Chapter 300: The Black River of Bad Thoughts

The deepest part of the Dark Cave.


It is as if heaven and earth are in a state of fragmentation, with the energy of heaven and earth being extremely violent and terrifying, transforming into many natural disasters from time to time, with earth, water, wind and fire all surging together, so that even the strongest of the lord marquises would not dare to enter them under this level of natural disaster.


And at this moment, amidst the boundless calamity made of earth, water, wind and fire, there was a golden lotus in bloom, and above it, a human figure was sitting calmly.


He was dressed in the robe of the Xuanxing Sacred Academy, with stars outlined in golden threads on his robe, radiant and mysterious.


That gaze was none other than that of the dean, Pang Qianyuan, who had met with Li Luo earlier.


At this moment, his slightly closed eyes suddenly slowly opened, his eyes as deep as an abyss, and he turned his head to look in the direction of the outer edge of the dark cave, a faint smile appearing at the corner of his lips.


"This little fellow from the Luolan House is a bit interesting."


"The character is completely different from Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan."


Pang Qianyuan had already come into contact with Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan. Li Taixuan came from the Li Tianwang bloodline of the Inner Divine State and had a deep heritage, so although he himself was only at the Marquis realm, he was fearless when facing Pang Qianyuan, who was at the king level.


With his talent and heritage, it is not impossible for him to enter the class of kings in the future, so both parties consider each other equal in their dealings.


As for Tantai Lan… It is said that even before she was crowned marchioness, she caused quite a stir in the Inner Divine State, attracting the admiration of many of the celestial figures in the Inner Divine State. No wonder that for her, even a proud man like Li Taixuan would willingly give up his many talents and come with her to this remote Eastern Divine Region.


Whether it is Li Taixuan or Tantai Lan, both of them have extremely sharp characters, but maybe they are also too good at what they do, so even if they hide it, they can't hide it anymore, so they reveal everything unscrupulously.


Compared to the two of them, Li Luo seemed much more introverted, but after the previous incident in the fortress, Pang Qianyuan could see that this boy knew how to hide his light.


This type of personality is very different from his parents, but he is definitely not a bully.


As his thoughts flowed, Pang Qianyuan's gaze swept towards the sky and earth that seemed to be cut in front of him, where a twisted crack was seen, a crack that looked like an endless abyss, within which the sound seemed to resonate. of a flood. With his strength, he was able to pass through the maze and see that deep within the twisted crack, a large black river of unknown length and width seemed to be flowing.


In the black river, the water is sticky and dark, with endless bad thoughts floating and sinking.


Looking at that black river, even Pang Qianyuan's expression became much more solemn; that was the river of bad thoughts, and it was rumored that all the bad thoughts in the world converged on it.


It is said that at the very center of the Dark World there is a sea of evil thoughts, and the river of evil thoughts spreads from it.


Even for a king-level powerhouse like Pang Qianyuan, this so-called Black River of Evil Thoughts is full of scruples, because once he falls into it, even a Marquis Realm powerhouse will be contaminated by those endless evil thoughts and become a monster that has lost its mind.


And it is the existence of this black river of evil thoughts that has caused a crack in the sky and the earth to appear here, giving rise to something as troublesome as the Dark Cave.


As Pang Qianyuan's sight gazed at the black river of evil thoughts through the distorted crack, in that black river, a pair of eyes suddenly opened and locked on Pang Qianyuan.


The moment they looked at each other, although they were separated by an extremely long distance, the void was still shaking.


The energy of heaven and earth roared and turned into all kinds of heavenly disasters, sweeping over ten thousand miles.


"Hee hee."


It seemed like a laugh, if there was one, came out from the black river, directly penetrating the space and falling into Pang Qianyuan's ears.


Pang Qianyuan, for his part, was expressionless and withdrew his gaze; The being from that black river had been fighting with him for many years and they knew each other very well.


Both sides fought and set up many counterattacks, depending on who lost a step.


