Chapter 251 – The Dispossession Technique



As the black air rushed in, the eight-armed creature hit the ground and the earth shook as its figure leaped, bringing with it a cloud of shadows and gusts of wind that roared straight towards Li Luo's position.


The force of evil thoughts gushing from his body had already made Li Luo understand the strength of this alien creature.


At least the strength of the fourth pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage!


If this was a hard blow, none of the three of them would be able to withstand it, after all, the difference in hard strength was not small.


So the three figures hurried to dodge.




The eight-armed alien landed and pounced on the ground, but turned around and flew away again, its eight bloody arms like blood snakes, thundering towards the elusive trio.


The three men rushed to combat it with their own power, jumping back at the same time.


During this brief confrontation, both Li Luo and Xin Fu had a preliminary encounter with the eight-armed alien, and the result was truly what they expected. The opponent's power was too strong, and the distorted force of evil thoughts roared like a tidal wave, making them feel like they were in a basement, and their bodies were gradually losing control.


In a few moments, the three of them were already beginning to feel a little worse between the frantic attacks of the eight-armed aliens.


On the top of a large tree not far from the Purification Tower, Jiang Qing'e watched the battle from above, with different expressions.


Tian Tian smiled and asked, “Captain, it seems like they are having a hard time getting by.”


Qiu Bai nodded and said, "This Eclipsed White Alien is already extremely close to the strength of the fifth pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage, which is actually very complicated and dangerous for them."


Jiang Qing'e remained silent, her golden eyes staring at the field, except that Tian Tian and Qiu Bai could still acutely feel the power of light resonance in her body fluctuating faintly.


Clearly, at this point, Jiang Qing'e was about to strike.


They watched the battle among the dry forest in the distance, feeling a little sorry that, for just a little bit, Li Luo and the others could have activated this purification tower independently.


But there is no need to ask too much, after all, Li Luo and the others are still freshmen, and being able to do this for the first time is actually quite impressive.


As they thought this, the eight-armed dead forest alien became more and more violent in its attack, and its long, bloody arms swept across the ground, shaking both Li Luo and Xin Fu back.


Immediately, the eight-armed alien hissed, its eight arms hit the ground, the speed of its figure skyrocketed, pounced directly on Li Luo's position, it had already sensed that Li Luo was the most threatening person of the three.


This charge from the eight-armed alien was so fast that even Li Luo was unable to dodge it, and shadows covered the ground with a loud explosion.


In the distance, Jiang Qing'e's slender jade hand gripping the heavy sword tightened fiercely, and the power of light resonance had begun to surge from her delicate body.




But at this moment, the ground that the eight-armed alien had pounced on suddenly crumbled, as if a large pit had formed, and at this moment, Li Luo was hanging on the edge of the large pit.


As for the eight-armed alien, it fell into that big pit.


“That’s…” Qu Bai uttered in surprise.


"It looks like it's a big pit trap they dug out with water, it's made with the power of aquatic resonance, right? But what's the use?" Tian Tian was also puzzled.


A puddle that couldn't trap a superior white alien.


Jiang Qing'e's grip on the hilt of her sword quietly relaxed a little, her eyes fixed in that direction, although she was not quite sure what purpose Li Luo and the others had served by hitting a puddle, but with Li Luo's character, he shouldn't do anything useless.


I guess this is what you have in mind.


And as curiosity arose in his mind, Li Luo, at the edge of the puddle, jumped up and the eight-armed alien that was in the pit roared to come out.


"Starlight Butterfly!" Bai Mengmeng shouted, and the power of stellar resonance gushed out, turning into a succession of flying butterflies of light, which rushed towards the eight-armed alien, immediately causing a slight stiffness in the latter's body, causing an illusion.


However, soon the power of evil thoughts surged from the eight-armed alien's body, directly erasing the illusion caused by that starlight butterfly.


"Ten Thousand Shadows Binding Technique!"


But when the eight-armed alien broke free from Bai Mengmeng's illusion,


"Captain, I can only last five seconds!" Xin Fu roared lowly as blue veins appeared on his forehead.


"Xin Fu, be careful what you say! Mengmeng is inside!" Li Luo kindly reminded.


Xin Fu almost spit out a mouthful of blood at that, it's already this time and you're still playing!


