Chapter 22 - The price of a promotion to sixth grade

The news of Li Luo's Fifth Grade Aquatic Resonance soon spread throughout the South Wind Academy as well, naturally triggering a bustling and heated debate.


"I didn't expect it, Li Luo could even turn around... The Resonance of the Beyond I have never heard before."


"It is said to be a heavenly treasure left by his parents, and such treasures are extremely rare."


"It is so enviable to have a good father and a good mother."


"It's not too bad, it's just a fifth-grade Aquatic Resonance, it's not too special, and there is less than a month left for the school exam, in such a short time, can it still catch up with the top students?"


"Yes, the three of Bei Kun he defeated couldn't even reach the top ten of the First House, while it is said that the top ten of the First House are all at the Seventh Seal realm, Song Yunfeng, Lu Qing'er, the two most fearsome, are said to have reached the Eighth Seal, the latter possibly even higher..."


"Well, Li Lou has lost a very important period of time, and I don't think he will be able to catch up on this last less than a month..."


And while Li Luo was the subject of heated debates throughout the academy, he himself had already finished his training for the day and finally quickly left the academy.


"Today's battle with Bei Kun, although I won in the end, was a little more tiring than I expected. If I hadn't used the Light Resonance power in the "Light Water Resonance" to affect the change of vision of Bei Kun in the end, the battle would have been delayed for some time."


On the carriage back home, Li Luo reflected on the day's battle, but his face was not very relieved, but rather a little dissatisfied and serious.


Thus, even with the special characteristics of "Light Water Resonance" and his own proficiency in resonance arts, he should not be able to fear anyone at the Sixth Seal Realm, but if he faced an opponent in the Seventh Seal Realm, his chances of winning would be much lower.


"It's not nearly enough."


Li Luo said to himself, his goal was to enter the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, and every year, there were only a few spots in the South Wind School to enter the Xuan the best, I was afraid I wouldn't have much chance.


If he wanted to catch up, he would not only have to improve his resonance power level, but he would also have to go further with his fifth grade "Light Water Resonance".


Only then could he have the confidence to fight someone of Lu Qing'er's caliber.


But still, it is not easy to reach the sixth degree of the fifth Light Water Resonance...


"Let's go back to talk to Sister Cai Wei first."


Li Luo smiled, he had a feeling that if he said that he still needed a lot of fifth grade Spiritual Light Water, Cai Wei would probably swallow it, right?




The Old House, Accounting Room.


Cai Wei is sitting at her desk, carefully flipping through her books. Today she is wearing a long pale yellow dress, her goose egg cheeks are exquisitely feminine, with a charm that a young girl does not possess.


She looked at it for a long time, apparently a little tired, then she leaned forward without anyone noticing, and the slightly heavy wave gently rested on the table.




Cai Wei's entire body was slightly relaxed, as she let out a sigh of relief.




And just then, the door of the room suddenly opened and Li Luo walked in: “Sister Cai Wei.”


As soon as he lowered his voice, he saw the scene before him, and Cai Wei did not look back for a moment, her beautiful eyes looking at Li Luo with some dismay.


The atmosphere froze for several breaths.


Cai Wei's body, leaning forward, suddenly straightened as if she had been struck by electricity, and a light blush ran across her beautiful goose-egg face, while her beautiful eyes looked at Li Luo embarrassedly.


"Don't you know how to knock when you come in?"


Li Luo's head was full of cold sweat, and then he hurriedly bowed his head: "Sister Cai Wei, I will definitely pay attention next time!"


Seeing his extremely correct attitude, Cai Wei's shyness was greatly relieved, but he still said unpleasantly, “What does the young master have to ask for again?”


Li Luo looked behind him, then closed the door of the room with his backhand and said, "I want to show you a treasure, Sister Cai Wei."


His voice had just fallen, but he froze as he saw Cai Wei raise a hand, holding a bow with a cold flicker on it, as a dangerous smile appeared on the latter's pretty goose-egg cheeks, "Young Master, I'm in the Resonance Master Realm, oh."


Li Luo hurriedly raised his hand and laughed bitterly: “Sister Cai Wei, what are you doing?”


Cai Wei's slender willow eyebrows raised slightly as she examined Li Luo and said, "So, what is this treasure you speak of?"


(NT: Hahahaha, call me bad thinking, but Sister Cai Wei had a special treasure in mind xD)


Li Luo was a little taken aback, but he didn't say anything else. With a thought, he only saw that the power of Blue Resonance began to surge from his body, and it was as if there was a vague sound of water flowing.


He revealed to the world his own five stripes.




The bow in Cai Wei's hand immediately fell, her beautiful eyes rounded as she said with some amazement, “You, do you have a resonance?”


Li Lou nodded and said, “The Fifth Grade Resonance.”


Cai Wei's goose-faced face was full of shock, and only after a long time did he gradually come back to his senses and said, "Was it the means left by the two House Masters that helped you?"


Li Lou smiled and nodded.


The ambiguity of what Li Luo had just said was quite profound, and she was not an ignorant girl, so she thought for a moment that Li Luo was going to do something.


He couldn't help but be ashamed and angry in his heart, Cai Wei, Cai Wei, you are a shame.


(NT: Hahaha, Sister Wei is a woman in the prime of her life after all xD)


However, Cai Wei had at least seen many big storms, so she quickly calmed down and smiled as if nothing had happened. "So, congratulations to the young master, if Qing'e knew about this, I'm sure she would be happy for you too."


