Chapter 220 – The Rush for Medicinal Herbs

When Li Luo looked up after leaving the Xiyang House headquarters, his eyes glanced faintly as he saw that more and more people had begun to converge on the street outside the headquarters, as he pointed and gestured towards the headquarters, and They heard many whispers.


Obviously, just as they expected, the tempering master here had just been poisoned, and the news had spread throughout Great Xia City, which was obviously Pei Hao secretly pushing.


The offensive that had been brewing for some days on the other side was finally unleashed.


But Li Luo knew that he didn't have time for that right now. He took the reins of the horse that the guard had given him, climbed on it and took off at full speed.


Court Master Lei Chang followed closely with a dozen elite guards to provide protection.


The group quickly crossed a spacious street, and along the way, Li Luo could hear quite a bit of news spreading about the Xi Yang House.


"Young Master, the news is spreading more and more, and in the process of spreading, it is more and more unfavorable to our Xi Yang House." Lei Chang walked over and said in a deep voice.


He had assigned some people to investigate earlier, and had just received a report that there were a large number of rumors spreading in Great Xia City, even beginning to say that Li Luo was angry with these division temperers for refusing to serve him. , so he had directly poisoned all the division temperers to death.


Li Luo nodded his head, appearing quite calm, after all, it was to be expected.


"Don't bother, first go to the Golden Dragon Treasure House to buy the necessary antidotes for the poison, as long as we can save Tang Miao's life and wait for them to wake up, everything will be revealed." Li Luo said.


Lei Chang nodded as he looked at Li Luo's calm and domineering face, knowing that this was the first attack that Pei Hao launched against Li Luo, the Young Master of the House, while in the past, this was a deal that only Jiang Qing 'e could enjoy.


Obviously, that Pei Hao, who half a year ago treated Li Luo as a waste of a Young House Master, had now been forced to start taking Li Luo seriously.


In a way, it's an affirmation of Li Luo's growth in the past six months, right?


As Lei Chang thought about this in his mind, he also remained alert and vigilant at all times, with the power of resonance flowing on the surface of his body and his gaze sharply scanning the surroundings.


After all, when Pei Hao launched his attack on Li Luo this time, no one knew if he was going to hit Li Luo directly, which was perhaps the main reason why Jiang Qing'e asked him to bring someone to protect Li Luo. Li Luo up close.


But Lei Chang's fears did not come true, as Li Luo and his group passed through the numerous streets without obstacles and finally arrived outside the Golden Dragon Treasure House, which had a surprising number of people.


Li Luo entered in a hurry.


He first approached a butler from the Golden Dragon Treasure House, who evidently also knew him and was quite polite.


"Could I ask the butler to help me check if the Golden Dragon Treasure House has these herbs now?" Li Luo handed over the list and asked.


The butler took it and after a glance, his brow furrowed and he said hesitantly, “Young Master Li Luo, the herbs in it, the Golden Worm Ointment and the Heavenly Mango Nut, have just been requested by many houses.” of medicine today, directly taking away the stock of our Golden Dragon Treasure House."


Li Luo's eyes were slightly cold, really, even the Golden Dragon Treasure House's side was cut off? It seemed that Pei Hao really had a lot of financial resources to make a move this time.


The black hand behind this probably isn't giving much support, right?


Isn't this going to give him half a chance to turn the tables here?


Although the herbs they needed were of high quality, they were not considered to be in urgent need on a regular basis, but suddenly some medicine companies were purchasing them in large quantities.


Li Luo was silent for a few breaths and said, "Please also ask the butler to find Lu Qing'er for me, I have an appointment with her."


The butler was quick to nod in response and guided him to the elegant room, asking him to wait a while.


Li Luo didn't have to wait long in the elegant room before he heard light footsteps outside the door, followed by Lu Qing'er pushing the door, her beautiful face full of laughter.


However, seeing Li Luo's slightly gloomy expression, his smile narrowed slightly and he said, "Has something happened at Xiyang House?"


Obviously, he had paid some attention to the situation of House Luo Lan during the week, and he naturally understood the incident of House Xi Yang that had caused such a furore in Great Xia City the other day.


Furthermore, when Li Luo attended her birthday party earlier, he secretly told her that there might be a change in the Xi Yang House today, and asked her to stay in the Golden Dragon Treasure House and try not to leave, and I would have something to ask here.


Li Luo nodded and briefly told him what had happened.


"We need some special antidotes for the poison, but as the steward said before, the golden worm ointment and heavenly mango nitrate from the Golden Dragon Treasure House have suddenly been requested by some medicine houses."


Lu Qing'er's pretty face was slightly cold as she said, "They are two high-grade medicinal herbs, but the quantity that is regularly acquired is not too much, today they have suddenly become a coveted item, it seems that someone is causing issues."


"And since even the Golden Dragon Treasure House's part of the supply may be cut off, I believe that the other medicine stores in Great Xia City must also be out of stock at this time."


Li Luo nodded and said, “Then is there anything else you can do?”