He looked at the eight-armed alien who had submerged into the puddle, took a deep breath, and formed a seal with his hands, and the resonance technique he had prepared a long time ago was also released at this moment.


"General Tiger Technique, water extraction technique!"




When he boosted his phase technique, he saw a huge ball of water forming in the puddle, and in the center of the ball was the eight-armed alien struggling violently.


Within the water sphere, the water suddenly rotated at high speed, and a powerful tearing force emerged from it, acting directly on the body of the eight-armed alien.


Under this rotating tear, Li Luo was shocked to see the eight-armed alien's hideous white skin peeling off little by little.


And under the human skin, bright red flesh and blood writhed, a furious roar if ever there was one, and another alien aura surged at that moment.


The same flesh-and-blood alien that was previously eaten by the human-skinned alien!


Under Li Luo's stripping technique, the flesh-and-blood alien that had swallowed the human-skinned one before was forcefully torn off by him.


The human-skinned alien let out a shrill whistle, and was now in a poor position not only to resist the tearing of the current, but also to suppress the flesh-and-blood alien that was beginning to resist within it.


However, at that moment, no matter how much he resisted, this internal and external resistance was such that he could no longer maintain his power.


Thus, after about ten breaths, along with a shrill sound that resonated in the ears, one could see how the eight-armed alien in that ball of water split in two.


"Captain, it worked! You're very good." Bai Mengmeng exclaimed in surprise. Xin Fu was also relieved and couldn't help but smile in amazement.


Previously, when Li Luo proposed this battle plan, he was a little hesitant. After all, what Li Luo was doing was using a crude means to take out the flesh and blood alien that the human skin alien had just forcefully eaten. , which would not only disrupt the evolution of the human-skinned alien, but would also allow the two aliens to kill each other, while they would be the ones to reap the benefits.


Xin Fu was amazed at Li Luo's brain circuit, after all, ordinary people, I'm afraid, couldn't think of such a path...


The Captain, it's quite strange.


At this moment, even Xin Fu had to breathe a sigh of admiration in his heart.


Compared to the two excited ones, Li Luo seemed much calmer. He had already anticipated this scene, since this stripping technique, again, had been improved by him.


Other people's tearing techniques were only powered by water currents, and the strength of such tearing was limited, but in this tearing technique, he added the power of light resonance, and with the help of light currents, The force of said tear could make this alien with human skin suffer a lot, even though it was much stronger than him.


So, if someone else were to perform the stripping technique here, they might not be successful, but with him... The success rate is still very high.




The fast-spinning water ball exploded at this moment, and two shadows fell out of it in disarray, none other than the flesh-and-blood alien and the human-skinned alien.


However, at this moment, both of them were extremely exhausted in the power of their evil thoughts, and it was obvious that this kind of harsh dispossession had also greatly weakened them.


The two aliens landed on the ground, their eyes full of evil thoughts staring at each other, killing intent surging in them, wanting to cut him into pieces.


But in the end they didn't, and they turned around and ran away.


Although they don't have much common sense, they can sense their own weakness at this moment, and if they continue here, the end that awaits them will be extremely unpleasant.


Therefore, the most sensible thing to do is to flee immediately.


As soon as their figures moved, Li Luo and Xin Fu appeared in front of them.


Li Luo gently pulled the twin swords in his hands, then looked at the human-skinned alien and said with a satisfied smile: "Dog, where did the powerful wind go just now?"


"Stay and play."


The two alien species are now weakened to the weakest level, basically equivalent to the strength of the first pattern, and at that time, it is the best opportunity to hit the dogs.


Xin Fu, on the other hand, was even more direct, directly throwing out his sword without saying a word.


Li Luo had to follow.


The battle broke out again, but this time the result was very different.


The top of a tree in the distance.


The three of them looked at the transforming battlefield and were a little quiet for a while.


Because not even they had thought that this game could be resolved in such a way...


This guy, directly using this strange resonance technique, tore off the flesh and blood alien that the human skin alien had just swallowed? Then, the two aliens suffered serious injuries and a sharp reduction in their strength.


The two looked at each other and finally held back the words: "I have had an eye-opening experience today."


Although Jiang Qing'e did not speak, the corners of her lips gently raised to let people know how happy she was at that moment.


Li Luo's performance was perfect.

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