Chapter 234 – Information from a strange guy

The next day, after handing over the affairs of the Luo Lan Mansion to Cai Wei, Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e returned to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, together with Yu Lang and Bai Mengmeng.


After entering the academy, Li Luo felt his body, which had been tense, relax a lot, as if that sense of security had been strengthened once he arrived at the academy.


However, he also noticed that some of the High Star Academy students inside the academy this time did not have their usual leisurely appearance, but instead each one looked serious and much more solemn.


I think it has to do with the "dark cave".


After all, once the purification mission begins, these Upper Star Academy students will enter the dark cave, where they may encounter terrifying "aliens", which can cause death or injury if they come into contact with them. .


The word "death and injury" may seem simple, but when it comes to the students who died in front of us, I am afraid that the feelings of the people involved become extraordinarily painful.


Jiang Qing'e and Yan Lingqing separated from Li Luo's group after entering the academy, then the others left on their own, leaving Li Luo and Bai Mengmeng to head to the small dormitory building in company.


And when the two arrived in front of the small building with smiles and a cheerful atmosphere, they saw a figure sitting at the top of the stone staircase in front of the building, with the shadow of a tree coming to cover his body in all its glory.


One slip of the tongue and he would simply be ignored and passed over.


But fortunately, Li Luo was still relatively attentive and caught sight of her figure, pulling Bai Mengmeng, who had not paid attention in time, while wondering, "Xin Fu, what are you doing crouching here? It seems... Strangely pathetic."


There is a feeling of loneliness for children who are left behind.


Only then did Bai Mengmeng notice Xin Fu and quickly apologize: "I'm sorry, Xin Fu, I didn't see you just now."


Xin Fu raised his head, and what seemed to be a sultry look came out from under his hood.


Li Luo gave him a surprised look and said, "You're not going to stay here for the entire holiday, are you? Haven't you managed to get your friends out to have fun?"


Xin Fu bowed his head silently, he had only spoken to a handful of people since he came to the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy, there was a ghost of a friend.


Seeing his appearance, Li Luo guessed that this guy usually didn't speak, probably because of his self-image, his presence was always weak, so people inadvertently ignored him, so I'm afraid he hadn't made any friends during the time . time he came to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy.


"It is a pity". Li Luo sighed.


Bai Mengmeng also looked at Xin Fu sympathetically and said, "Xin Fu, next time we go out, we will definitely take you with us."


"I actually tried to call you when I left earlier, but after looking around and not seeing you, I had to leave." She explained it.


Xin Fu looked at Bai Meng Meng's innocent and sweet little face and said softly, "I sat here while you were leaving."


Bai Mengmeng's smile froze and said weakly, "I'm sorry, I really didn't see it."


Xin Fu shook his head, and a soft sigh carried a lot of pain.


"Yo, they're all here."


At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the background, and when the three of them looked over, they saw the tutor Xi Chan approaching, with her tall figure and the thin veil covering her face, she looked like a kind of intellectual beauty.


The three of them hurriedly greeted.


Tutor Xi Chan nodded to the three and said, "Since you are all here, let's start teaching, there is something important to tell you today."


After saying that, he turned around and walked towards his small courtyard. From his footsteps, Li Luo also felt a stern aura and vaguely knew what mentor Xi Chan was going to say.


Mostly it's a dark cave thing.


The three of them hurriedly followed tutor Xi Chan to the spacious pavilion situated in the center of the small courtyard.


The four of them are sitting on the floor.


"In fact, what I'm going to say is something that everyone has probably heard of to a greater or lesser extent, and it's because of the Dark Cave." Tutor Xi Chan did not hold back and got straight to the point.


He then went on to give some preliminary information about the dark cave.


Because he already knew about the existence of the dark cave from Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo seemed quite calm, while Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu were much more surprised, especially Bai Mengmeng's little face was slightly pale, with a vague look. of fear in his eyes.


None of them expected the alien to be so close to them.


"This month the academy will open a purification mission, the squads of the two-star house, the three-star house and the four-star house will all participate, and we have received news that the pollution inside the dark cave has become "More serious this time, and some of the outside areas have also begun to become contaminated, so when the time comes, these purple glow squads from your one-star house can also be enlisted."


Tutor Xi Chan's eyes were somewhat serious as she stared at the three and said slowly, "The call is mandatory and cannot be refused, or else you will be expelled from the academy."


