Chapter 231 – Consecrated Elders

"Mo Chen..."


Inside the shattered courtyard, Li Luo looked at the grey-robed old man, he did not expect that this was one of those three consecrated elders of the Luo Lan Mansion.


In Luo Lan Mansion, these three consecrated elders are not low status. Although they are not involved in the running of the Luo Lan Mansion and all its affairs on a regular basis, they carry a great weight in the Luo Lan Mansion.


On weekdays, these three Enshrined Elders did not stay in Great Xia City, so although Li Luo had come to the Luolan House headquarters for half a year, he had not seen these three Enshrined Elders.


“Elder Mo Chen, I would like to know why you, the man who eats the offerings of my Luo Lan House, would come forward to protect Pei Hao?”


Li Luo's eyes calmly looked at the gray-robed old man and said indifferently: "Or are you saying that he manages you? But from what I know, the three consecrated elders have a special status, and in this Luolan House "They are only under the control and orders of the Master of the House."


A smile appeared on Mo Chen's dry face as he said, "Young Master, I don't get carried away by Pei Hao, I just don't want to see Luolan Manor riot and make a mess, so that all the powers of this Great Xia look at you like a joke."


Li Luo laughed, “When Pei Hao poisoned the tempering masters of the Xi Yang House earlier, causing all the forces in Great Xia City to look at him strangely, you didn't show up to stop him, Elder.”


The smile on Mo Chen's face remained intact as he said, "Pei Hao is one of the contenders for the future headship of the Luo Lan Mansion, and as the offering elder, it is my responsibility to protect him."


Li Luo shook his head, earlier when Pei Hao arrived at the old mansion, he was holding the token of this Elder Mo, and now the other party appeared to protect Pei Hao, so it was clear that the relationship between both parties was already extremely narrow.


"I'm afraid that if we really talk about the candidate for the future head of the house, it is not up to Pei Hao, after all, this is the foundation my parents left behind." Li Luo said indifferently.


“In my eyes, you are the young master and Pei Hao is also the young master… After all, he is the disciple of the two House Lords, and back then, the two House Lords said a "At the same time, whoever obtains the approval of the two offering elders and the four pavilion masters will have the qualification to compete for House Lord, so Pei Hao has the right to it." Mo Chen said seriously.


"Elder Mo, that is a registered disciple, my parents' personal disciple, just Sister Qing'e." Li Luo made an amendment.


In the end, there is no one else to blame. If the young master had revealed his dual resonance and potential earlier, how could the hearts of the people within the Luolan Mansion be so turbulent?


Li Luo sighed and said, "I would like to know who behind this Pei Hao is capable enough to make two of my House Luolan's confessors bend to protect him."


"But... Are you really not afraid that my old man and my mother will come running back one day if you play like this?"


Elder Mo's eyes narrowed slightly, and the smile on his dry face narrowed as he remained silent for a moment before slowly saying, "What we did did not violate the rules set by the two House Masters in the first place."


Li Luo laughed: "But you seem a little weak."


Elder Mo did not speak again, but simply sighed: "Young Master, there is no point in talking about this now, everything will come to an end in half a year when the Luolan House Festival is held."


"And according to the rules set by the two House Masters, the only people from House Luolan who actually have the qualifications to compete for House Master today are Pei Hao and you."


His gaze glanced at Jiang Qing'e next to him and smiled: "Of course Miss Jiang is also very outstanding, but actually, strictly speaking, her status as an aspiring House Master is not considered complete because... "He did not gain the support of the two consecrated elders."


Li Luo nodded and said, "I hear you, you mean you want me to compete with Pei Hao at the top of the House Festival? And Sister Qing'e is not allowed to make a move?"


Elder Mo nodded with a smile and said, “After all, this is how you campaign for House Master, Young Master if you excel at the House Festival, you will become the official House Master, and at that moment, all the scattered hearts will converge on you, and the House of Luolan will be completed once again."


"Even those who supported him under Pei Hao will no longer have a reason to support him."


"You guys are really clever with this calculation." Li Luo exclaimed.


“I, a second stage Resonance Master realm, going to compete with him, a late stage Earth Death General, do you think it is your brain or mine that is broken?”


