Chapter 291 – Heroes

Li Luo's figure rushed out, and there were already many twisted alien species clearly visible in front of him, their eyes, eager, falling on his body.


Inexplicable whispers came from all directions, straight to the depths of the mind.


But Li Luo had already completely ignored those negative emotions, because this scene right now was already between life and death, and no emotion could make waves under such a crisis.


Not only are there many twisted aliens ahead, but there is also the terrifying smiling demon. If you take the initiative to rush towards them now, you are undoubtedly a sheep in a tiger's mouth, and if they make a move, you won't even have a chance to escape.


But he finally decided to move on.


Since he was equally clear about the situation, he could not allow the Smiling Demon and the Three-Tailed Beast to continue their confrontation, and if they did not fight, the plan that Li Luo had gone to so much trouble to carry out this time would be a failure.


So he had to break up the confrontation.


What the audience behind thought, Li Luo naturally thought, who was the only one on the field who broke the tie.


Only, in his understanding, as soon as he moved, he was destined to escape death, but Li Luo understood in his heart that he still had a chance to survive.


It's a bet that the three-tailed behemoth doesn't sit back and watch an alien devour it.


Li Luo was clear about his own attraction to the three-tailed beast; After all, she had hunted him until the end and refused to give up.


Right now he was being used as bait to lure the fey to attack him, and if the three-tailed beast was not willing to give up his piece of fat meat, then he would surely attack to interfere as well.


And once the Three-Tailed Behemoth attacks, then the Smiling Demon is bound to participate as well.


Then, the so-called confrontation broke down naturally.


A long-awaited battle will break out for Li Luo.


But... If this fear surpasses a certain level, it will make the three-tailed beast hesitate, and most likely at that moment of hesitation, Li Luo... It is likely that at that moment of hesitation, Li Luo... .would have been eaten alive by the numerous aliens.


So, it would be a very sad death. It is clear that it is a big bet.


A big gamble at the cost of Li Luo's life. But Li Luo had no choice.


Li Luo's face sank like water, and in just a few breaths, he was close to the range of those alien attacks, and the gloomy and creepy gaze of the smiling devil fell on him.


But the smiling demon did not move.


But some of the other aliens closest to Li Luo could not resist his greed for fresh flesh and blood, and their twisted figures bounced around like giant frogs, opened their bloody mouths, and charged directly at Li Luo.


Those alien species quickly dilated in the pupils of Li Luo's eyes.


He could even clearly see the fish water dripping from his opponent's sharp teeth.


Li Luo also had no intention of hiding, as he looked at the approaching aliens, his heart was beating as fast as a drum, beating so fast that his brain was in a trance.


It was as if time had frozen in that moment.




And just when Li Luo felt that he was going to be separated in the next moment, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly surged above him, and then a scorching heat surged out.


He rushed headlong into the charging aliens.




A group of aliens were directly turned into ashes by that fiery spit.


The scorching breath came in, singeing Li Luo's skin red, but he didn't care about the burning pain, instead there was a savage smile emerging from the corner of his mouth.


He slowly turned his head, and then saw the three-tailed beast behind him, its pupils unleashed with ferocity, glaring at him and the numerous aliens, and a low roar of fury escaping its mouth.


A clear warning to these deviants not to put their feet into their prey. But at this possessiveness of hers, Li Luo was overjoyed and gestured to her. 'I love you friend.'


However, the three-tailed beast failed to read his gesture, and directly slapped Li Luo, intending to first capture and eat this human boy who was causing trouble.


Only it has a wider attack range, and with it, it encompasses all nearby aliens.


Many alien species whistled loudly.


And at this moment, that smiling demon finally couldn't take it anymore, because from his point of view, this giant three-tailed beast had not only intervened to save Li Luo, but was also provoking her right now.


It seems that it is indeed the guardian beast of the other side.


In that case, let's see who really dies!


The strange smile on the smiling demon's face emerged again at this moment, and the incomparable power of evil thoughts rolled behind him like a heavy black wave.




With a hissing sound, a black and viscous liquid came out of the grinning demon's big black mouth, which was made of the extremely condensed power of evil thoughts.


The black liquid flowed, and a terrifying white arm formed under it, which then struck the three-tailed beast as fast as lightning.


At a glance, it was as if the smiling devil had spit out countless hands, and the scalp tingled at the sight.




When the Smiling Demon attacked, the three-tailed beast was about to attack, it roared in rage, and white-hot energy gushed out of its body.


Boom boom!


When the attacks of both sides collided, the entire heaven and earth seemed to tremble, and the energy of the heavens and earth boiled as a result.


Waves of astonishing shock waves swirled into the ground layer by layer.


Li Luo was the first to bear the brunt and was directly dragged away, his figure rolling hundreds of meters on the ground miserably.


But at this moment he was filled with ecstasy, for the scene he had been waiting for had finally appeared, as the three-tailed beast and the smiling devil were fighting together.


With the fierce and strange personalities of these two sides, once the battle begins, it is impossible to back down and will inevitably continue until one of the sides is eliminated.


His plan worked.


At this moment, even with Li Luo's heart, he felt the urge to cry, it was so hard, in order to ease this situation, he really did not dare to slack off in the past few days, his spirit tightened into a rope.




As his mind relaxed, a wave of inexplicable tiredness washed over him, making him almost fall asleep, but before he could actually close his eyes, the sound of alien noises came around him, and then he saw that a dozen They were approaching him like lightning.


This made him break out in a cold sweat.


But once his spirit was relieved, it was no longer possible to lift him up, and his body's resonance power had also lost control due to the shock earlier, so he could surprisingly only watch as the aliens pounced on him.


"No way... A big plan has been made and I'm going to die here?" Li Luo's eyes widened as he felt suffocated.




But just when he couldn't take it anymore, a radiant and brilliant sword aura suddenly descended from the sky, which seemed to be enveloped in a kind of anger.




The sword aura strangled those aliens alive.


Then Li Luo saw a tall and delicate figure land next to him, it was...Jiang Qing'e.


Behind Jiang Qing'e, Duze Honglian, Qiu Bai, Tian Tian, and other Three Star Academy students crowded around to repel the aliens that pounced on them.


Li Luo sighed in relief before his body collapsed into a weak heap.


Jiang Qing'e hurriedly stretched out her slender arms to catch Li Luo, who then leaned on her, his heavy head resting on her shoulder, exhaling a hot breath that hit her neck, causing a strange rolling sensation.


Jiang Qing'e imperceptibly blushed a little, but she did not let go of her hand, but stretched out her palm to touch Li Luo's hair, then lowered her head and whispered softly in Li Luo's ear.


"Li Luo, for once, you are my hero."

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