Chapter 266 – The Smiling Face on the Wall

In front of the secondary purification tower, the group was a little dazed.


The strange disappearance of the alien did not make them feel happy, but rather a strange discomfort.


In this dark cave, the stranger the situation, the stranger it hides...


The silence lasted for a while before Jiang Qing'e took the lead and said, "It doesn't matter, activate the purification tower first and then... Wait for the purification aura to emanate and purify this area before finally exploring." .


The others had no objection, although they didn't know exactly where those aliens had gone, but since the Purification Tower was right in front of them, it made no sense for them not to activate it first.


After all, an activated purification tower can also give them a measure of security.


The group then entered the purification tower with caution. The interior of the tower had not suffered any damage, so the group began activating it again.




As the Tower of Purification glowed and began to emanate a purifying aura, the crowd watched as the thick, cold black fog in the area surrounding the Tower began to boil and gradually fade away.


Seeing this scene, the group was secretly relieved.


This secondary purification tower is as good of a gift compared to the previous ones, and if they weren't still worried about those inexplicably missing aliens, they would be happy at this point.


The crowd waited for a few moments, and with the Purification Tower fully activated, Jiang Qing'e then said, "Stay in formation, let's explore the area, and don't disperse the personnel."


Although it was less efficient to walk together to detect, it was also the safest, and they still had to maintain the utmost caution until they could figure out how those aliens disappeared.


No one had any objection to this, so Jiang Qing'e, with his heavy sword in hand, took the lead and began to investigate the ruined area.


The procession moved cautiously through the ruins, which were said to have been a purification fortress long ago, but were subsequently destroyed during a black tide, so the numerous tower-shaped ruins were quite similar . to the current fortress of purification.


Li Luo followed the group, keeping his mind tightly guarded and his resonance power flowing through his body, maintaining his guard.


However, the team had come a long way, and there were many ruins, but there was still no sign of an alien, and even the black fog that filled the area was gradually dissipating.


This alien was cleaned up too much, right?


Li Luo's brow furrowed, this perversity was truly disturbing.


Li Luo's footsteps did not stop, and when the group once turned the corner of the broken wall, he suddenly stopped with a jerk, his face turning slightly ugly as he noticed that all the footsteps around him had disappeared.


The first thing he did was look at Jiang Qing'e's position, and sure enough, he found it empty, with all the people around him, who had inexplicably disappeared at that moment.


Li Luo raised his head and looked in the direction of the Purification Tower, which was still emitting light, but instead of giving Li Luo a sense of security, that light made him feel a certain chill.


Is this a success?


But haven't the aliens completely disappeared from here?


Li Luo's face was cloudy as his palms brushed the twin swords at his waist and he slowly drew them out, the force of resonance flowing from the blades.


He looked forward, where the wall seemed to have distorted a little just now, and little by little, it was as if Li Luo saw a smiling face, slowly emerging from it.


The smile was extraordinarily creepy, the corners of the mouth opened extremely deeply, and the mouth was dark, leading nowhere.


When Li Luo looked at that smiling face, his mind gradually became dazed, an inexplicable emotion of evil thoughts arose in his heart, and then, the corners of his mouth also began to hook a little.


Little by little, you are about to synchronize with that smiling face.


But at this moment, the "Green Wooden Plaque" hanging over his neck suddenly emitted a cold sensation, causing his sanity to return for a moment.


And it was at this instant that the two resonance palaces within Li Luo's body roared and vibrated, and the two resonance powers gushed out, directly merging and transforming into the power of dual resonances.




As the resonance force roared, Li Luo suddenly woke up and hurriedly backed away, his face pale and cold sweat breaking out on his forehead.


His eyes were closed and he no longer dared to look at the disturbing smiling face on the wall.




But it was at that very moment when he suddenly felt a familiar and overbearing force of resonance burst forth, with light that shone, as if it were the inflammation of the gods, dissolving all impurity and evil.


It is the power of Jiang Qing'e's brilliant resonance.


When he opened his eyes, he found that he was in a dilapidated alley, at the end of which there was a black wall that, along with the nearby wall, was in a broken state, as if it had been torn apart by some extremely overbearing force.


On the other hand, Jiang Qing'e's silhouette stands on the broken wall with a heavy sword in his hand, with an icy face.


Jiang Qing'e's eyes moved to where Li Luo was and a voice came from her: "Is everything okay?"


Li Luo's heart kept pounding. The feeling he had felt before was definitely not something that could be brought about by ordinary aliens, and the aliens they had met before were very far from that scene.


"What's that?" He asked, his voice a little dry.


"The illusion of bad thoughts."


Jiang Qing'e's voice was cold: "To be able to leave behind such a deceptive illusion of evil thoughts, it seems that an extremely powerful calamity level alien has come here."


"Illusion of evil thoughts, calamity-level alien?"


Li Luo's gaze flickered slightly, he knew something about this, only extremely powerful top aliens were capable of constructing this so-called illusion of evil thoughts, unknowingly eroding people's hearts.


"Where are the others?" He asked hurriedly.


But as soon as his voice faded, he saw several hapless figures rushing out from the other directions of the broken wall, namely Qiu Bai, Tian Tian, Xin Fu, and Bai Mengmeng.


Obviously, they might also have fallen into that so-called illusion of evil thoughts before, only to come out again when that black wall was shattered by Jiang Qing'e.


The four of them looked a little alarmed at this moment and hurriedly stood up, quickly converging.


"Captain, this illusion of evil thoughts is so powerful that even we have been trapped without knowing it." Tian Tian said with a somewhat gloomy face.


"They are fine?" Li Luo looked at Xin Fu and Bai Meng Meng.


The two shook their heads and said, "Before, we had just entered the illusory realm, and before reaching the end, we were suddenly awakened by Senior Sister Jiang's brilliant resonance power."


Li Luo breathed a sigh of relief for them, which meant that they had not yet seen the creepy smiling face on top of the wall, or else they would not have woken up so easily.


After all, he had also shaken off the influence of that strange smiling face before due to the burst of double resonance power within him.


"Something doesn't seem right here, is that smiling face on the black wall left by an alien?" Li Luo looked at Jiang Qing'e and asked.


Jiang Qing'e gently nodded her head, and then took a step forward, and suddenly a brilliant light resonance power surged from her body, directly transforming into a torrent of light that swept past Li Luo's body.




The torrent of light resonance power directly impacted the body of Qiu Bai, who was walking towards him, and caused him to fly backwards.


Jiang Qing'e's sudden attack shocked everyone present.


"Don't even move." Jiang Qing'e's cold voice sounded.


They believed that Jiang Qing'e wouldn't do something like that for no reason, and that there must be some reason for her to do it now...


His eyes involuntarily glanced towards Qiu Bai, who had been thrown away.


The latter, at this time, was walking up with an incredulous look and said to Jiang Qing'e, "Captain, what are you doing?"


Jiang Qing'e's golden eyes stared at him, and then he formed a seal with his slender hands, only to see that there was a light resonance power that coalesced into a ring of light, which expanded rapidly and finally landed on the ground, forming a circle of light.


"Qu Bai, enter this 'circle of light'."


Qiu Bai froze as he looked at the circle of light on the ground and smiled a little helplessly.


Just this smile of his made Li Luo's hair stand on end, as the corners of Qiu Bai's mouth, which were increasingly widening, even ended up tearing the muscles at the corners of his mouth, with fresh blood flowing out. by the corners.


That smile, the same smile that was seen on the wall before!

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