Chapter 256 – The Bragging Husband



Wang Yufeng's face was blue, obviously irritated by Li Luo's words, and at the same time a little annoyed, after all, in the contest between the two sides, it was clear that he was the one who had the absolute advantage in all of them. the aspects.


With his speed, it wouldn't have been difficult to seize a Dark Spirit Blade, but how could he have imagined that Li Luo didn't even have the idea of competing with him for speed, he simply stood motionless and seized the Dark Spirit Blade from an extremely clever way.


The three of Li Luo's side completed a rather exquisite match, while on the contrary, his side, overconfident at the beginning, had no intention of letting Song Qiuyu and Tifa Jingming out to help.


Of course, with the speed of the two men, it was true that they could not keep up with their pace.


It doesn't matter, the final result has emerged, the Dark Spirit Blade has fallen into Li Luo's hands, and many people have just watched the blitz game between him and Li Luo around here.


His speed was interrupted by Li Luo with a light vector.


The result was, obviously, something unexpected.


Faced with the strange gazes being cast around him, Wang Yufeng wanted to find a crack in the ground, after all, he had almost been tricked by Li Luo in the previous confrontation.


But no matter how furious he was in his heart, he did not dare to shoot directly.


Not to mention that he was out of line, the three Jiang Qing'e standing next to him would have been able to crush him on their own.


So in the end, he could only grimace and resentfully jump back to the black lotus leaf he stood on, and then said stiffly to Song Qiuyu, “I'm so sorry, I've failed.”


Song Qiuyu was in a slight trance, she looked at Li Luo who was not far away, the smile on the other party's mouth seemed to mock her, this made her heart filled with evil fire, she couldn't wait to directly curse the Wang Yufeng's incompetence in front of her.


How stupid must this person be, who was clearly a fourth-level Birth Pattern Stage, one of the most skilled in speed of the Two-Star Academy, only to lose to Li Luo of the One-Star Academy in this kind of outburst?


But in the end he forced his anger and said with a strong comforting smile: "It has nothing to do with you, no one expected Li Luo to be so cunning."


"It's okay, we can wait for the next one if we don't catch it this time."


Wang Yufeng nodded bitterly, this time he wanted to please Song Qiuyu, but he ended up losing his mind and becoming a joke.


The competition for the other two Dark Spirit Blades also quickly came to an end, and the two squads rejoiced beyond measure as the envy of the crowd.


It was then that the crowd realized that in the battle between Li Luo and Wang Youfeng's side, it was the former who had emerged victorious, and they all looked strangely at once.


After all, Wang Youfeng is at least one of the top ten ranked figures of the Second Star Academy, but he lost to Li Luo's team here. Although it was not a head-to-head matchup, this defeat was really a bit of embarrassment for the Second Star Academy.


At those gazes, Wang Yufeng's face became even uglier.


On a tree trunk not far away, Jiang Qing'e stretched out her slender jade hand, only to see the heavy sword stuck in front of Li Luo fly back and fall back into her hand.


"What do you think?" He asked with a smile on his lips.


He naturally asked Qiu Bai and Tian Tian, who at this moment looked at each other with some surprise and said, "Can you still hold on like this?"


This Li Luo trio did not take a single step from start to finish, but in the end that Dark Spirit Blade fell into their hands.


The exquisite coordination and tactics of the three of Li Luo from before also made them wide-eyed, while on the contrary, Wang Yufeng tried too hard to be handsome and arrogant, and his face directly fell apart, falling apart.


"Li Luo is a very good captain." Tian Tian's pretty eyes stared at Li Luo's figure and gave a very fair assessment.


Qiu Bai had no further objections to it, although his rival was far ahead in strength, he was still able to snatch the Dark Spirit Blade so calmly, I'm afraid that if it were said that this is luck, not even a fool would I would believe.


Li Luo's squad really impressed them constantly.