Lu Qing'er pondered for a bit and said, "Actually, all they seized was only the amount that was on the market in the past few days in the Golden Dragon Treasure House, but the Golden Dragon Treasure House is very large, so there will be a reserve bench, which is for occasional needs, and I think it will have these two herbs in it."


Behind Lu Qing'er, the butler heard the words and hurriedly said, "Miss, the reserve vault cannot be opened without the president's jade talisman as proof!"


"Besides, we have no authority to do that!" Lu Qing'er took a look at him and said, "I did it."


The butler lingered and smiled bitterly: "If the reservation is opened at will, I am afraid that the other vice presidents will have a problem with it and will use it to attack the president..."


Lu Qing'er laughed: "Don't underestimate my mother so much."


Then he said without further ado, directly to Li Luo: "The situation is urgent, come with me."


Li Luo looked at her clear and delicate face and said with a complicated expression: "Qing'er, thank you very much, I won't say anything else, I owe you a favor this time, later if you want to participate in that Golden Dragon Dojo, whatever you ask of me." "I'll help you do it."


Lu Qing'er smiled playfully, "That's what you said, oh."


With a twist of her small waist and a shake of her long, straight black hair, she was leading the way.


Li Luo, for his part, quickly followed him.


The group passed through the interior of the Golden Dragon Treasure House, and after about ten minutes, they saw a huge warehouse appear in front of them, which was surrounded by guards and heavily guarded.


But just as Lu Qing'er approached with Li Luo, a figure suddenly rushed in from the side and said in a deep voice: "Qing'er, you must not open the reservation, it is not according to the rules."


Li Luo looked at the visitor and had a vague impression that he seemed to be called Ning Zhao, whose father was vice president of the Golden Dragon Treasure House.


Lu Qing'er frowned slightly and said, "What doesn't conform to the rules?"


Ning Zhao smiled helplessly: "Qing'er, I'm not trying to stop you, it's just that if you want to open the reserve vault, you must have the president's jade talisman as proof, otherwise, even if you go up, it is likely Don't let those guards listen to you."


Lu Qing'er stretched out her hand and saw a jade talisman hanging from her fingertips, which was inscribed with intricate patterns and faintly glowing with a strange light.


Ning Zhao looked at the jade talisman in Lu Qing'er's hand and froze, saying, "The President's jade talisman? You... How did you get it?"


Lu Qing'er said indifferently, "Don't worry about it, I have the jade talisman, so it's in line with the rules, and I'm not trying to do anything wrong by opening the reserve, I'm just taking a small portion of it." herbs, furthermore I will sell those herbs at double the increased price, Brother Ning Zhao, please remember, the principle of our Golden Dragon Treasure House is “Peace and Prosperity”.”


"I'm making money for the Golden Dragon Treasure House, so you should stop getting in the way."


After saying that, he stopped paying attention to Ning Zhao and led Li Luo directly towards the reserve warehouse, handing the jade talisman in his hand to an old man guarding the place.


The old man seemed a little hesitant, but finally, after checking the authenticity of the jade talisman, he nodded and then ordered someone to open the reserve and go take out the medicinal herbs they needed.


"Miss, please wait a moment." He turned to Lu Qing'er who was waiting for him.


Lu Qing'er nodded gently.


That Ning Zhao frowned upon seeing this scene, then his somewhat sharp gaze swept towards Li Luo and said in a low voice: "Li Luo, you are at least the young master of the Luo Lan Mansion, if you instruct Qing'er for you to break the rules like this, I'm sure President Yu won't be happy when he finds out."


Li Luo could see some hostility in Ning Zhao's eyes, but at this moment he was really not interested in paying attention to him, he only said, "Please rest assured that I am not asking for these herbs for nothing, as Qing'er said." Before, I am willing to pay double the price for these herbs."


"Hmph, is it a matter of money?" Ning Zhao sneered.


Li Luo's eyes narrowed vaguely as he looked at Ning Zhao, and his eyes grew colder.


"You should also be aware of the current situation of House Xiyang, but you keep trying to block it, is there something involved with you in this too?"


Ning Zhaoge bristled and said, “Young Master, don’t go around biting people in anger, this is a matter of internal fighting in your Luolan House, instead of blaming outsiders, you should clean up your internal affairs first. "


Li Luo gave him a weak look and didn't say anything else, just hoping to get his hands on those special poison curing herbs.


Ning Zhaoge also did not speak again, but instead just grimaced in disgust secretly, counting the time, the people he had sent must have also sent the news to President Yu, right?


Most likely, the jade talisman in Qing'er's hand was secretly taken by him, and I believe that when President Fish knew about it, he would intervene to stop it. At that time, her perception of Li Luo would definitely become very poor, and she might be expelled from the Golden Dragon Treasure House.


When he thought of this, Ning Zhao's expression calmed down and he looked at Li Luo with a bit of gloating in his gaze.


This guy, with a good skin, has attracted Qing'er, but do you really think that President Yu is a vegetarian?

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