Chapter 212 – Treatment Results

Inside the hall, the crowd held their breath, their eyes falling on the young emperor's back, even the young emperor himself, his body slightly tense.


As usual, there were no expectations from the beginning, but that didn't stop the audience from waiting for the final result when it was over.


As the crowd watched, the "lotus pattern" on the young emperor's back did not seem to fluctuate, as calm as if it were a windless lake.


There was a hint of helplessness in the Eldest Princess' pretty eyes, and although she didn't show it on her face, she let out a soft sigh in her heart.


In the past, when the young emperor's healing was carried out by the powerful marquis lords, there used to be a lot of movement, and sometimes the "green lotus" on the young emperor's back would even shine brightly and begin to retreat before the energy of the young emperor. black lotus


Of course, this counterattack was ultimately a failure and he was barely able to hold the other half of the Green Lotus area.


It's just that while that kind of comeback was a failure, in the end it gave a visual sense of lifting, while this lack of movement at the moment is a bit difficult to say.


I guess it was because Li Luo's resonance power was too weak to shake the situation.


In the calm atmosphere, Li Luo looked a little embarrassed, but it was the eldest princess who was understanding and laughed: "No need to worry about junior Li Luo, this is just an attempt."


Li Luo nodded embarrassedly, then turned to the young emperor and said, "I'm sorry for disturbing Your Majesty."


The young emperor nodded silently, and although he did not speak, there was still some melancholy on that small face. After all, that congenital defect in his body had caused him great pain from time to time, causing his physical weakness since childhood.


Li Luo stood up, walked over to Jiang Qing'e and exchanged a look with her, who also gave him a comforting look.


"Eldest Princess, since the attempt is over, we will also take our leave."


Jiang Qing'e also had no intention of interacting too much with the Princess, after all, both parties had achieved their goals and would simply confront each other in the future.


With a slight nod of her head, the Princess wanted to say goodbye to them first.




And just then, a hoarse old voice suddenly rang in the room.


The Eldest Princess was standing, and her gaze was somewhat bewildered as she looked towards the old man in gray who was standing by the bed. The voice from before was that of this old man in gray who had not said a word from the beginning to the end.


Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e also looked at the gray-robed old man in amazement, wondering what this mysterious power meant by suddenly speaking at this moment.


"Elder Shadow, what's wrong?" the eldest princess asked, her red lips slightly parted in confusion.


The gray-robed old man's eyes, which had been as if closed, at this moment opened a little, his eyes were deep and sharp, and at this moment, his pale face also carried a bit of astonishment, as his gaze fell on the back of the little emperor.


"Your Majesty, please let me also take a closer look." The old man in gray spoke, stopping the young emperor who was about to dress.


The young emperor gave him a look of bewilderment, but, out of trust in the old man, he nodded and stopped dressing.


The old man in gray stepped forward, his pupils seeming to glow with a strange light as he slowly looked at the "lotus pattern" formed by the numerous meridians on the young emperor's back.


At this moment, the Eldest Princess also noticed the strange movement of the old man in gray and immediately her face gradually became grave, because she knew the strength of the old man in gray very well, and if she had detected any subtle changes that they had not found, it was very likely.


I don't know if that kind of change is good or bad.


Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e alike frowned at that moment, the former was a little apprehensive, could it be that he had done some harm to the young emperor instead with that operation just now?


Not so much, right? I'm afraid that even if I wanted to harm people, I wouldn't have the ability to do so.


Along with the investigation of that gray-robed old man, the atmosphere of the room unknowingly became a little depressing, even the bright and beautiful face of the Eldest Princess was illuminated by the light, and it was bright and dark.


After all, if the young emperor suffers any harm here because of her, I am afraid that many important ministers will challenge her in the royal court tomorrow.


This will have a considerable impact on your reputation.


In this oppressive and silent atmosphere, the old man in gray continued his examination for several minutes, he examined with great care, and with this examination, some changes gradually occurred on that pale old face.


It was as if with a touch of strangeness as well as dismay.


Li Luo looked at his face change, his heart was a little upset, what is the situation you say wait ah? Are you here to play a face change to mess with people?


When Li Luo felt annoyed and apprehensive by the grey-robed old man, the latter finally finished his investigation, turned his head to look at the Princess, and said slowly: "Your Highness, indeed, there is an extremely subtle change in the 'pattern of lotus" on the back of the King".


