Chapter 270 – Controversy

As the voices of these tutors fell, Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo and the others also fell into abrupt silence as they looked at the piled-up strategic resources, their expressions becoming extremely complicated for a moment.


The delivery was completed just an hour ago...


In other words, the next time the teleportation tower opens, will we have to wait another seven days?


What happens in those seven days?


If that great calamity level alien was really attacking, how could they resist?


At this moment, a suppressed breath of air surged into the hearts of all the people, and they almost cursed loudly, this hour is too much to kill, isn't it?


"It would have been nice if our rush had been a little faster." Qiu Bai said with some displeasure.


Tian Tian said good-naturedly, "What's the point of talking about such useless things? We're already in a hurry, no half-measures, so who knows if we'll only be there within this hour."


"What a creation." Xin Fu booed.


Jiang Qing'e quickly recovered and furrowed her eyebrows as she said, "It doesn't matter, send the information to the academy first and hopefully when they receive the news, they can think of some solutions."


The other tutors nodded in rapid succession.


Then, one of the tutors took out a turquoise jade-like blade and handed it to Jiang Qing'e, who took it and closed it in the palm of her hand with her slender hands.


He closed his eyes and concentrated, the palm of his hand glowed with light, and some of the power of light resonance was incorporated into the blades, while some of the information was introduced.


Once this was done, he went to the ancient roots of the tree in the center of the stone tower and pressed the leaves against the rhizome.


Then, the crowd watched as the leaves gradually merged with the rootstock and disappeared.


This is a returned message, but I'm afraid it will take a while for the school to receive it.


"Let's hope that alien continues devouring other aliens in seven days, or that he comes towards the fortress." Qiu Bai said.


"Don't put your hope in the enemy."


Li Luo shook his head and then said, “Some instructors, could you please send an early warning to call all the teams that are on missions?”


Several instructors hesitated for a moment and said: "First of all, the fortress's notice also has a range, and can only be received by some teams that are not too far away."


"Another thing is..."


"This information about the Calamity level Alien is only known to you, the other cadets, you may not believe it at all, in a situation like this in which the information is not completely confirmed, call back these teams that are on missions, When the time comes, if we can't give them a compelling enough reason, I'm afraid..."


After all, the other teams had not encountered the great calamity-level alien, so if everyone was summoned again, in case the great calamity-level alien did not appear, the other teams would definitely feel resentful and think that Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e were playing tricks on them, deliberately delaying their time to score points.


After all, the teams had made a lot of preparations for the trip, and this sudden call-up was inevitably going to disrupt their plans.


Jiang Qing'e was silent for a few breaths and said decisively: "It doesn't matter what you think, but what needs to be done we have to do, you let go of the warning, and I will bear the consequences of whatever it is." in the end".


But in the worst case, the longer people stay outside, the more they will become corrupted and become a puppet of the Heavenly Calamity-level Great Alien once it arrives.


Seeing this, the tutors said nothing more and began to operate the tower with vigor. Half an hour later, the stone tower suddenly emitted a subtle vibration, and waves of energetic light emanated from the tip of the tower, spreading to an extremely distant area.


As the energy waves emanated, Li Luo and the others felt the “Green Wooden Plate” they were carrying begin to faintly glow with heat.


This warning will be given to all participants who are within the propagation of the energy light wave.


Normally, at this time of year, they would have rushed back to their stronghold to find out what was going on.


Anyway, at times like this, the more teams retreat, the more power they will have when the calamity-level alien attacks.


Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo's group left the stone tower and found that the teams who were still in the fortress at the time were heading this way warily, apparently they had all received a warning.


Yi Lisha, Si Qiuying and Qian Ye were among them, but they knew what was going on compared to the others' doubts, but they seemed a little surprised, thinking that they had not expected Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo and the others to leave. for the guardian inside the stone tower to issue a summoning notice.


That's going to make things a lot worse.


One by one, the teams approached the stone tower tutor to ask what was going on, while the tower tutor did not respond, only saying that they would be informed later when they were all together, while asking them not to go out. of the fortress for the moment.


So these teams had to wait slowly with a stomach full of doubts.


And that wait was most of the day.


The queue outside the stone pagoda grew at a visible rate, with more teams coming from afar and whispers spreading.


