered if that Zhu Xuan knew that Lu Qing'er was here, so he had deliberately searched for him, and if there had been any truce in his words before, then Lu Qing'er would be here. obviously very upset.


If that's the case, that guy, he's also pretty shady.


“This Zhu Xuan, who is the young master of the Extreme Yan Mansion, is really a bit low-key, he even used such childish conditions to talk to me, and even claimed that he wanted to team up with you, I feel that his sincerity is also not high, In the future, you should pay some attention to it." Li Luo sighed and said in a serious tone.


Whether that Zhu Xuan is black or not, let's help him pay some attention to him first.


Lu Qing'er gave him a blank look and said, "Whether he is sincere or not has nothing to do with me, and there is no way I can team up with him in the Golden Dragon Dojo."


"It's a pity, I see that this Zhu Xuan has some interest in you." Li Luo said.


"It's just for the Golden Dragon Treasure House that my mother is in charge of." Lu Qing'er said disdainfully.


"You can't think so badly of people... What if they're a little greedy and really want to get both?"


Li Luo said: "Explain yourself."


"Dreaming your big dreams!" Lu Qing'er tightly furrowed her willow eyebrows, and a hint of disgust flashed across her eyes.


Circling around, he looked at Li Luo and said softly, “Li Luo, you wouldn't sell me out for the temptation of anyone else, would you?”


"I'm not too familiar with that Golden Dragon Dojo, and it is said that there will also be branches of the Golden Dragon Treasure House in other countries involved when the time comes, and the competition in them is fierce, so I need a partner in the one I can truly trust." Her long and slender eyelashes blinked softly, as if they seemed a little soft.


Li Luo directly patted his chest and said with a serious face: "Don't worry, with the relationship the two of us have, even if Zhu Xuan made the dissolution of the House of Extreme Yang as a condition, I wouldn't care at all."


Lu Qing'er smiled softly, satisfied with this.


Li Luo reminded: "Then can you put away the dagger?"


He pointed to Lu Qing'er's other small hand, where a cold and shiny dagger seethed with cold air.


Lu Qing'er smiled and said, "This is what I use to peel the fruit, don't be mistaken, here, let's give you some."


With a wave of his hand, he took out a cleanly peeled fruit and handed it to Li Luo.


Li Luo looked at Qing'er Lu for two seconds, and although it was kind of cute, right now he felt that if he said the wrong thing, he might use a dagger to gesture...


It is true that pretty women lie without changing their faces.


However, he had known Lu Qing'er for many years and had a great relationship with her, so if there was something that she truly needed from him in that Golden Dragon Dojo, it was inevitable that he would not be able to refuse it.


He picked up the fruit and nibbled on it, asking in passing: "Has your ice resonance reached the eighth grade?"


Lu Qing'er nodded with a light smile, and it was clear that she was glad about it as well.


"Envy". Li Luo sighed, evolving his own resonance from the seventh to the eighth grade, the Spiritual Light Water required for it was not little.


I have to say that Yu Hongxi is really rich, such a mother, who wouldn't want one?


"The Young Master who is sitting on a double resonance should not envy my little lower eighth grade ice resonance, after all , the lower eighth grade resonance has already been defeated by you by two." Lu Qing'er said with a smile.


Naturally, he was referring to both Doze Beixuan and Wang Hetou.


Li Luo smiled and chatted for a while with Lu Qing'er, who was obviously happy to talk to him here, with a bright smile on her small and clear face.


Only, the conversation was soon interrupted when an assistant came over to remind Lu Qing'er that President Yu was looking for her.


Lu Qing'er felt a little helpless, but there was nothing she could do, after all, today was her birthday party, so she could only wave at Li Luo and walk away with light steps.


Looking at her slender and slim figure, Li Luo also smiled as he turned around and walked into the banquet hall before finding Jiang Qing'e.


The Senior Princess had been with Jiang Qing'e, and when she saw Li Luo return, she smiled and said, "When the banquet ends later, we will have to delay Senior Li Luo for some time."


Knowing that he was talking about treating the young emperor, Li Luo immediately felt a bit of helplessness in his heart, knowing very well that it was a ridiculous thing for both sides to have to go through it for once.


But after all, this was an opportunity to establish relations with the Princess, and both parties were willing to do so, so of course he had to cooperate, so he nodded and said he knew.


And so, time drifted by at the luminous banquet.


Finally, the party came to an end and the guests began to disperse.


With Lu Qing'er in tow, Yu Hongxi arrived at the side of the Eldest Princess, who gave Yu Hongxi a smile and said, "President Yu, it is quite necessary to borrow your place for a while."


Yu Hongxi obviously knew what the eldest princess wanted to do here, her eyes swept a glance at Li Luo, then smiled, "One hand up, but it has taken so long, I'm afraid the king is a little impatient."


The Eldest Princess laughed: "He will have fun anywhere, as long as he doesn't stay in the palace."




Smiling, Yu Hongxi took the lead, finally leading a few people into the mansion and stopping in front of a room.


Li Luo's gaze looked around, he could feel that those dark places seemed to hide many dark auras, giving a feeling of slaughter step by step.


It is clear that the place is very well defended.


As Yu Hongxi pushed the door open, the eldest princess led Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo inside.


"Mother, what are you doing here?" Lu Qing'er asked softly, her eyes a little puzzled.


"The Eldest Princess wants to ask Li Luo to treat the king." Yu Hongxi said.


Lu Qing'er's small face was immediately filled with dismay as she frowned: "This is too strange, isn't it? It is said that the king's congenital defect is so strong that even many marquis power houses are helpless..." "


"How did the Princess let Li Luo taste it?"


Yu Hongxi laughed lightly and said, "It's just a drunk's intention."


The princess was after Jiang Qing'e, and asking Li Luo to treat the king was just a pretext...


But... That's treating Li Luo too much like a tool man.


Lu Qing'er was slightly indignant, thinking in her mind: 'In case Li Luo really throws out something unexpected later, let's see what you guys think...'

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