Chapter 243 – Discrepant Hearts

And as the two teams of Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo entered the thirteenth purification fortress and began to make the numerous preparations to begin the purification mission.


Somewhere near the depths of that dark cave.


The sky and the earth here are filled with thick and sticky black fog, swelling and swelling, and countless eerie whispers emanate from the black fog, and faintly, there seems to be a distorted shadow flickering within it.


In the black fog, a subtle sound of footsteps could be heard.


A figure strolled through the black mist, wearing the robe of the Purple Glory tutor of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, and his face was not unfamiliar, it was Shen Jinxiao.


He walked through the terrifying black mist with a smile on his face. He could clearly feel the malicious gazes in the sticky black mist, but he didn't seem to be intimidated in the slightest.


At one point, he stopped abruptly in his tracks and then looked down, only to see a pale arm suddenly reach out from the ground, and these arms, like snakes, wrapped around his paws.


The black Qi of evil thoughts hissed up from the palms of his feet and frantically penetrated into his body.




The black mist surrounding them also surged violently at this moment, with all kinds of strange things surfacing and bursting out with malevolent intent, as the sticky black air roared towards Shen Jinxiao like a storm.


Faced with the sudden attack, Shen Jinxiao's expression did not change, and in the next instant, a majestic resonance force suddenly rose into the sky, directly sweeping away the sticky black mist.


It was as if a hurricane had passed through the clouds.


"The Ring of Vulcan."


In the next instant, a huge ring of fire erupted within Shen Jinxiao's body, sweeping the entire area and causing the temperature of the earth and sky to rise.


Furthermore, within the ring of fire, there were countless divine fire patterns inscribed, those fire patterns were like coiling fire dragons, and wherever they passed, the black mist melted directly, and those strange things in the black mist also burned. in nothingness at that moment.


The pale arms around the feet were the first to turn to ashes.


In a few breaths, the area filled with sticky black mist cleared.


The power of a powerful man marquis is evident.


Having cleansed this area of the contamination of evil thought, Shen Jinxiao stood on the side of a hill, standing with his arms crossed, his eyes looking into the dark cave.


There was a strange aura there that even he felt extremely wary of.


At the same time, he also felt a vast and long aura, which was like that of a cross between heaven and earth.


That's... Dean.


It was also because of the presence of the dean that the powerful and strange aura from the depths of that dark cave did not move at all, and the two sides clashed.


"A King-level powerhouse, truly extraordinary." Shen Jinxiao sighed lightly, an extremely hot look swept across his eyes, that realm, he had been thirsting for it for a long time.


However, it is actually very difficult to find the King class.


Throughout history, there have been many talented people who have been prevented from taking this step.


"There are some plans, and it's time to push them forward, for me... The King's Way." Shen Jinxiao stood in place, silent for a long time, and suddenly turned his head to look somewhere on the outskirts of the Dark Cave.


"Ninth Grade Light Resonance, bright sun, heart like enamel, all evil will not be able to invade."


Shen Jinxiao's eyes were dark as he murmured softly to himself in his heart, "Jiang Qing'e, if you attach so much importance to Li Luo's words, if he died in front of you, would there be a crack in your bright heart?" "


His eyes lowered and he seemed to glance at a certain part of the place before waving his sleeve and taking a step forward.


And soon after Shen Jinxiao left, the ground area suddenly twisted, and faintly, a strange human face formed.


The malevolent gaze on the human face looked towards the direction Shen Jinxiao had left, and finally descended again, turning into a black line that snaked across the ground, quickly heading towards the rear.




On Jiang Qing'e's side, Li Luo, after half a day of preparation, found a place to live for this next period, on the top floor of a stone tower.


The infrastructure inside the room was simple but relatively well-developed, and after each was assigned a room, the two teams met again.


The crowd first took out the special dried meat prepared for them by the academy. It was said that it was soaked in energy liquid and could accelerate the recovery of the resonance power in the body, and at the same time, it was also able to satisfy hunger, one piece could cover most of the day, so it could be said. that the academy had done extremely well in all aspects for the task of purifying the dark cave.


The map had a rough surface, and in the center was carved the tower of a fortress, which was currently emitting a slight glow.


Apparently, this tower represents the purification fortress where they are currently located.


In the center of the fortress, the surrounding areas are marked by a small tower, except at this moment they are all an eerie black.


"These small towers, which are the locations of the purification towers, are all black at this moment, which means that they are covered by the power of evil thoughts and are in a dormant state."


"And once the Tower of Purification is activated, the symbols on the map will become brighter as a reminder." Tian Tian pointed to those signs on the top of the map and said to the Li Luo trio.


Li Luo's three people were amazed, this rough and simple looking map did not look simple, could it really perceive the changes of other purification towers in real time? This saved them a lot of trouble.


"Don't underestimate this map, it is very useful, no less than the 'Green Wood Heart Protective Plate.'" Jiang Qing'e said.