More and more teams began to rush towards the fortress when they were called.


At the same time, some teams began to shout impatiently, asking the reason for this wake-up call.


When Jiang Qing'e saw that it was almost time, she and Li Luo looked at each other and both came forward at the same time.


With the appearance of Jiang Qing'e, the sound of voices in the arena diminished as gazes of shock and fire were directed at the girl who was the undisputed leader and the most admired among the Three Star Academy.


Jiang Qing'e was standing on the steps, her figure slender and thin, her green hair tied in a ponytail, her cheeks still as perfect and delicate as ever, her tall jade nose and distant rolling mountains, her red lips slightly frowning, exuding a pride that was uniquely his.


In particular, the pair of light and pure golden eyes are uncontrollably intoxicating.


This made many people not dare to look into those beautiful golden eyes for too long, so as not to become too disoriented.


Li Luo's appearance was already top-notch, but when he stood next to Jiang Qing'e, he was still somewhat involuntarily overshadowed by her light. If it weren't for some young girls whose eyes looked at him from time to time with appreciation, Li Luo would have been completely ignored.


Facing the numerous gazes, Jiang Qing'e did not have any stage fright, her impressive face remained calm and her voice did not have much ripple: "We encountered a wandering alien in the outer zone, its strength could reach the level of Great Calamity." Celestial, so we sent out a summoning warning.”


"Because we suspect that the alien will eventually target the location where the fortress is located, and it will be extremely dangerous to be there on a mission at this time."


Jiang Qing'e's words were quite abbreviated, but this did not take away any detrimental effect from this information, as everyone's faces were shocked and sounds of sucking in cold air could be heard one after another.


"A great calamity-level alien?!"


"How can that kind of alien be in our part of the world?!"




Numerous questioning voices sounded, many of them were skeptical, after all, it was generally impossible for Great Heavenly Calamity aliens to appear in their part of the world.


If Jiang Qing'e's usual reputation within the academy was not so high, I am afraid that many people would have scoffed at this information and thought it was alarmist.


But even so, there are still people who don't want to believe.


"So next, I would like everyone to stop going out on missions and instead stay in the fortress and wait for support from the academy." Jiang Qing'e said.


Many apprentices looked at each other, if they stayed in the fortress, then they would not be able to gain points ah, this is not a small loss for them.


"Jiang Qing'e, that great heavenly calamity alien you speak of, was it one you collided with head-on?" Finally, one of the highest-ranking students in the three-star academy in terms of strength asked in a deep voice.


Jiang Qing'e shook her head and said, "We didn't collide head-on, but we encountered the illusion of evil thoughts he left behind, and from the power of that illusion of evil thoughts, we estimated its level."


"But there are also some calamity-level aliens who are extraordinarily adept at the illusion of evil thoughts, so they give you this illusion."


"And if it's just an ordinary calamity-level alien, it's not enough for us to treat it with such caution." The three-star academy cadet continued.


There were nods with what he said, no one wanted to waste their time on this useless wait.


"Senior Sister Jiang, could it be that you brought Li Luo and the others and don't have the means to take on the Level 3 Purification Tower, so you came up with this excuse to try to prevent the rest of us from too?" Let's earn more points?" A voice suddenly rang.


When Li Luo looked, he saw a familiar face, none other than Song Qiuyu.


“What are you talking about, two-star academy, how can Sister Jiang’s strength and character compare with yours?” But soon, there were some three-star academy students who angrily came to Jiang Qing'e's defense.


"Can't I question that? Wouldn't it be a delay if we stayed here for so long for nothing? That great alien heavenly calamity, we haven't even seen it, so how can we know if it's true or not?" Song Qiuyu raised his eyebrows and retorted.


Someone else nodded as well, and so, for a moment, two voices burst onto the field in a noisy jumble.


Jiang Qing'e said: "First of all, I don't want to prohibit you from going out, if you really want to go, then of course you go out, I won't stop you."


"Also, regarding the alien, with its trajectory, I don't think we are the only ones who have encountered the illusion of the bad thoughts it left behind."


Jiang Qing'e's golden eyes stared at the crowd in the arena, and her calm voice caused a strong chill in people's hearts.


"Between you..."


"Maybe someone else has met him too."




"It has been contaminated."

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