Chapter 265 – The Disappearing Alien

For the next ten days, the two teams of Jiang Qing'e and Li Luo were almost on fire, directly conquering three Tier 2 purification towers in quick succession, during which they also made two round trips to the fortress of purification to do some replenishments.


The second level of the Tower of Purification is much more difficult than the first.


During this period of intense battle, Li Luo's trio had not relaxed for a moment, as around this Level 2 Purification Tower, White Eclipsed level aliens were rampant everywhere.


Furthermore, Aliens also devour each other, so the White Eclipsed-level Aliens who can stay around this secondary purification tower are considered the best of this class, and their strength is usually not weaker than that of the third pattern. .


If the Justice Squad had not had a huge boost in the Dark Spirit Reserve, Li Luo felt that he was afraid that with his strength, it would be difficult to move through this Level 2 Purification Tower.


Even the Black Swans became serious when they came within range of the Level 2 Purification Tower, and could no longer be as carefree as when facing the Level 1 Purification Tower.


So in many cases, Li Luo had to rely on his own strength to deal with the aliens they encountered, after all, they didn't want to really become a burden to Jiang Qing'e and the others.


During the activation of these three secondary purification towers, the most dangerous encounter for Li Luo's team was with a white eclipse-level alien whose strength had reached the fifth pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage.


This alien was already showing signs of having evolved to the level of the Red Eclipsed, and was even stronger than the eight-armed human-skinned alien they had met before.


At that time, Li Luo's three men suffered injuries to take down this fifth-strength White Eclipsing-level alien, and in the end, they only managed to kill it through subtle coordination.


This is the strongest alien the Justice Squad has faced alone since they entered the Dark Cave.


What is worth mentioning is that during this battle, Xin Fu finally completed the breakthrough he had not completed in the Dark Spirit Pool, successfully breaking through to the second pattern of the Birth Pattern Stage, allowing the strength of the team will increase once again.


The three of them had previously thought about whether they could kill a Red Eclipsing class alien, but after experiencing this White Eclipsing class alien with the fifth force pattern, their somewhat inflated hearts began to temper a little.


The dark cave is too dangerous, so it's best to live with it if you can.




In front of a steep cliff.


Jiang Qing'e stands with her sword in place, her body slender, her short bluish cloak flying gently in the wind, her long legs slender and straight under her battle skirt, the lines between them flexible and athletic, except that His aura right now is too cold, that is caused by the large number of murders during this period.


In these ten days, the number of aliens he had personally beheaded was more than double that of the three Li Luos combined.


Killing so many aliens would have made it easier to become infected by the power of bad thoughts. Normally, a cadet who has killed so many aliens would need to spend a long period of time in the purification fortress in meditation before he could cleanse himself of this infection and continue going out on missions.


But Jiang Qing'e, relying on the Ninth Grade Light Resonance mastery, did not fear the infection of the power of evil thoughts at all and swept through everything, only his aura became a little fiercer for a short time.


Li Luo, Qiu Bai, Tian Tian and the others stood behind Jiang Qing'e.


After all, it had been more than half a month since they entered the Dark Cave, and the dangers they had experienced in that time were probably more than those they had experienced in the previous ten years.


In some of these cases, lives were even at stake.


After all, Aliens are not easy to deal with and if they catch you in the act, it will cost you dearly.


At this moment, the group looked in front of the cliff, which was a plain, and in the middle of that plain, a crumbling ruin was seen, a black fog so thick that it made people feel uncomfortable filled it, and from time to time Every now and then a harsh sound came out of it, which was chilling.


It was a second-level purification tower, and the contamination of evil thoughts within its boundaries was more intense than the several second-level purification towers they had seen previously.


“This Level 2 Purification Tower is already considered to be in the outer zone from the Purification Fortress, and once we break through this Purification Tower, then we will not be far from the Level 3 Purification Tower which is our ultimate goal. ".


Jiang Qing'e's clear and cold voice came out, easing the hearts of those who felt oppressed by the ever-present pollution of bad thoughts.


"But entering the outer zones means that the aliens here will also become stronger." Tian Tian warned sharply.


Jiang Qing'e nodded and pondered slightly, saying, "For this secondary purification tower, we might change some of our plans this time."


"This time we won't clean it gradually first and activate the purification tower at the end..."


