Chapter 297 – Sealing Treasure

"Something the dean left me?"


Li Luo pondered, the seal on his palm had dissipated after sealing the three-tailed beast, he originally thought that it had disappeared because its power had been exhausted, but now he saw that perhaps that power had transformed into this dark red bracelet. .


The methods of a King-level powerhouse are truly incredible.


What sense does it have?


"You can try to communicate with your own resonance power, if it is something left to you by the dean, you may be the only one who can open it." Jiang Qing'e gave him some advice.


Li Luo nodded, and then sat on the side, his eyes closed, and the resonance power in his body worked, tentatively pouring into the dark red bracelet on his wrist.


At the moment of contact, it was as if Li Luo felt an inexplicable perception course through his resonance power, a perception as vast as an ocean, unfathomable and at the same time carrying immense pressure.



Li Luo's mind stirred, and then his spirit entered a momentary trance, and when he focused again, he found himself in a dark space.


The only thing in this dark space is a stone platform floating underfoot for a few meters.


In the center of the stone platform, a figure sat curled up, looking at him with a smile on its face.




When Li Luo saw the figure, he didn't look alarmed, but relieved.


"I didn't expect you to actually carry out your plan successfully, not bad." Pang Qianyuan evaluated Li Luo and there was a tinge of praise in his words.


Li Luo said modestly: "The dean is too complimentary, if it weren't for the support given by the dean, he wouldn't have been able to keep the three-tailed giant beast in pursuit for so long."


"My plan was just blind audacity, a lot of it was full of uncertainty and really that desperate fight for my life, and I didn't want to die here."


Pang Qianyuan smiled weakly and said, "Not everyone is able to maintain sanity in that desperate situation and then still muster up the courage to think as well as execute some seemingly impossible moves to break the situation."


"In my opinion, this kind of character is rarer than having a high quality itself."


At the dean's praise, Li Luo could only smile nervously, but in his heart he shouted: "Dean, don't stop! That's what I like to hear."


However, Pang Qianyuan was on point and looked at him with a smile, as if he had penetrated Li Luo's mind.


This made Li Luo slightly embarrassed, so he coughed dryly and changed the subject: "Mr. Dean, why have you come here? And what about that bracelet?"


"This is just a remnant of my will, and it will soon begin to dissipate."


Pang Qianyuan smiled and said, "As for this bracelet... It's a sealing treasure, a kind of special gift I left behind."


"A sealing treasure tool?" Li Luo's expression moved slightly, this bracelet was really a treasure tool, and it seemed that even among treasure tools, the grade was considered extraordinary.


The so-called treasure tool is also a kind of resonance tool, but the grade is higher than the latter, and the strength is also greatly improved.


Even some powerful and rare treasures are capable of heating up their own resonance and gradually increasing their rank, which is simply equivalent to an inexhaustible supply of spiritual light water.


This type of treasure tool alone is extremely rare and valuable, and I am afraid that even the Golden Dragon Treasure House headquarters in Great Xia has not seen one in all these years.


However, Li Luo quickly thought of something, and his face changed a little as he looked at Pang Qianyuan: “Sealing treasures… What do you mean, there is something else sealed here?”


Pang Qianyuan smiled: “What an insightful little guy, you actually should have guessed something, right?”


He moved his finger and a bright spot of light emerged from the tip of his finger and then fell towards the darkness beyond the platform, the seemingly small glow bursting into extremely bright light.


Push this darkness away as far as it can go.


Li Luo's gaze swept to the dark space below, and suddenly his pupils tightened, and a chill went straight from the soles of his feet to the sky, making his scalp tingle.


Because at the bottom of that dark space, a huge beast lay prostrate, as if sleeping, with three huge tails hanging down and a huge chain extending from the void, binding the beast's body with a deadly shackle.


The three-tailed beast!


Li Luo recognized the beast at first, and his eyes stared at it for a long time before he shuddered and asked, “This… Hasn’t it been sealed?”


Although he had vaguely guessed it before, he did not dare to confirm it, but after seeing it now with his own eyes, Li Luo was still numb.


How could he have imagined that the three-tailed beast was not in the sealed stone statue outside the fortress, but inside his bracelet?


"The seal outside is just an illusion, it's just a cover to help you avoid some attention, what do you think, happy?" Pang Qianyuan laughed.




Glad? Li Luo almost cried, Dean you have such a horrible thing inside this sealing treasure, although Li Luo didn't know how long it could be sealed, but logically it should be impossible to keep it sealed, and he had this thing with him, what if one day There was an accident and this three-tailed giant beast broke out of the seal?


"Dean, don't mess with me, at least I just made a mark for the academy." Li Luo said tremblingly.


"Even though my old man scolded you before, you can't take it out on me, right?"


Pang Qianyuan laughed and said, "Well boy, don't play dumb in front of me, don't you want to know what I really want?"


After a pause, he pointed to the three-tailed beast sleeping under the dark space and said, "This beast is called the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf, and now it is already beginning to touch the path of the Marquis. In time, once "Breakthrough to the Marquis level, you will truly be called a top-notch ferocious beast, enough to dominate the world."


"It is now sealed by me, and I can teach you a secret technique that, together with this sealing treasure, will allow you to draw on the power of the Three-Tailed Sky Wolf at certain times and enchant yourself, gaining extremely impressive power for a short time." time frame".


He looked at Li Luo and said with a wry smile, “What do you think?”




Li Luo gulped, his eyes shocked as he looked at Pang Qianyuan and muttered, “Extract the power of the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf and enchant himself?”


An inexplicable fire came out of his heart. Today, Li Luo desperately needed strong power because his time was too tight. Within half a year, the Luo Lan Mansion would undergo a great change, but even if he was given another half year to fight at that level, he felt that it would be difficult for him to participate too much.


It was unknown how many powerful forces and people would be involved in that Luo Lan House Guard Battle within six months, and according to Li Luo's estimate, there would probably be no entry qualifications for those below the rank of General. Heavenly.


So when the time came, he could only watch as Jiang Qing'e entered battle, and whatever changes occurred then, there was nothing he could do.


And that is something that is difficult for him to accept.


He wanted to fight alongside Jiang Qing'e, side by side, to protect House Luolan.


But his power was still a bit weak after all, half a year was too short, and this secret method that Pang Qianyuan was talking about right now would undoubtedly help him greatly.


The emotions in his heart swirled violently, but after a moment, Li Luo suddenly calmed down because he did not believe that there were good things that fell from the sky in this world, whether it was this special gift that Pang Qianyuan had suddenly given him, or that kind of power to extract the power of the Three-Tailed Heavenly Wolf.


This... I'm afraid it won't be without cost.


Pang Qianyuan had been observing Li Luo, and clearly saw that the original fervor in Li Luo's eyes was gradually cooling at this moment, and immediately his smile became a little thicker, and appreciation surged in his eyes.


In the face of the seemingly overwhelming power at his disposal, he is still able to remain sober and level-headed, a mind worthy of Li Tianwang's lineage...


Then he nodded, with a deep look.


"You are right to think that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world."


"I'm giving you this, again, because I need you to do something for me..."


" Would you like it?"

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