"Not only does the Dark Cave threaten the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, but once it is truly allowed to erupt, the entire Great Xia will be plunged into disaster, so whether it is for the sake of the Academy or the of their respective clans and families, there is no reason for them to flee from it.


The three of Li Luo looked equally solemn, although they were also scared and awestruck by the so-called "aliens", but they were among the best of their peers to become Purple Glory students, so they did not lose their cool too much.


"However, generally speaking, even if you are enlisted to enter the Dark Cave on a purification mission, some teams from the High Star Academy will be organized to guide you and teach you experience as well as protection." Seeing that none of the three spoke against it, tutor Xi Chan nodded slightly, considering himself more than satisfied.


"Can the tutor tell us more about this alien information?" Li Luo pondered for a moment and opened his mouth to ask.


Whether they are recruited into the Dark Cave on a purification mission or not, this information about the others must be clear to them, because even if they do not encounter him now, in the future, they will eventually encounter him.


"Indeed, it is time for this information to be communicated to you as well."


Mentor Xi Chan nodded and said: "As for the aliens, as I have told you before, it is because the dark world has gathered the evil thoughts of the human race, and the aliens are born from these evil thoughts."


"The aliens are strange and powerful, they are strange and twisted and horrifying, and the aliens, broadly speaking, fall into four classes, the Eclipsed, the Calamitous, the Destructive, and the Kings."


"Eclipsed, means erosion, and the alien of the eclipsed level initially possesses the power to erode the human heart, because they are made of countless evil thoughts, so once contaminated by their power, it will evoke evil thoughts in the depths of the person, evil thoughts overwhelm reason, and his body will then be controlled by the alien and become the puppet it controls."


"This erosion is the characteristic power of the aliens... In the purification of the Dark Cave by the Academy over the years, there have been countless encounters with the aliens, but in fact quite a few of the casualties have ended coming from companions who were inadvertently contaminated by evil thoughts."


Hearing this, even Li Luo's vest broke out in cold sweat. This alien species was really terrifying and strange, didn't it mean that when fighting and killing, he had to be careful that his companions would not be triggered by his bad thoughts deep down?


The sudden and violent stab at a critical moment was enough to kill a man by surprise and with hatred.


"Eclipsed-level aliens are also divided into white and red eclipses... This distinction is made because the evil thoughts emanating from the bodies of these two will gradually transform from white to red as they become stronger."


“A white eclipse-level alien is roughly at the second stage of the Resonance Master realm, while a red eclipse-level alien is at the third stage of the Resonance Master realm… If you go on a purification mission, the target is most likely an alien of this level."


"By analogy, a calamity level alien would be equivalent to the strength of the General Kingdom."


"The Destruction-level alien is a powerhouse of the Marquis Kingdom of our human race, and once this alien appears, even a prosperous city will become a city of death because of it."


"As for the king of the aliens..."


At the mention of this level of alien, even mentor Xi Chan had a look of fear in her eyes as she slowly said, "I really hope that we don't encounter an alien of this level, because every time an alien king appears, it represents a true disaster, and the evil thoughts he possesses will contaminate a country, turning it into a place of madness, chaos and distortion."


The pavilion was silent, and an inexplicable chill made the three Li Luo shudder.


Although Tutor Xi Chan did not specify it, it was clear that if an alien king appeared, he feared that only a human who had the power of the King Realm would be able to fight him.


Mentor Xi Chan took a deep breath and continued: "Usually alien species are all twisted and horrible looking, but the more powerful the alien species is, it will become more and more similar to our human race, so in the future, whether In the Dark Cave or anywhere else, if you see an alien species that looks exactly the same as us without any difference..."


A mist swept over Tutor Xi Chan's eyes, her palm involuntarily caressing her muslin-covered cheek as she whispered, "Then hurry up and escape."


The three of Li Luo looked at each other and finally nodded sincerely.


"Let's continue with today's lecture next."


"As for the purification mission in the dark cave, there is no concrete news about it yet, so you can continue your cultivation these next few days."


Tutor Xi Chan sighed softly.


"Hopefully, you won't need to do the same."


Because once that point is reached, it means that this time the pollution inside the dark cave will be extraordinarily serious, and that is not really good news.

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