Li Luo touched it curiously, and the rough touch made his heart palpitate, and he said timidly, “Is it made from the bark of the Resonance Force Tree?”


Tian Tian and Qiu Bai gave him a somewhat surprised look and then nodded.


Li Luo smacked his lips, at that moment he finally understood what the magnificent resonance power tree represented to the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, the students needed it to cultivate, to suppress the dark cave, to open the portal, to transport the students...


I dare say that all aspects of this Xuanxing Sacred Academy cannot be separated from this Resonance Power Tree, and I can say without a doubt that if that Resonance Power Tree were to disappear, I am afraid that the Xuanxing Sacred Academy would simply come to a standstill. .


"There seems to be some difference in the black concentration of these small towers... Is it due to the different forces of evil thought pollution that exist around them?" Suddenly, Bai Mengmeng asked in a low voice.


Jiang Qing'e gave him a somewhat surprised look and laughed: "That's a very careful look."


When Bai Mengmeng received Jiang Qing'e's compliment, her innocent little face suddenly blushed and she looked a little shy.


"In fact, as Mengmeng said, the strength of the pollution around these purification towers varies a bit, and with this the academy has classified all the towers around the fortress, distinguishing them by a simple one, two or three."


Jiang Qing'e's slender jade finger pointed to a small black tower symbol closest to the fortress and said, "In general, the purification towers near the fortress are level one, and this type of purification tower is not It will be too difficult to activate, but as we gradually move further away from the fortress and the contamination of evil thoughts begins to become heavier, the purification tower there rises to level two..."


His fingertips moved to the most peripheral part of the map, where the small marks of the towers were, indeed, deeper and darker than the previous more internal ones.


Li Luo nodded slightly, and then his gaze moved to the outermost area of the fortress map, where he saw the signs of two small towers.


These two small towers are so dark that they are like two eyes without targets, and just looking at them gives you a chill.


"Is...are they two tertiary purification towers?" Li Luo asked slowly.


Jiang Qing'e nodded her head, and her gaze at those two Level 3 Purification Towers became a little more serious as she said, "These two Level 3 Purification Towers are considered the two most difficult spots in our area, and they are also our ultimate goal for this purification mission."


"The pollution is more severe there and the alien species that will emerge will be extraordinarily powerful, a tough nut to crack, but one that will have to be cracked in the end."


Li Luo's face was also somewhat solemn, although he did not know that so-called tertiary purification tower, that did not prevent him from guessing the level of danger it possessed.


Qiu Bai on the side interjected with a smile: "But high risk also comes with high reward, once the Level 3 Purification Tower is successfully activated, it is able to earn 10,000 Academy points."


Li Luo looked up in surprise and said breathlessly, “10,000 academy points?!”


They had worked so hard to win first place over the ranking battle, but they were barely able to earn 5,000 points, while here, a successful activation of a Level 3 Purification Tower would earn 10,000 Academy points?


Jiang Qing'e nodded her head slightly and said, "Sure enough, according to the rules of the academy, activating the Level 3 Purification Tower is 10,000 points, the Level 2 Purification Tower is 4,000 points, and the Level 2 Purification Tower is 4,000 points. Level 1 is 1,500 points."


Li Luo, Bai Mengmeng and The academy?


You know that at the top of this map, roughly speaking, there should be dozens of purification towers, right?


How much is this?


Thinking of that amount, Li Luo's heart raced, so this was the fastest way to earn points in the Xuanxing Sacred Academy... No wonder Jiang Qing'e had tried her best to bring him over.


With a few more trades, 100,000 points wouldn't be far away, right?


"Aside from activating the Tower of Purification, which counts towards academy points, there are actually points for destroying deviants."


Tian Tian added to the side: “ White Eclipsing level Alien, five hundred points a piece, Red Eclipsing level Alien, eight hundred points a piece, Calamity level Alien are divided into Earth Calamity level and Heavenly Calamity level, in this In our outer zone, the probability of Heavenly Calamity-level Aliens appearing is not high, so we only have to pay attention to Earth Calamity-level Aliens."


"Earth Calamities are also qualified for their distinction, but it is also very simple, they are divided into Earth Calamities and Lesser Earth Calamities, Earth Calamities are equivalent to the strength of the Earth Fury Realm." late, and belong to the upper level of the Earth Calamities class, which is worth four thousand points, and the Lesser Earth Calamities two thousand points."


He smiled: "A clear price for a child."


Li Luo swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and for a moment, it was as if that scrupulousness and fear of aliens had weakened a lot.


"When do we go?"


Tian Tian and Qiu Bai looked at Li Luo, who had suddenly become active and somewhat impatient, and felt somewhat taken aback, this Li Luo was indeed not small in value.


Only Jiang Qing'e had a small smile in her golden eyes as she nonchalantly put away the map.


"Get ready to go now."


He paused, his eyes looked at the three of Li Luo, his voice came out somewhat muffled.


"Also, you are welcome to... Experience the horrors of the Dark Cave."

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