Chapter 244 - Newcomer's Confusion Mental Step

Outside the gates of the fortress of the XIII Purification.


In front of Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e and the others a faint shield of light was erected. Inside the shield there was a peaceful atmosphere, while outside there was a wave of black fog, and visibility was extremely poor when looking.


The thick, sticky black fog surged up as if something terrible was hidden in it, sending a chill down the spine.


What's scary is the unknown.


Jiang Qing'e and the three looked calm, after all, having experienced so many purification missions, they were quite familiar with the Dark Cave.


However, Li Luo, Bai Mengmeng, and Xin Fu were stone-faced.


Upon leaving this curtain of light, they will lose all their shelter and begin to face the dark cave head-on.


There were other groups approaching, but Li Luo felt that their eyes seemed to be looking with some suspicion.


“Jiang Qing’e, this is the first time a team from the First Star Academy has entered the Dark Cave, how many times do you think they will have to go through this “Newcomer Confusion Mental Step”?” At this moment, a sound of laughter came from behind, and when Li Luo looked, he saw that the two teams of Duze Honglian and Ye Qiu Ding had also arrived here.


"Newcomer Mental Confusion Step?" Li Luo looked at Jiang Qing'e.


"I was going to tell you guys."


Jiang Qing'e still ignored Duze Honglian and only said to Li Luo: "Those who enter the dark cave will suffer the power of evil thoughts when they leave the purification fortress and walk into the black mist, which is scattered in "The black mist, in general, this power is not too strong and its influence will not be too great."


"But a special point is that anyone who enters the Dark Cave for the first time will experience a slightly more serious erosion of evil thoughts, which must be due to the fact that they themselves have not been exposed to this kind of power before." , so the power of bad thoughts takes advantage of the situation."


"When the power of bad thoughts invades your body, it will affect your mind and create many negative emotions, this is called the "Newcomer Confusion Mental Step.""


"You three should also find him later when you leave the fortress."


"But don't worry too much, even if you fail the first time, you won't lose anything, it will just be delayed for a while, and when you fail a few more times and have stamina, you will pass naturally."


Although Jiang Qing'e said it casually, Li Luo still understood that if the three of them were stopped by this Newcomer Confusion Mental Step, then it would undoubtedly slow down Jiang Qing'e's efficiency in carrying out his purification mission, After all, when they couldn't leave the fortress, Jiang Qing'e and the three would have to wait here.


And this Duze Honglian and others came running over, obviously to watch the fun.


"This Dark Cave, it is really a crisis at every turn." Li Luo sighed, this was just leaving the fortress, and there were already a lot of problems.


No wonder the academy did not open the Dark Cave to the students of the One Star Academy in the past, this was because they were really too young.


"Let's try it first."


Li Luo turned his head to look at a somewhat nervous Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu, and encouraged, "Go for it and try to pass directly."


The two men took a deep breath and nodded seriously.


Without further ado, the three of them directly took a step towards the circle of purifying light before them, under the gaze of many eyes.


The moment he stepped out of the range of the fortress's purifying light shield, Li Luo instantly felt the temperature around him drop sharply and become extremely cold.


The black mist in front of him seemed to surge violently, and there were inexplicable whispering sounds coming from all directions, like a magical voice filling the ears, entering the depths of his mind.


In the black fog, there seems to be a creepy line of sight, watching.


The sticky cold black mist flowed over the surface of the body as if it were the touch of a demon's hand, containing a deep killing intent.


A feeling of fear is born.


Li Luo's face was almost pale at this moment, his breathing slightly heavy.


At the back of the room, Jiang Qing'e's eyes were fixed on Li Luo, and once the three of them began to show violent changes in their emotions, she would make a move to drag them away, but then that would mean that the three of them had failed. in his first contact with the "Door of Confusion".


This was actually a relatively normal result, after all, the three of Li Luo were still students of the First Star Academy and were entering the Dark Cave for the first time, so the strength of the evil thoughts in this Dark Cave would become stronger so they could take advantage of the situation.