Pang Qianyuan's eyes were deep. In fact, compared to the alien species full of evil thoughts, he felt that the most problematic thing was the human beings themselves, in which good and bad thoughts converged, making it impossible to decipher them, and if not, one could see through them. , could not be answered.


He hasn't been seen inside the Great Xia, as well as the academy, for a few years now, not that he didn't want to, but that he was completely immobilized.


Within the Great Xia, the school...


It's also dark.


I wonder if he can take back the Dragon Bone Holy Grail this time, but if he has it in his hand, he will be able to relax a lot.


Thoughts flowed, finally Pang Qianyuan's heart sighed and slowly closed his eyes.




When Li Luo returned to his senses, he had already left the dark space he was in.


When he looked up, he saw a pair of clear golden eyes staring at him and, sensing his awakening, they moved away.


"And good?" Jiang Qing'e asked as if nothing was wrong as she withdrew her eyes.


"Indeed, it is something that the dean left me." Li Luo smiled, he was about to tell them all the details, but he saw Jiang Qing'e wave her hand.


"The dean is being very cautious this time, so there must be something special, so there is no need to tell me for now."


Li Luo smiled and thought about it and nodded, whether it was the three-tailed wolf or the dean wanted some of his essence blood, it didn't seem right for him to say it, it's not that he didn't trust Jiang Qing'e, but he was afraid. to worry.


The sealing bracelet may then be checked so that you do not have to go into danger.


As for asking for his blood, this is even more debatable. For his safety, Jiang Qing'e would most likely be extremely cautious.


And about these matters, Li Luo himself has considerations in his mind, so for the moment, there is no need to say too much to Jiang Qing'e. When he is stronger in the future, he will come back to have a discussion with her about these.


"By the way, do you know the Battle of the Holy Grail?" Li Luo suddenly asked.


"The battle for the Holy Grail?"


Jiang Qing'e was stunned and then nodded: "Of course I know, this is the most intense confrontation of the various academies above the Eastern Divine Region, and it can be called the biggest event among the academies. "


"Generally, the Holy Grail battle takes place once every four years, and counting the time, it seems that the end of this year will be the new one."


"The final winner of the Holy Grail Battle will be able to win the so-called "Dragon Bone Holy Grail"... In the last Holy Grail Battle, which school won the Holy Grail?" Li Luo asked again.


“The school that won the Dragon Bone Holy Grail last time was the Bright King Sacred Academy of the Divine Sun Dynasty, which is extremely powerful and often dominates many schools in the Eastern Divine Region.” Jiang Qing said. and after thinking about it.


“Divine Sun Dynasty, Bright King Sacred Academy…”


Li Luo frowned slightly, he had not paid much attention to this information before, he did not expect that the Xuanxing Sacred School, which was so powerful in his eyes, would continue to repeatedly lose to this Bright King Sacred Academy.


Is this Bright King Sacred Academy so terrifyingly strong?


"Above the Eastern Divine Region, there are a total of five Sacred Academies, and apart from the Bright King Sacred Academy, the other three Sacred Academies are not lazy either, and these five Sacred Academies are not the only ones participating in the Holy Grail Battle, there are also other great academies that are not qualified to be crowned with the Holy word though, and their strength should not be underestimated as well."


Li Luo's heart chilled a little, because this Holy Grail battle seemed even more difficult than he had imagined, and he immediately asked, "Has this Xuanxing Holy Academy ever captured the Dragon Bone Holy Grail?"


Jiang Qing'e remembered for a moment and said, "There must have been before, but in the past thirty years or so... It seems that no one from the Xuanxing Sacred Academy has managed to capture the Dragon Bone Holy Grail."


Li Luo's heart was completely frozen.


Wow, Dean, it's been more than thirty years since the Xuanxing Sacred Academy has won the Dragon Bone Holy Grail, what makes you think that the Xuanxing Sacred Academy has a chance this time?


I don't want the next part of the ritual spell, so I'll just use the first part for fun.


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