The eldest princess's eyes fluttered, but she asked in a calm voice, "What has changed?"


The old man in gray hesitated for a moment, then pointed his finger at the "lotus pattern" on the young emperor's back and said, "Your Majesty, this place was originally eroded by the Black Lotus Qi, but after my observation , the Black Lotus Qi here has dissipated a bit."


The three eyes followed the gray-clothed old man's finger and saw that where he was pointing there was a very short black stripe, which was tiny compared to the general "lotus stripe" on the little emperor's back. If we consider the lotus pattern as a lotus flower, then this black stripe is just a small pattern on the top of the petals.




It's still black!


After looking at it seriously for a long time, Li Luo did not notice any change in that black stripe, it seemed to be as black as ever and did not disappear.


That's all?


Li Luo was a little speechless, feeling that the other party was making a bit of noise.


But while he was speechless, the Eldest Princess took two quick steps and asked with a serious face, "Elder Shadow, is what you said true? The black lines here have faded a little."


He couldn't afford not to take it seriously, as the black lines had faded, which meant that some of the Black Lotus Qi there had dissolved, while the many master healers they had brought earlier had never managed to. dissolve it.


According to what they said, this so-called Black Lotus Qi is extraordinarily difficult to dissolve even with the power of dual resonances.


But why, at this point, has it faded a little? The change is minimal, but it is still a change.


The old man in gray called Shadow Elder pondered for a moment and said seriously: "Your Highness, although I am quite old, this eye, however, is still considered thorough, and, as for the lotus pattern on the back of the King, I have long remembered every subtlety over the years."


"So, my senses, they can't be wrong."


The Princess breathed deeply, her full beaks rising and falling, and then asked, "And the reason?"


The gray-robed old man was silent for a moment, then his gaze shifted to Li Luo and said slowly: "Although it sounds a little unbelievable, perhaps this change is really related to this young friend."


The eyes of the Eldest Princess and Jiang Qing'e looked at Li Luo in disbelief. At this result, even if they were as sensible as them, they felt absurd for a moment.


"I don't suppose it's likely?"


Even Li Luo himself let out a dry laugh.


This kind of thing, it was simply too illogical, those powerful marquis lords who were good at healing were unable to resolve the little emperor's congenital defect, while he, a small realm Master of Resonance, was able to do so, it was simply impossible!


"Could it be caused by the King's body recovering itself?" Li Luo offered something else as possible, as he did not want the other party to somehow put such a heavy burden as healing the young emperor on his shoulders.


After all, who will be responsible if something goes wrong?


The old man in gray shook his head silently. He had been taking care of the young emperor for so many years, he still didn't understand the situation of the "lotus pattern" on his back?


Over the years, the mutation of that lotus pattern has continued, and the Black Lotus Qi has continued to spread, without showing any signs of the Black Lotus Qi having dissolved.


Based on his experience over the years, this Black Lotus Qi should be extremely stubborn and strange, so strange that even the dual resonance power of a marquis could hardly combat it. They had once asked the dean of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy for help, but although that dean was a King-level power house, he himself was not good at healing, so there was nothing he could do.


But this royal-level powerhouse is already rare, and a royal-level powerhouse who specializes in healing is extremely rare.


So this scene that has emerged today has also caused some shock in the heart of the old man in gray.


The old man in gray looked at the princess, waiting for her decision.


And the Princess's bright and moving cheeks changed under the light, and after a moment, her gaze went straight to Li Luo and she said decisively: "We cannot give up any hope, no matter how small."


“So, student Li Luo, please heal him once again!”


If Li Luo's treatment really had a subtle effect, then another would inevitably show the same result, and then we could determine from whom exactly that change came.


Li Luo sniffed and seemed a little hesitant.


The Eldest Princess hurriedly took two steps forward and looked sincerely at Li Luo, saying, "Senior Li Luo, this matter is really important, if you can cure the king, you will win the friendship of our royal court! At that moment, I will support you in whatever you want to do."


Looking at the national beauty princess in front of him, Li Luo's lips twitched and finally said with some embarrassment: "But..."


"That was... The last straw."


I was a little sad, I am only a small realm of Resonance Master ah, you general rank experts, how can you understand my pain?


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