In Jiang Qing'e's prediction, the three of Li Luo would, perhaps, need to experience two or three failures before gradually adapting.


Only then, would its purification efficiency have to decrease a bit, and by then, after a few days, perhaps most of those level 1 purification towers in the inner perimeter would have to be swept away by other equipment.


While Jiang Qing'e was calculating in her mind, that Duze Honglian also saw the change in Li Luo's expression and immediately a smile emerged from the corner of her lips.


'Oh Jiang Qing'e, Jiang Qing'e, this is the price you pay for your insistence on finding a burden.'


On the side, Ye Qiu Ding looked calm, but a subtle hint of pleasure ran through those eyes.


Under the gaze of the numerous eyes watching him, Li Luo stood still, the whisper that reached his mind gradually intensifying, the fear becoming stronger and stronger.


Only, although Li Luo is a new student, his heart is not as fragile as others think.


Fear took hold of him, but it did not overwhelm his senses.


Before his eyes, it was as if darkness enveloped him, and all the figures disappeared and left. In the darkness, a faint sound could be heard, as if something strange was approaching.


But Li Luo's expression calmed down little by little.


These aliens were certainly scary and strange, but what was he doing in the Dark Cave?


You are here to earn 100,000 points.


What if I can't win it?


If he couldn't win it, he would not have enough Emperor Stream Pulp, and without enough Emperor Stream Pulp, he would stop before the General Kingdom, and stop there, which would mean that he would only have four more years to live.


Trying to be a marquis for five years is a straight joke.


Therefore, if you can't get enough points to redeem the emperor current pulp, it is a short-lived ghost.


What in the world is scarier than the fact that I'm dying?


Am I going to lose my life? Do I have to be afraid of you alien dogs?


A wave of irritation welled up from Li Luo's heart, instantly erasing those feelings of fear, and the darkness before him abruptly dissipated.


Everything is back on track.


There were murmurs reaching the ears of everyone around, but when these voices saw Li Luo, with clear eyes and calm face, everyone fell silent.


Duze Honglian also slowly frowned.


And under the gaze of those astonished eyes of his, Li Luo opened his hand with a bewildered expression and said, “Am I, in fact, finished?”


Looking at the stunned looks, Li Luo secretly smiled, this wave of accent can pretend.


"It seems so simple."


But at this moment, a surprised voice from Bai Mengmeng came from the side, and when he turned his head, he saw Bai Mengmeng observing the surroundings, his big watery eyes filled with clarity.


"You, haven't you been affected?" Li Luo was also a little stunned, Bai Mengmeng seemed to have passed through this Confusing Heart Step faster than him.


Bai Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and said, "At first I felt some effects, then I directly entered a hypnotic state, and those negative emotions disappeared."


Li Luo froze, in a hypnotic state, was that the kind of state she was in when studying the strange light of the spiritual water?


At that moment, Bai Mengmeng seemed to be a kind of absolute sanity, calm and undisturbed by any negative emotions, but can this serve to fight the erosion of bad thoughts?


That's cheating on your part.


Li Luo looked at Bai Mengmeng who seemed like nothing had happened, for a moment he could only let out a secret sigh, careless, so this is the master of faking accent.


And while Li Luo sighed that Bai Mengmeng's cheating hand was too perverted, he suddenly felt another cold, stinging killing intent emanating from him.


When he looked, he saw that Xin Fu's eyes under his hood had turned a little red, as if they contained extremely harsh and pure killing intent.


The icy coldness of that killing intent made even Jiang Qing'e look a little sideways.


But this killing intent appeared very briefly, and the crimson in Xin Fu's eyes dissipated as he raised his head to meet Li Luo's stunned gaze and said, "Is it over?"


Li Luo was silent for a few seconds and nodded with his face as heavy as water.


Pay attention to these two companions, both masters of their craft.


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