Chapter 224 – Halfway

In the room, the crowd looked at the black, poisonous blood that had eroded all the antidote potions Qin Wang had made, and all their faces turned white, while some of the other healers also had a hesitant look in their eyes.


They were not necessarily more capable than Qin Wang, and even the antidote potion that Qin Wang had developed did not work, so how could they do it?


When the confidence of these healers dropped, Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing also had a worried look in their eyes. The poison these healers had been poisoned with wasn't really that easy to resolve, but there wasn't much time left.


The atmosphere in the room is somewhat depressing.


And at this moment, although Li Luo's expression was extraordinarily grave, he did not panic, his gaze locked on the poisonous black blood that Qin Wang had put into the antidote potion earlier, and after a few breaths of contemplation, he said : "Before this antidote potion was not completely useless, it's just that because its medicinal power was not strong to a certain level, it ended up being eroded by the poisonous power it contained."


This antidote for poison is, after all, the use of those targeted antidote herbs, so it must be useful, it's just that these healers in front of us may still be a little lacking in fire, unable to fully stimulate their medicinal power. , which led to the result that the antidote was useless and was instead eroded by the poison.


That Qin Wang glanced at Li Luo and frowned: "The young master seems to know a little about the methods of healers, but he must not know much. The antidote potion he had before was already considered perfect in every way except "This poison is really extraordinary and not something we people can deal with."


The other therapists sniffed and nodded with a sigh.


"Young Master, Miss Jiang, it seems there is nothing we can do about this poison." A therapist spoke, and the words were already a sign of withdrawal.


Obviously, Qin Wang's previous defeat had also left them low on confidence.


Jiang Qing'e's brow was furrowed, these therapists were the best group of people he could hire right now, if he let them go, he would be abandoning all hope.




He met Li Luo's eyes for a moment, this Qin Wang, why did he feel slightly out of place? He apparently goes out of his way to appear to be the first to develop an antidote for the poison, but constantly exudes negativity, with the words right now intended to lure the other healers into giving up...


“Young Master, we cannot help with this problem.”


And at this moment, that Qin Wang sighed and said: "But my master should be able to return to Great Xia City soon, and when that time comes, you should be able to ask his old man to take a trip, there should be hope."


Li Luo looked weak, waiting for his master to return, this Xi Yang House is afraid that everyone has been stinky, there is a fart hope.


Jiang Qing'e could even hear this Qin Wang's intention to leave, the thing is that if this guy leaves, so be it, but if he leaves at this time, he will obviously attract other healers as well, and when the hearts and people's minds are dispersed, that will be the real problem.


However, at this moment, even she had no other solution, after all, the antidote medicine developed by Qin Wang was ineffective in plain sight, and this poison, I'm afraid, was not really something they could treat.


Anxiety also surfaced slightly on Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing's cheeks.


And just when the healers present were increasingly determined to retreat under the influence of Qin Wang, Li Luo suddenly stepped forward and asked, “I wonder what grade of wood resonance Master Qin is?”


Qin Wang was stunned for a moment, and then said indifferently, “Lower Seventh Grade Wood Resonance.”


"He must be the highest rank among all of you, right?" Li Luo laughed.


The other healers weren't sure, but they all nodded; Qin Wang's lower seventh grade wood resonance was indeed the highest among them.


Li Luo said thoughtfully: "The higher the grade, the better the effect of the final 'eye drop' of this antidote potion..."


Qin Wang became a little impatient and said, "This is indeed one of the factors, just like the refining of Spiritual Light Water, the stronger the power of the resonance and the higher the quality of the resonance." itself, the more capable one will be of improving the final product for some effect."


"Young Master, what exactly do you mean? The poison that House Tempering Master Xi Yang has been poisoned with is extraordinary and is indeed beyond our ability to deal with."


Li Luo ignored his attitude and instead smiled at the retreating healers present: "Gentlemen, this poison is certainly difficult to deal with, so if you don't have confidence, I can't force you, but I would like to ask you to give me a treatment." "last favor, and that is to refine these antidote herbs into a semi-finished antidote potion."


Faced with this statement, many therapists looked at each other with some uncertainty.


"Does the young master want to skip the final step of the eye spot?" A sharp healer hesitated for a moment and asked.


Li Luo smiled and nodded.


This time these healers were even more puzzled, if they did not perform the last step of the eye tincture, these antidote potions would not be considered finished products at all, and then the effect would be even rather weak, what did Li Luo ask them to do things so inexplicable?


Qin Wang also looked at Li Luo with some dismay, thinking to himself that this young master had lost his composure in the face of the urgency of his illness…


"I also ask for your help again, later, whether I succeed or not, I have great gratitude from House Luo Lan." Li Luo said with a clenched fist.


The eyes of these healers were full of doubts, but finally it was that Qin Wang who gave a laugh and said with a smiling look: "Since the Young Master has such a request, we have been invited and we have to finish the matter."


"But first, let's say that after refining these semi-finished products, Young Master must not force us anymore, okay? After all, it's not that we don't contribute, it's that we are not capable enough."


Li Luo also smiled and nodded.


When they saw that Li Luo had made up his mind, they didn't understand what he intended, but they agreed to do it.


When they were halfway done with these antidotes, Li Luo invited them to leave the room for the time being and closed the door.


Inside the house, Jiang Qing'e, Cai Wei, and Yan Lingqing watched him silently, and although their eyes held some doubts, they understood that Li Luo was not that kind of reckless person, and that he would do it, so he must have their reasons.


At the gazes of the three women, Li Luo smiled and said, "There's something wrong with that Qin Wang."


Jiang Qing'e said calmly: "Pei Hao most likely organized the secret son, one to know our movements, and the other must be to spread negativity and guide the other healers to decide to surrender."


Li Luo sighed and said, “This white-eyed wolf is too cautious, it is obvious that he has cornered us like this, but he continues to keep this dark son…”


Jiang Qing'e tilted her head slightly, her green silk sliding down the side of her stunning face, her golden eyes looked at Li Luo, with a bit of anticipation and laughter in them.


"But Li Luo..."


"What are you trying to do with these movements?"


He pointed to the half-finished antidotes with his slender jade fingers and then said, seemingly jokingly, "You don't leave it to them, the healers, to do the last 'keep an eye' step, do you?"


"Leave it to a half-ass therapist like you, huh?" Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing also looked at Li Luo in amazement.


Being looked at by the three women, Li Luo sighed.


"I was going to spend time with you as ordinary people, but today I think it's time to show you how strong my capital is..."

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