Chapter 263 – Changes in the Forbidden Zone

Outside the Dark Spirit Pool, Wang Yufeng, Song Qiuyu, and Tifa Jingming's gazes changed as they looked at the mutilated Dark Spirit Blade in Li Luo's hand.


The three men were not stupid, and when Li Luo took out this Dark Spirit Blade that could only be used for two people to enter the Dark Spirit Pool, they knew what Li Luo had in mind.


It is nothing more than sowing dissension and killing three men with two peaches.


This dark spirit blade, if it is picked up, no matter how it is used, it will be left by a person, and then that person, whoever it is, will certainly have a grudge in his heart.


Even if he is generous enough to back out at this time, there are some grudges that, once they exist, will always lead to some changes in your relationship in the future.


So this dark spirit blade is really "highly poisonous".


But Li Luo obviously did not hide his intentions either, the other side could choose not to, as long as they could resist the temptation of entering the Dark Spirit Pool early to train.


As long as the three of them can firmly break away from this temptation, Li Luo's calculations will fall on deaf ears.


Only, Li Luo didn't believe that Wang Yufeng, Song Qiuyu and the three of them were capable of being so firm.


"So, do you want it or not? If you don't want it, I'll give it back." Li Luo said indifferently.


With this, he intended to recover the Blade of the Dark Spirit.


However, Song Qiuyu stepped forward and reached out to grab the dark spirit blade from Li Luo's hand, her face clouding as she threw out a small bottle, no more and no less than half a bottle of Stream Pulp. Emperor.


Li Luo took the wooden bottle without saying another word and turned around and left, not caring at all about how they wanted to use the dark spirit blade.


Song Qiuyu looked at Li Luo's back, then turned to Wang Yufeng, Tifa Jingming and said: "This Dark Spirit Blade, you two use it, I can wait for next time."


Wang Yufeng's gaze flickered for a moment and said, "Qiuyu, you don't need to sacrifice so much."


"If we really want to distribute this dark spirit blade, we must do it in the fairest way possible, which is to distribute it based on the strength of the contribution."



When she heard this, Song Qiu Yu's heart screamed in disbelief, and when she looked up, she saw that Tifa Jingming, who had never spoken, looked slightly stiff, but she recovered in an instant.


Tifa Jingming nodded with a smile and said, “This is undoubtedly the fairest way, Qiuyu, you will enter the Dark Spirit Pool with the captain first, I will wait for next time.”


Wang Yufeng smiled and said somewhat apologetically, “Don’t worry, Jingming, we won’t let you suffer, we will stay in the Dark Cave for some more time, we will find a chance to make it up to you then.”


Tifa Jingming smiled and waved her hand.


Song Qiuyu wanted to say something but stopped. Tifa Jingming had been his friend for many years and his family too, the other party was his excellent classmate at the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, his reason told him that now he should speak in favor of Tifa Jingming and firmly take her side.


But doing so would be embarrassing Wang Youfeng to his face. It's also clearly out of character.


So, in the end, between a rock and a hard place, he had to choose silence.


He knew that his silence would disappoint Tifa Jingming and cause a rift in their relationship.


But what could I do.


Neither she nor Wang Yufeng could give up the temptation that this Dark Spiritual Blade brought. They could indeed wait for the next wave of Dark Spiritual Blades, but then they would miss the first opportunity and the effect of entering it to cultivate would be greatly reduced.


Neither of them was willing to accept that loss.


Right now Li Luo had sent out a dark spirit blade, and although it contained poison, the two of them were unable to part with it.


He could only say that he had underestimated Li Luo's methods, and that the other party had not used any force or relied on Jiang Qing'e to exert pressure; In fact, in that case, he had nothing to fear.


But how could he have imagined that Li Luo's counterattack was only to take out a fragmented Dark Spirit Blade?


This dark spirit blade has caused a rift in some of the relationships you have worked so hard on for years.


The price, in fact, is high.


So at this moment, Song Qiuyu couldn't help but feel some regret, why did he have to hold back his temper to provoke this Li Luo before?


Although this guy's strength is not as strong as Jiang Qing'e, these means, on the contrary, bring more killing power than Jiang Qing'e.


However, to Song Qiuyu's regret, Li Luo no longer cared. On this trip to the Dark Spirit Pool, his strength increased by two levels and a large number of academy points came into his hands, so he It can be said that he has made a lot of money.


He walked towards Jiang Qing'e's group, and then rushed towards Tian Tian, and Qiu Bai said somewhat apologetically: "I'm sorry for the long delay on this side of the Dark Spirit Pool."


They had been here for most of the day, and in that time, Hong Lian, Ye Qiu Ding and the others had inevitably gone ahead, and had even opened the secondary purification tower, so in terms of progress over all, the most They were likely to be left behind.


