Chapter 211 – Treatment Attempt

In the bright and spacious room, Li Luo again met the young man he had encountered earlier in the Golden Dragon Treasure House.


Only this time the latter, even in simple civilian clothes and with his still boyish face, seemed to give off an inexplicable majesty.


As the nominal ruler of the Great Court of King Xia, he is still a little different when it comes to raising Qi.


"Your Majesty".


Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e bowed slightly to the young emperor.


The emperor's small face was solemn as he nodded, but that gaze glanced at Li Luo a few times, thinking that he had a bit of a deep memory of this man who had also deceived him once before in the Golden Dragon Treasure House.


The young emperor was sitting on a bed, with a gloomy-faced, gray-robed old man next to him, his head hanging and his eyes seemingly closed, giving the impression of a weak presence.


However, Li Luo was well aware of the feeling of oppression, if any, of his body, and thought that this must be a high power within the royal palace.


It was clear that the Eldest Princess had also made enough preparations… Preparation.


If by then, during the healing process, he did something wrong, maybe that old man in gray would notice and intervene to stop him.


The eldest princess stepped forward and took one of the young emperor's hands, and didn't talk any more nonsense, but looked directly at Li Luo: "Can we start?"


The Eldest Princess's country cheeks showed an impeccably kind smile, but Li Luo could sense a helpless shyness; It was clear that the Eldest Princess had not had the slightest expectation of this treatment from the beginning.


Even Li Luo thought that if the Eldest Princess hadn't wanted to appear to be pulling Jiang Qing'e too obviously, she might have simply skipped this step.


However, Li Luo didn't say much, he also understood that he was a tool person, to get close to the Princess, which was somehow good for the Luolan House, so he didn't mind coming to pass by him.


"Big Brother Li Luo, please keep what you have seen and heard today a secret and do not spread it."


The Eldest Princess gave a reminder to Li Luo, and then had the young emperor turn his back to them and slowly remove the clothes from his upper body.


The little emperor's body was quite dry and thin, but his skin was extremely white and tender, but Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e did not worry about this, because when the little emperor took off his shirt, they saw with slightly changed faces that On the little emperor's back, there were meridians protruding from his skin, and these meridians were a faint green color, intertwining with each other, looking like a green lotus inscribed on the skin.


However, half of the "green lotus" transformed by these meridians now has a dark color.


That blackness was eerily chilling, and I don't know if it was an illusion, but Li Luo felt as if those black meridians were living beings, slowly writhing.


The disturbing blackness ate away at the "green lotus" transformed by the meridians of the young emperor's back.


It was as if it was going to completely transform into a "black lotus".


Both Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e had a touch of shock in their eyes as they thought that this strange scene on the young emperor's back had caused them a great shock.


“It’s…” Li Luo hesitated for a moment.


"That's the problem with the king... Since he was born, the meridians on his back formed a "green lotus", and it is rumored that he seems to be a rare physique called "Yin Yang Green Lotus", which should actually be considered something Well."


"From the information we have received, once the green lotus completely transforms into a black lotus, the king's flesh and blood will be devoured by it, and by then, nine lives will be lost."


The eldest princess's brows knitted together, her delicate jade fingers tracing the alternating blue and black lotus shapes on the young emperor's back, anguish crossed her eyes and her voice became hoarse.


"Over the years, we have sought out many powerful people with healing powers such as Water, Wood and Light resonances, many of whom are marquises, but they were also unable to help the King with this congenital defect and could only help him with some carefully crafted medicines to alleviate Black Erosion."


"However, there are not many strong Great Xia marquises, and it is even rarer to find a strong marquis who wants to have the healing power in both resonances, so this dual water and wood resonance from student brother Li Luo makes me wait, especially if one day you are able to become a marquis, you might really have a chance to cure the King."


When Li Luo heard that, he also sighed in his heart, this rare congenital defect, even those proficient in healing from marquis seal power houses couldn't handle it, so what use could it be if it came?


But even if it is a walk in the park, it must be done carefully, otherwise it is inevitable that everything will be a little uncomfortable if it is too superficial.


So he came forward and sat on the edge of the bed, while smiling at the young emperor: "Your Majesty, we meet again."


The young emperor glanced at him out of the corner of his eye and muttered: "Liar."


Li Luo was a little embarrassed, that day in the auction house of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, he provoked the little emperor to compete with Duze Beixuan, at that time he really did not expect that this rich boy, was the little emperor of the royal court...


But now, it seems that this young emperor knows all his tricks by heart, and that people are bored of playing with him.


Li Luo sighed in his heart, indeed, to be able to sit in this position, even a child cannot be underestimated ah.


Li Luo coughed lightly and said, "Your Majesty, I will try my hand first."


The young emperor responded lazily, seemingly just as disinterested and not expecting Li Luo's treatment.


Li Luo didn't care about his attitude, his face became a little more solemn, and then the twin resonances within his body vibrated at that moment, the power of the twin resonances flowed and finally merged between his palms.


Although everyone understood that he was only here to jump through hoops, Li Luo still gave it his all, only to see the resonance power filled with rich healing power emerge from his palm, emitting an extremely warm feeling.


The Eldest Princess was also quite interested in Li Luo's double resonance, her eyes looked at her, and even the old man in gray, who had not spoken at all, had his gaze cast under the slit of his narrowed eyes, and then nodded slightly. .


However, I don't know if it was an illusion, but I felt that the double resonance power of water and wood seemed to shine a little brighter.


It is certainly dazzling because it is mixed with a bit of light resonance power, but that light resonance power is extremely weak compared to the water and wood resonance powers.


The two blue and emerald green energy resonances merged in Li Luo's palm and gradually formed a drop of liquid energy, which emitted strong healing power and dropped onto the "lotus pattern" on the back of Li Luo. little emperor




As if rain had fallen on dry clay, the drop of energy liquid was immediately absorbed cleanly by the lotus pattern on the little emperor's back.


At this moment, although the crowd did not have any expectations at first, they kept reflexively looking at the young emperor's back, wanting to see if there was any change.


Li Luo also had his eyes fixed on the ground, waiting for the final result.

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