He turned his head to look at Li Luo and them and said, "This time we will do it the other way around and focus our efforts directly on advancing to where the secondary purification tower is and then activate it."


When Li Luo heard this, his eyes widened slightly and said, "In that case, when the time comes, we will attract all the foreign species in this area to attack us."


Jiang Qing'e nodded and said: "This is close to the outer zone, and there are many inexplicable aliens wandering in the outer zone, so if we are going to fight, we have to finish it as quickly as possible, otherwise we will attract some aliens." powerful people roaming around, which will also increase our risk."


"And a single, direct solution is the fastest way."


"Of course, this thing we call "one-off" is not really about defending against a siege of so many aliens with our two squads."


Jiang Qing'e took out a scroll from his chest, the skin of which was rough and made of the same material as the map they were holding, so it must be made from the bark of the resonance tree.


"This is the isolation scroll, which I exchanged from the exchange point when we were in the fortress before."


"As soon as we reach the secondary purification tower, we can deploy this object and it will form a circle of isolation light shield, the light shield will drive away all alien species below the red eclipse level, and at this moment, while "If we deal with the alien species that break into the isolation shield, we can delay time until the purification tower is fully activated."


"And once the purification tower is activated, when the purification aura explodes, all deviants in the area will be eliminated."


The only point was that the barrier could only resist alien species below the Red Eclipsed level, which meant that the alien species that entered the barrier would basically be at the Red Eclipsed level.


This made Li Luo look a little more serious, which meant that this time, they feared that there was a high possibility that they would have to directly confront the true Red Eclipsing-level aliens.


It's definitely an unpleasant battle.


Jiang Qing'e's eyes looked at the three of Li Luo and said: "When the time comes, we will deal with the aliens who enter the quarantine shield as soon as possible, and you three will guard the Purification Tower as the final barrier." "


This clearly places the three at the back of the pack and puts them under as little pressure as possible.


The three Li Luos nodded, it was not the time to be brave.


Jiang Qing'e hurriedly took action, and after some simple preparations, she said nothing more. He slowly grabbed the hilt of his heavy sword with his jade hand and, with one leap, launched himself off the cliff.


Behind him, the small group of Tian Tian, Qiu Bai, and Li Luo immediately followed.


The group crossed the plain at full speed.


Half a day later, the ruins, shrouded in dense black fog, were approaching.


Both teams kept their minds tightly guarded, with the power of resonance flowing through their bodies, maintaining an extremely high level of vigilance, before killing their way directly into this heavily contaminated area.


However, to their dismay, when they entered the heavily contaminated area, the expected wave of attacks did not appear.


Not even a single alien appeared before his eyes.


Black mist surged around them, evidently as cold and uncomfortable as it was, but there was an extremely eerie stillness to it.


Faced with this situation, even Jiang Qing'e was stunned.


"What's going on? The pollution of evil thoughts here is obviously so severe, how come there is not a single foreigner?" Tian Tian could no longer contain his shocked voice.


The three of Li Luo looked at each other, equally shocked by the scene.


With this level of evil thought contamination, normally it would be overrun with deviants, how can it be so empty and silent...


"Perversity has its demons, be on your guard."


Jiang Qing'e pondered for a bit and gave a reminder to the group before saying, "It doesn't matter, go to the Purification Tower first and see if we can activate it immediately."


The others nodded at the words.


So the next group adopted a more cautious posture, carefully passing through the thick black fog, which was thick and cold, filled with many evil thoughts, and when touched, it caused people to feel disturbed and bad thoughts to arise.


The two small groups trod through the dark mud, but wherever they passed an unusual silence reigned and it did not hinder them.


But it was this softness that made them feel inexplicably uncomfortable.


The more such anomalies there are in this creepy dark cave, the more alarming it will be.


Finally, the group passed through the black fog and arrived before the secondary purification tower.


As they looked at the purification tower that was faintly glowing in front of them, they were still in a slight trance, they had truly arrived here without any obstacles…


And what about the aliens in this ruin?


How did it disappear so cleanly?


If the purification tower had not been activated in front of them, they would have even suspected that a small group had already arrived here faster than them and cleared the area.


But now the purification tower has not been activated, which means it is not another equipment...


And what about the aliens here?

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