In response to the two's praise, Jiang Qing'e said nothing, but the smile in her golden eyes could not be hidden, causing Tian Tian to say, "Captain, this is just a compliment to Li Luo, do you have to to do that?".


She didn't have mood swings even when people promoted her as a flower, but here they just said some nice things about Li Luo, and Jiang Qing'e behaved like this, which was really difficult for Tian Tian to understand.


Jiang Qing'e smiled and said frankly: "Isn't it worth being happy that what you value most is recognized?"


Tian Tian swallowed, Jiang Qing'e's words were so direct that he didn't know how to take them for a moment, except that he could hear that Jiang Qing'e really thought highly of Li Luo.


The relationship between the two parties is deeper than anyone could have imagined.


Can a marriage contract, a supposed courtship, really go that far?


At this moment, even Tian Tian, as a girl, couldn't help but be a little sour, this Li Luo, really what virtue and what ability.


And while they mourned on their side, the crowd in the arena was also mixed with joy and sadness.


For his part, Li Luo poured out all his strength and divided the dark spirit blades in his hand into three parts, giving them to Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu.


"Do I really have to put this in my mouth?" Bai Mengmeng looked at the hard and ugly blade in her hand, with a slightly inexplicable mucus, and the girl with a certain cleanliness fetish expressed her resistance to having to hold such a strange thing in her mouth.


"Be patient with me".


In response, Li Luo and constantly from the pool of dark spirits seemed to have disappeared as if everything had disappeared.


"It really works." The two men exclaimed.


Seeing this, Bai Mengmeng could only grit her teeth in resignation, and then forced this black blade into her mouth, her lips pursed for fear of spitting out this hard-earned item.


And while this was being done on their side, the other two squads that had obtained Dark Spirit Blades were already eager to leave, and then enter the Dark Spirit Pool amidst those many envious gazes.


"Let's go too."


Li Luo addressed the two and then tilted his head to look in the direction Jiang Qing'e was standing in, showing him a smile before his eyes turned with some expectation to the pool of dark spirits that kept flowing. flow energy.


He took the lead to jump off the black lotus leaf and headed towards the dark spirit pool step by step.


In the Dark Spirit Pond, there was a faint mist of energy lingering at this moment due to the stirring of heaven and earth energy, while Li Luo, the three of them, entered the Dark Spirit Pond under the cover of the Blade of the Dark Spirit.


Looking at the three disappearing into the energy mist, Jiang Qing'e also withdrew her gaze.


"Captain, there are 38 stairs in the Dark Spirit Pool, every time you go down a staircase, there will be an infusion of energy, which can cause a slight increase in the resonance power of your body, and the further you go down, the better the effect. of the infusion, only the energy pressure you have to endure is also stronger, how many stairs do you think Li Luo can reach?" Tian Tian suddenly asked.


Qiu Bai smiled and said: "I remember that the captain also set a record, right? That was reaching the thirty-eighth ladder, when he directly completed a breakthrough and crossed two levels in a row, which was a direct sensation, and in history from the academy, there were only a handful of people who were able to reach that step."


Jiang Qing'e pondered slightly, and then slowly spit out the words: "I think Li Luo can also reach the thirty-eighth ladder."


Tian Tian and Qiu Bai had their eyes wide open.


In the end Tian Tian couldn't help but hold his forehead, forget it, forget me asking, Jiang Qing'e was able to reach the thirty-eighth step, that was by virtue of the purity of the ninth grade light resonance, although Li Luo It had a double resonance, but none of the grades of the double resonance were high, even if there was a bonus, but it was absolutely impossible to compare with the ninth grade light resonance ah.


So they couldn't understand why Jiang Qing'e thought so highly of Li Luo...


However, due to Li Luo's repeated and surprising performance earlier, neither of them had spoken and could only look at each other in disbelief.


And they discovered that Jiang Qing'e, it seems, has a bit of the attribute of showing off as a husband.

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