Tian Tian let out a delicate smile and said, "Sharpening the knife is not an easy task, your squad's strength has increased by a large margin, which will also help us in the advancement of the secondary purification tower later."


Having done so many favors, they certainly didn't mind going all the way, and as for Duze Hong Lian, it was nothing to get carried away for once.


Going forward, with the captain at the helm, there will be plenty of opportunities to keep them on the ground.


Jiang Qing'e took out her map and took a look at it, and she was sure enough to see two Level 2 Purification Towers with their symbols illuminated, and upon closer inspection, the name of the squad next to one of them was not other than Duze Hong Lian and the others.


"There is no rush, and it's not that there is no chance to catch up." Jiang Qing'e said calmly.


Li Luo nodded and was about to speak when suddenly, a sky-shaking roar came from the distant mountains, a roar that seemed to bring sound waves that rolled from afar and turned into a gale that whistled through the mountains. mountains.


At the same time, the energy in this part of the world suddenly became violent.


Everyone present paled at the sudden turn of events.


A row of horrified eyes turned towards the depths of the mountains, the direction from which the roar came, where the forbidden zone was said to be free of any alien presence, the only thing that existed...


It was that Heavenly General rank elite beast whose strength was even more terrifying than that of the Aliens!


But why is this elite beast, which has never moved in the past, suddenly agitated today?


Even from that distance, they could see black wolf smoke rising into the sky, with violent energy surging from it.


In the midst of the black wolf smoke, something huge that could not be seen clearly ran and swept.


However, little by little, their faces changed a little as they realized that the behemoth was running in the direction of their side.


The others also noticed and instantly looked horrified.


"There is no need to be alarmed."


Jiang Qing'e spoke at this moment, her clear and cold voice making the crowd's panic calm down little by little: "Outside the forbidden zone, it is said that there are inscriptions and runes inscribed by the dean himself, so this elite beast cannot escape."


The crowd looked at each other in disbelief upon hearing the news, they didn't know it, but with Jiang Qing'e's rank, they must be taken more seriously within the academy, so it was no wonder that they knew some hidden secrets.


Thus, the panic of the crowd receded a little, and then their eyes looked into the distance, with the intention of taking off and running as soon as something went wrong.


Li Luo was equally looking at the monstrous commotion deep within the mountain range, his brow furrowing slightly as he had a vague feeling that the Beast looked familiar.


After a few seconds of reflection, his pupils suddenly narrowed.


Wasn't the vicious perception he had felt in the dark spirit pool exactly the same as what he had felt before?


It turned out that the vicious perception came from this elite Heavenly General-ranked beast in the Forbidden Zone!


So, is it because of him that this elite beast is so agitated right now?


Li Luo's face changed, was it because he had chosen the Dark Spirit Blades? Those Dark Spirit Blades were not a great treasure, and there was no way they would cause a Heavenly General rank Essence Beast to go crazy like that.


And from that previous perception, Li Luo clearly felt a kind of greed, a hunger and a thirst.


As if trying to swallow it.


Because of the Dark Blade, then, or for some reason of his own?


In the depths of the Dark Pool, the only unusual power Li Luo has displayed...


Li Luo's gaze flashed, it was the power of dual resonance.


The power of dual resonance is the hallmark power of a strong marquis, and it is said that this Heavenly General-ranked elite beast is also at the sprint stage for the marquis rank. Maybe he sensed its dual resonance and that's why he was so greedy and tried to devour it to help himself advance?


It was truly a beast, so cruel and harsh.


Li Luo swallowed a mouthful of saliva, because he felt that his guess was, I'm afraid, close to the truth... This made him feel a little apprehensive, not expecting that he, with his double resonance, would one day be the target.


It's a dangerous world, really.


I wonder if the so-called dean writing rune that Sister Qing'e said was true. If that handwritten rune had disappeared due to excess time, wouldn't it be the target of a high-ranking Heavenly General elite beast today?


Thinking about that scene made Li Luo slightly weak in the knees.


Boom boom!


The mountains shook, black smoke rushed past, sweeping towards the mountains beyond, and as the furious aura that filled the heavens and the earth drew closer, some of the apprentices present could not help but already flee backwards.


And just as Li Luo was also considering whether to run first, a mysterious stream of light suddenly emerged from a mountain peak on the outskirts of the mountain range.


Jets of light shone from the sky as if they formed a great ancient and radiant character.




The ancient words flowed in the sky, charged with mysterious power, and with the appearance of the ancient words, the monstrous black smoke that had been ravaging the mountain range abruptly stopped.


Out of the black smoke, something huge roared angrily against the big old letters, and a furious wind swept over the mountains.

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