Li Luo nodded and said, "There is another thing, and I am afraid that Sister Cai Wei has also guessed it."


"Do you still need the Spiritual Light Water?" Cai Wei's willow eyebrows wrinkled gently.


"Well, and I'm afraid that this time I need a fifth grade of Spiritual Light Water, this item left by my parents needs a constant feeding of Spiritual Light Water, otherwise it might dissipate if it continues for a long time." Li Luo did not say that he was able to use the Spiritual Light Water to raise the degree of Unrestricted Resonance, but rather lied, after all, this matter was too important and he did not want to reveal it for the time being.


“A fifth-grade Spiritual Light Water…” Cai Wei’s eyebrows were closed, and her thin eyebrows touched each other.


A fourth grade Spiritual Light Water is available on the market for about one thousand Heavenly Gold Quantities, but a fifth grade one costs five thousand Heavenly Gold Quantities.


This definitely falls into the category of expensive consumables now.


If Li Lou had only needed a few, it wouldn't have been a problem, but with his previous experience, Cai Wei understood that what Li Lou wanted, I'm afraid, was hundreds of sticks...


It's not little money.


Cai Wei's expression changed, but in the end, to Li Luo's surprise, he found no reason to postpone it, instead he nodded: "I understand, I will do my best to satisfy your needs."


He raised his head and seeing Li Luo's slightly surprised face, he couldn't help but smile and said, "Do you find it surprising that I haven't rejected you?"


"You are the young master of House Luo Lan, and the entire estate of House Luo Lan belongs to you and Qing'e, so as long as you don't do something too ridiculous, you can do whatever you want."


“What's more, if you have the resonance, this will have a much greater impact on House Luo Lan than the price of these Wonderful Spiritual Light Waters, so what reason do I have to reject you?”


Li Luo became emotional: “Sister Cai Wei, you are so kind and understanding.”


“Then can you help me get a few dozen fifth-grade Spiritual Light Water first?”


Cai Wei's small and simple white hand rubbed her forehead and said, "Yes, it can be done, but if we need a lot more next time, we won't have enough funds."


The various industries of the Luo Lan House in Tianshu County and the Chamber of Commerce's income in one year would only amount to more than 300,000 pieces of heavenly gold, while the previous purchase of the fourth grade Spiritual Light Water for Li Luo had already cost about 150,000, and now if they bought a few more dozen fifth grade Wonderful Spiritual Light Waters , the remaining funds would basically have to be used up.


Cai Wei pondered for a moment and said, “Young Master, I intend to put up for sale some of the industries of the Luo Lan House in Tian Shu County, as well as the Chamber of Commerce.”


"The current Luo Lan House does not have much power in Tianshu County, so it has given rise to excessively bloated industries, many of which are instead a burden on us, plus the three families of Tianshu County are still constantly stumbling , so if it continues, it will only cause more damage while pulling on our energy."


"Another reason is the three families, nowadays these three families are showing signs of uniting against House Luo Lan, this is because their interests are the same, if we divide some industries and throw them out, as long as they work well, it will inevitably make If they fight for them, then they will also have conflicts with each other, therefore it will be difficult to have synergy again at this point of fighting against the House of Luo Lan."


Li Luo also looked thoughtful, and after a long while, he nodded and praised: "Sister Cai Wei is breaking her wrist, killing three soldiers with two peaches."


"I don't know much about this, leave everything to Sister Cai Wei, no matter what happens, I will support you." Li Luo waved his big hand and said directly.


“Then I thank Young Master in advance for his trust.” Cai Wei had a smile on her lips.


Li Luo waved his hand, then remembered something and said, "By the way, doesn't our Luo Lan House have an industry in Tian Shu County that manufactures 'Spiritual Light Water'? If we could manufacture it ourselves, it would be much cheaper." than in the market, right?"


“ After all, this kind of consumable product is in short supply and extremely profitable, but our Luo Lan House usually focuses on the third grade and lower grades of Spiritual Light Water, and there are very few people who can make the higher grades, so which production is also very small."


“And I am afraid that there are not many people in the entire Tian Shu County who can refine a Spiritual Light Water of around the fifth grade, most of these fifth grade Wonderful Spiritual Light Waters circulating in the market Tian Shu County come from other counties or even from King City."


Li Luo walked away, in fact, someone who could refine fifth grade spiritual light water was even a fifth grade tempering master, and such a character, I am afraid, would not be difficult to get a not bad offer in a place like the Great Xia King City, so it was normal that this was a rare sight in Tian Shu County.


After thinking about it, Li Luo said, "Can Sister Cai Wei take me to the place where our Luo Lan Mansion refines Spiritual Light Water? I am a Water Resonance, and I would like to know more about the Masters of Tempering Resonance." .


The price of acquiring the Spiritual Light Water Water was too high, and it was fine if it was the fifth grade right now, but if he needed the seventh grade, eighth grade, or even the ninth grade Spiritual Light Water Water in In the future, where should Li Luo find her? As far as he knew, in the entire Great Xia Kingdom, there were only a few Spiritual Water of Light who surpassed the seventh grade in one year.


At that time, he was largely left to be self-sufficient.


So it was time to prepare to become a Resonance Temper.


Cai Wei had no objection to this and nodded her head.


"Okay, I'll take you there tomorrow."

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