Elder Mo smiled and said, "It seems a little unfair, but the rules apply."


"Or, Young Master, you can let Pei Hao become the head of the Luolan House first, and then when you are strong enough in the future, it won't be too late to have this competition."


Li Luo laughed: "After all this talk, isn't Pei Hao afraid of Sister Qing'e?"


Pei Hao, who had never spoken, said in a light voice, “A ninth-grade light resonance is enough to scare anyone, and I am certainly no exception.”


Li Luo shook his head and said, "Elder Mo, let's not bring up these foolish words again, perhaps really according to the rules of the Luo Lan Mansion, Sister Qing'e's status as a contender for the title of Master of Mansion is not the most perfect, but as you know, she and I have a marriage contract and we are already one, so she is naturally qualified to compete for this Manor Master title instead of me."




He gave a bright smile to Mo Chen, Pei Hao: "If you want to compete with me, stop by Sister Qing'e first."


Elder Mo's eyes narrowed slightly, he did not expect that Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, two proud sons with hearts higher than the sky, would give birth to such a son... Open.


"Is the Young Master running away from this ?...Even if Miss Jiang wins the position of Head of House in your place, it will still be in name only, and there may be people who believe in her, but no one will believe in you."


"And what would the other Great Xia powers think of House Luo Lan? A Head of House who even has to count on his fiancée in the battle for Head of House? What a joke."


Li Luo rubbed his ears and muttered, "Being able to eat soft food, that's what you can do."


When Mo Chen saw Li Luo's lack of pride, the corners of his mouth twitched and his heart depressed slightly, because all of this was not exactly what he had imagined.


In his opinion, as the son of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, if this Li Luo still had a bit of pride, then he would definitely want to compete with Pei Hao until the end, of course, whether he could compete or not is another story, at least the attitude must be put first.


But this Li Luo is good, he just made it clear that if you want to compete with him, you have to beat Jiang Qing'e first, otherwise everything is free!


With depending on his fiancée and eating soft food, he doesn't care at all!


He shook his head, didn't talk any more nonsense, and just laughed: "Young man, I think when the House Festival comes, you might change your mind."


Jiang Qing'e's cold voice came out: "Elder Mo, I'm afraid it's not so easy to take people away just like that, right?"


When Li Luo and Mo Chen were talking earlier, Jiang Qing'e had not intervened, seemingly handing over the reins of the scene to Li Luo.


Elder Mo Chen smiled at Jiang Qing'e and said, "Miss Jiang, although the Ninth Grade Brilliant Resonance is rare, it should not be able to pose much of a threat to me right now."


"Of course, I know that outside of this courtyard, you have almost recruited most of House Luo Lan's forces in Great Xia, and if we really have to force a fight, it will cause us a lot of trouble."




"Are we really going to come to that?"


Elder Mo Chen laughed, “Although your actions are stealthy, there are too many eyes within this Great Xia City, and I am afraid that there are already many eyes watching this place from the shadows right now…”


"Only during the day did the Xi Yang House make such a big joke, and tonight it was revealed that the young master of the Luo Lan House led a big fight with the consecrated elders of the Luo Lan House... This is very ugly, No?"


Jiang Qing'e said coldly, "The house is already in such a state of disrepair, are you still afraid that people will look at you funny?"


"If you insist, then let it be."


Elder Mo Chen shook his head with a smile and said nothing more, but walked out, Pei Hao also came down from the false mountain and stood beside Elder Mo Chen, the two walked directly to the outside of the courtyard.


Jiang Qing'e's eyes became stern, and the heavy sword in his hand slowly tightened, but finally Li Luo waved at him.


It is true that at the moment there is no need to make a move, because even if they did, there is no absolute certainty that the two will be left behind, and since the result is not the desired one, there is no need to increase the casualties.


Pei Hao walked past Li Luo, stopped in his steps, and said with a faint smile: "Li Luo, remember that you still have six months left."


Li Luo tilted his head and smiled at her.


"Thanks for the reminder, doggy..."


"The gift bag you gave this time..."


He licked his lips and nodded firmly.


"Smells good".

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